Monday, January 16, 2012

Getting ready for our trip

I went out to the barn in the afternoon and took the boys some alfalfa.  They were more than happy to get a flake of their favorite food!  They both looked good.  Biscuit's nose is healing but isn't closed yet. 

I talked to Kellie and Nugget is better.  She is going to try and get him to get him minerals down!  He will be taking some shots for a few weeks to build him back up.  Hopefully, he will gain strength and get healthy!

The Lee Ann's and I discussed our trip this weekend to Ebenezer.  We are going to load the trailer Thursday with tack/bedding.  Lee Ann P and I are going to haul the horses up and Lee Ann B is going to meet us up there by 3:00 PM.  We are going to set up panels for one of the horses as we will have two pens.  That will work out just fine.  We are planning on Dutch Oven cooking chicken and dumplin's and chicken pot pie.  Woot!!!!  And brownies.  We will not starve!

We are planning an all day ride Saturday.  Hopefully will get in around 25 miles or more for the weekend.  We will see.

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