Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Red & I might take up POLO!!

LOL   not really - I am a sissy - he would probably love it but I am a sissy.  I went riding at Tyrrell Park today with Susan and Kellie.  OMG did I have a blast.   I loaded Red up and and he was such a little doll today.  We rode out to the marsh area and then cut back into the woods.  I went first as I had a crop.  OMG the Banana Spiders were EVERYWHERE.  I was whapping them out of their webs so they didn't get on Kellie.  She is afraid of spiders. 

Red did a fabulous job of stopping, turning slowly to the side...taking one step at a time sideways in side passes to close to the spiderwebs.  They were huge webs across the trails.  I hit one and Kellie was behind me.  Spider clung to my quirt and flung behind me onto Kellie...she screams like a girl too! 

At one point Red just started side passing right through some low branches, trees, brush and knocked my hat off.  I think he must have had some bugs on him.  Kellie had to get off and get my hat. 

Kellie had enough of the spiders and slow going and out we went to the marsh.  I asked what time it was - it was 11:00 and I had to turn around as I had a cake customer coming to pick up a cake.  I went back into the woods at a trot all down the ride away to the road in Tyrrell Park.  Turned right and Red and I trotted all around the trails to the pavillion and out we came.  It took me about 23 minutes of trotting and some walking to get back.  He was SWEATING under his mane, on the other side of his mane, under his saddle.  Woot!!!  He basically self loaded today.  Good boy.  Back to the barn, I hosed him off, picked his hooves - they were full of little pebbles. 

We went out to eat with Kellie, Randy, Susan, Kenny and Traci, and Justin and his girlfriend.  We went to TBone Red's in Kemah.  OMG I showed Kellie the video of me trying to get on the horse and we were laughing hysterically.  I said, "I told you I can't get one Red - his legs are too long and mine are too short!!!"

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Red in the creek!!!

Behind me left to right, Susan, Kellie, Randy, Denise E. at Pundt Park

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pundt Park Ride

I worked all night to get my cake done so I could go on a ride at Pundt Park!  Woot!  Margaret said she'd deliver my cake to Raywood and so we were set.  I worked til 2:45 AM and layed in bed til 3:45 and that is when we got up and started getting ready to go!  We got out to the barn just before 5:00 and pulled out at 5:25 or so.  The boys literally RAN and JUMPED into the trailer.  It was kinda funny!

We met up with the riders in Winnie and we had quiet a caravan going! There were 8 trailers...Kenny, Randy & Kellie, Esther, Kent, Susan, James and Beverly, Lee Anne Potter with Lee Anne Brown and Krishna, and Barry and me.   Red was sweating some when we got to Winnie.  I made sure the windows were open and popped the back of the window down so it would force air into he trailer so he'd be comfortable.  Woot!!!  We drove up IH 10 to IH 45 and then up to Spring.  Barry ran a stop sign...LOL and I think a few others did too and someone ran a red light.  We got to the park at 7:35 or so and it didn't open til 8:00 AM.  All of the women were about to BUST and thank God cousin Kellie had a bucket in her trailer.  LOL  I am laughing now but hey...it was a necessity at the time.....it is great to have a cousin with a bucket in the dressing room. 

We finally get into the park and get unloaded.  It was a rock road we parked on.  Park looked nice.  We are finally all saddled and ready to go and off we went.  The entire trails were well groomed, wide and spacious and most of all, SHADED.  OMG as hot as it was already the trails were cool and shady and just fabulous.  Red was very forward and seemed to be a happy camper.  We got down to a little creek crossing and Denise's mare, Miss Kitty, was having a cow about crossing.  She was backing up, doing little rear ups, going sideways and Miss Kitty is usually a very willing girl!  I told Red not to look.  Most of the horses down there were having a fit about crossing.  What a tie up!  Barry took Sarge down and he gave Barry a little static but he went.  I got Red down there and Red waded right in, got a drink....stood around gandering because it was a cool place to be.  I dropped down my SHAM WOW ghetto fabulous cloth to cool Red off and soaked his neck.  We went on up and he did a great job.  I accidently slapped him with the cloth and he startled but that was it!  We went around to the big creek or river whatever it is and Red was more than happy to wade in.  He loves the water.  He pawed it making a big splash.  I soaked him down with my SHAM WOW -  it does hold a lot of water and that is what I am interested in!  We went up the embankment and he was trying to hump up and run up and I stopped him from acting like a goober but he cantered up a few strides and was extremely forward in motion.  We went down quiet aways, walking thought HUGE spider webs.  Turned and went back and back down to the creek.  The creek is pretty darn wide and running pretty fast and the water is very cool.  Red enjoys that.  I soaked him again.  We came back through the little creek and back to a big clearing and there were a number of trails to choose.

We went across a big concrete bridge and down some beautiful trails.  We rounded back behind a subdivision and oh my...huge grasshoppers flying in the air like mosquito hawks.  They were everywhere.  During that small section is the only time Red stopped and really slowed down for about 100 yards or so.  Then...it was on like donkey kong again.  We trotted and trotted and trotted and he would have been cantering all over had I let him.  Next time when there is less people and I know the trails we will canter. 

We ate lunch at the trailer after taking Red's saddle off.  He was sweating some - enough that he was comfortable.  His neck under his mane was WET - not damp WET.  Under his legs was sweaty wet...not damp, WET.  I was thrilled.  There was sweat under his saddle.  OMG Thank you Jesus!!!  It was HOT on the rocks even in the shade of the trailer.  We ate with Denise, Kenny, Kent, Kellie and Randy.  OMG we had a good time.  Kellie said that was enough for her and I knew that it was just going to get hotter and didn't want to push Red too much and I was exhausted.  I want to spend all day out there when it is cooler.  Kellie and I are going to look for a place to camp over so we can ride two days in that park.  It is gorgeous and just so darn nice!!!  Loved it. 

We loaded the boys up and they again, literally ran and jumped in the trailer.  We hauled home down 1960 - Kellie was having a cow because of so many lights!  Barry and I stopped in LaBelle to get gasoline and Red was sweating to beat the band!!!!  Wootttttt!!!!!!  His throat latch area was soaking wet to the almost dripping point.  Neck, chest and shoulders were damp and I could see salt crystals right up by his mane!!! 

I got him back to the barn and I rinsed him off with cool water and I could just see sweat washing away.  That was such a relief.  He had dropped in the washrack so when I got him into his stall while Edgar was putting the back stall door back on track, he dropped and let go.  Poor guy was about to bust but he won't pee in the trailer...good boy!  I took him into the paddock and he drank and drank out of his waterer.  

I had a wonderful day with my husband, cousins and friends.  I rode with Esther at the end of the ride, rode with Randy and Kent some and with Kellie and Susan.  We all had such a good time and agreed that Pundt Park is the bomb dot com. 

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Riding Lesson On Tuesday

I had a riding lesson on Tuesday at 8:00 AM with Esther.  It was a good lesson.  We didn't canter but worked on stopping, turning, getting Red to do what I want to do and to do it correctly!  I am improving and Red did a wonderful job.  He is such a good boy!  Here is some pictures of our lesson and Red with his beloved Esther.  He just adores her.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Me & My Boy

Barry snapped this with my phone...love my boy

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Woo Hoo Ride 'em Cowgirl

What a ride!  I had a lesson with the wonderful Esther this morning.  I got out to the barn before 7:00 AM.  Red did excellent!  We walked, jogged, did circles, change reins, etc.  We worked on backing up ( he did great) turning on the forehand...he did great. 

We started the cantering and he kept going to the center.  Esther said to make him keep going even though he was not going where I wanted.  I was kicking him to keep him going and he got totally ticked off and bucked once!  Woot!  I didn't come off and wasn't scared.

We started over and went by the back fence and one of those Gray Mares ran at me with teeth flashing...yikes...I was almost chomped on.  I was cantering Red down the side of the middle and he should have turned and he was going right for the fence....I pulled him to a sliding halt and he stopped RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE FENCE.  Esther said he slid a foot or more.  LOL  I think the DA would have hit the fence or turned sharp and dumped me.  NOT.

Sweat was pouring off of me.  It was HOT

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hood ornaments, my horse is smarter than me and other stories

I had a riding lesson planned for Friday at 7:00 AM but cakes with Betty and work got in the way.   Saturday I had to work and was in a coma from staying up helping Betty get her cakes done! 

Sunday morning I got up and decided I was going riding at Tyrrell Park.  I got my water bottles for Red ready, put the step stool in my Rav and went to get the trailer...backed up right to it PERFECTLY.  Due to unlevel ground I couldn't get it on the ball!  I tried to pull it forward but the tongue dropped on the ground...aughghghghgghghgh I wanted to drop KICK my husband for a field goal.   I NEED a flat surface to set my trailer on so I can go!! 

I went out to the barn and got Red out.  I groomed him and sprayed him with water so he'd be cool.  Saddled up and away we went.  Red was an absolute doll today.  We cantered in the arena several times.  He cantered literally from a stop...about 2 strides and hit a canter...woot!!  Cantered clockwise too.    I gave him a good scrubby bath and let him graze in the shade while he dried off.  I took him back to his stall and his food bucket was over the door.  I put it up high on the side rails so I could get him in the door.  I tried to take him outside but he wasn't interested in going out.  I took his halter off and he went for the way up high feed bucket.  I told him to leave it alone as there was no feed in it.  He kept after it and I said "you're going to knock it down and hurt yourself...there isn't any feed in it!"  I took it down...and yeah...duh...his lunch was in it.  It is bad when your horse is smarter than you are.

Hood Ornament
Barry and I went back out to the barn around 6:00 PM.  I got Red out and he brought Sarge up.  I tacked Red up and brushed Sarge's mane and tail out.  Barry got the whip to lunge Sarge and I went into the arena - I put Rogue in the washrack.  I was trotting around thinking all the commotion with Barry cracking the whip and Sarge working in the next arena would be good "desensitizing" for Red.  I was jogging him near the center rail, Sarge was coming up on the other side the same way but behind Red and Barry cracked the whip HARD and LOUD!  OMG  my horse REALLY bucked and kicked out with his back right leg.  Next thing I knew I was a HOOD ORNAMENT.  I came up OVER the poley's and was up on Red's neck...like my face is by his ears...I am listing hard to the right side.  I am struggling to keep from falling in the dirt and get back over the poleys and into my seat.  Red stopped pretty quick and I was able to get back in the saddle without killing myself.  I asked him if he'd lost his mind!!!  He was a good boy though...he stopped and stayed still so I could regain my seat.  I surprised myself!  I wasn't scared or shaken up.  Barry later took Sarge back to his paddock and I cantered Red round and round so I wouldn't be afraid!

Riding in the big Arena

I rode Red in the big arena I think on Tuesday.  He was being a pill....stumbling and being ornery.  We rode for 30 minutes and he sweated a little......