Sunday, February 28, 2010

Riding at Margaret's

Barry and I got up this morning and went and loaded up the boys.  I brushed Red and cleaned his feet.  I loaded him up and he hopped right up in the trailer and so did Sarge.  We ate at Subway in Buna.  We got up to Margaret's and Ronnie shewed Red.  He fussed about the lack of hoof wall so now Ronnie will be doing Red's feet.  I have tried all kinds of farriers but Ronnie says his feet are too soft.  I have only oiled them twice and that was this week because they were SO dry. 

We saddled up and rode out.  Red was a little spunky but he listened.  Cub gave Margaret a little flack going over a puddle and she corrected him swiftly.  Red went through everything I asked and I had to check him several times.  He was eager to go. 

He was a little sweaty when we got back but no much.  I wish I had had my camera - it was a gorgeous day.   I brushed Butterbean - he has rainrot and his hair is thick and full and fuzzy as all get out.  The little foal was full of sass and they turned her and her mother out for the first time and she kick and bucked and tore up the ground.  Carol was kicking running and bucking too.  I went to see Benjamin and he is gorgeous and has really grown. 

Barry and I are going to try to go to Ebenezer next weekend and ride.  I am going to leave Red with Margaret next week while I am gone to Houston.  She is going to put a little training on him for my birthday!  Woo Hooo!!!

We got some hay for the boys and headed home.  Red went back out into the pasture and I hope he is ok. 

Red smells bad!

I went out to the barn and Red was sweating under his blanket - poor guy.  I sprayed him with Show Sheen and used Cowboy Magic in his mane but he smelled bad!  His hooves (except the one in the wrap!) are dry and yukky looking.  I am going to have to hydrate them.  He was shedding pretty bad too.  He looks great though...he has put on weight while up in his stall and I am tickled about that.

New Boots!!!

Barry bought me a pair of boots for my birthday today!  Woo Hooo!!!!  They are so pretty - I love them.  I want to wear them just on trail rides when it is dry!  LOL  They are too pretty to get mucked up!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

No shoeing today

I was supposed to have Red shod and Sarge trimmed today but it was raining.  I spoke with the farrier and we moved it to Friday of next week at 10:00 AM.  I went out to the barn late this afternoon in time to see Red in the arena kick at the gelding on the other side of the little arena!  What a pill.  He always acts like an angel when I am there and he looked kind of surprised like "oh...she caught me!"

I got his food - Edgar put his joint supplement in and Jaimie added in the hoof supplement.  I got a fat flake of alfalfa and put them in his stall.  It was raining by then and the ground was nasty and I got my shoes filthy.  I went and got Red and put him up.  Bless his heart...he is so sweet.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

He is ok!

I got out to the barn today and was going to ride.  I wore my black long sleeve tee shirt, my green mock suede, and my blue jean jacket.  It was COLD out at the barn.  I should have wore my pink and brown jacket.  It is warm.  I changed my mind about riding.

I put Red in the cold washrack and he was persnickety about me picking up his feet.  He was cattycornered in the corner and I think he wasn't balanced.  He got his antibiotic doseage.   I took his tape boot off and there was a little moist place over the abscess area.  I put ichthammol and the diaper and tape boot on and took him in the front and trotted up and down on the asphalt.  I can't see any soreness or tenderness.

I took him in to the arena and lunged him, trotting in both directions.  He did great...not bobbing, stumbling or anything to indicate tenderness or pain.  Into his stall he went with his alfalfa and grain. 

I have arranged to have his feet down tomorrow in Kountz.  Barry and I will haul Sarge and Red up there to David's friend's house and get them done. 

I talked to Margaret and we are going to try to ride Sunday and work on roses.  Margaret and I had lunch today...she was so excited as she sold a wedding cake at her consult this morning!

Red is BETTER!!!!

I went out to Doc's today and got more Bute.  I discussed Red with Melanie.  She said to trot him out over concrete and if he is still limping to call at 7:00 in the morning.

I went to the barn and got Red out.  I walked him through the storage barn and he was just fine.  Took his boot off and there was a little tiny bit of yuk on the spot where the abscess should be.  I had Sergio trot him down the barn and back.  I can't see limping.  Ms. Jean drove up and stopped to talk about Red, she looked at his hoof and I trotted him out down the asphalt for her and back.  She didn't see limping or head bobbing.  Later Lee Anne P.  comes by and says Red is jumping, bucking, tearing it up in the arena.  I trot him out for her.  She says not limping, head bobbing.  Slight hitch caused by one shoe she thinks.

I soaked him again and Ichthammoled his foot and wrapped up.  I will keep that up for a few days.  I think I need to keep Red up in the barn.  He is high maintenance but I will have to suck it up.  I want him well...I want him sound.  If that means keeping him up so be it.  Barry said NO.  I will just have to make more cakes.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Treating an Abscess on a Horse

There are different ways of treating an abscess I have found.  I am taking the "slower pain free way" for my horse.

He has been examined twice by his vet.  He tested Red's hooves with a callipher looking instrument.  Red flinched hard when he hit the painful spot.  The Vet said to treat Red with:

Bute....2 grams a day
antibiotics...10 pills AM and PM dissolved in warm water and given orally
Foot soaked in Epsom Salts and very warm water for 15 minutes
Ichthammol pressed into the area where the abscess seems to be and on the bulb of his heel to try to draw out the infection. 
A diaper (size approximately for a 25 lb baby)

Make a duct tape sure and use good duct tape like Duck or some from Sherwin Williams.  The dollar store type is too flimsy! (I found this out. 

To make the bandage lay out strips of duct tape, overlapping to stick them together.  Make it about 14"  or so by 12" or 14".  Turn and lay strips the other way and then again the opposite way to make a strong bond. 

Have a towel handy and take the hoof out of the hot water after 15 minutes and dry well with a towel.  Use gloves or wooden Popsicle stick to place a glob of Icthammol on the area where the abscess seems to be and on the back of the bulb of the heel.  Place diaper on the hoof and tape with the fasteners.  Take the tape bandage and place foot squarely in the middle and set the foot down flat on the floor.  Pull the front up and press down, fold the sides in and the back up pressing to mold to the foot.  Take tape and start at the bottom and wrap around the foot pulling snug but not too tight, going up to the top of the tape. 

Administer the Bute and the antibiotics.  If possible, put horse in a stall with turn out - try to keep from deep muddy conditions.  Pass out hugs and alfalfa. 

Hopefully in two to three weeks the abscess should pass out the bottom of the hoof or possibly the bulb or coronary band.  Once it has come to a head the horse should improve immediately. 

All of my horse's treatment has been under the supervision of his veterinarian. 

Red was in the Arena

I bought Red and Sarge 2 bales of alfalfa and a non slip pad for Red's saddle!  It was only $13 and has holes in it to breath.  It is for a racing saddle so it will fit my Aussie Saddle just fine. 

I went out to the barn and Red was in the arena with his blanket on.  It needs to be washed.  I took him into the wash barn and had a hard time getting his tape boot off.  That duct tape from Sherwin Williams was TOUGH!!!  I checked his hoof and it was slightly moist where the abscess is but not leaking.  I soaked it in very warm water.  I made the tape boot and put it on him.  It was blowing and starting to rain.  UGH.  We have had such cranky weather.  I gave Red his antibiotics and lead him to his stall - not Sadda's though.  He went into the second stall - it had his bahaia hay and grain in it.  I put Red in his stall and then got him a big fat flake of alfalfa. 

I will go get him Bute tomorrow.  He is out.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Called Billy Cook's about Red's Saddle

I talked to Jody today.  He said the tree's had just came in.  Ok...I was told this on January 7th and it is February 22.  Hummm...he reiterated they are making me a new saddle and that is great.  I did say I had to go out of town and wanted to make sure I was home when it arrived.  Maybe I will be it before the end of March but I am not holding my breath.

He still had his boot on!!!

Red still had his boot on when I got there!  The criss cross helped.  I was out of Epson salt but I soaked his foot in hot water.  It took awhile to get his boot off but his abscess has still not broken out.  I am out of Bute, and Epsom Salts.  I soaked his foot, made a tough bandage and wrapped him up.  I gave him his anti inflammitory and some alfalfa. 

I will call the Doc tomorrow and ask if I can pick up more Bute and get more Epsom Salt tonight when I got to the phamacy.  I am hoping to be able to ride this weekend...sigh...may just be wishful thinking.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Trying to keep that boot on!

Got to the barn and Red's boot was GONE...just some duct tape around his ankle.  I took him in to the main barn and put his foot into a bucket of water.  I made a 5 layer boot - going side to side and then in an X shape to make it stronger.  Still hasn't busted out as far as I can see - so I am hoping it happens this week and he gets better soon.  He is walking pretty darn good so I know the anti-inflammatories are working.  He was a good boy, standing like a total little doll while his foot soaked. 

I rode Sarge today!

I went out to the barn today - Barry was already there riding Sarge in the arena.  I went to visit my boy and his "shoe" was already off the bottom as I took it off.  I gave him alfalfa which he always likes.  I was out of duct tape so I had to run to the Dollar Store to get duct tape and a few towels for Barry to dry Sarge.  I went back to the Barry and filmed Barry riding Mr. Sassy Stuff.

I rode Sarge in the little arena...he is full of himself and a total show off - but I wasn't nervous.  I still can ride correctly but I am not the rider I used to be.  Working on it.  I went around several times - trotted him, etc.  Working on it Working on it!!!

I went into the barn and made Red his tape boot - Ray Langley called from Ebenezer and we chatted.  Kellie and I had texted and she said the horses were going nuts and 2 ladies had been thrown.  Some one had set up a obstacle course with bridges, jumps, hanging funnoodles that freaked the horses out.  Sigh...wish I could have been there.  It would have been fun - I don't think Red would have looked twice at it.  Ray confirmed that the horses were bananas and he was about to go out on the afternoon ride.  I am pea green with envy.

I soaked Red's hoof and dressed it.  Back into his paddock he went.  I will go out there tomorrow to treat him.  It still has not busted out and it has been two weeks. Sigh.......

Friday, February 19, 2010

Red was soaking up sunshine

I went to the barn at noon and Red was stretched out in his paddock - laying like an old lizzard sunning himself.  He got up when I came into the paddock.  I walked him out and over to the wash rack.  I gave him his medication and groomed him.  He was filthy.  I sprayed some Show Sheen on him - now he smells like a show horse that rolled in old cheese - better but still a little ripe.  I gave him his alfalfa and he was a happy camper.

I went back at 5:30 and he was steppin' out.  He seems to feel better.  I soaked his hoof.  His "boot" was all tore up....Doc's look WAY better than mine but mine hold up!!!  I put the ichthammol on and diapered/duct taped him up.  I put him back in his paddock and hugged his neck for the 10th time.

He is my sweetheart...and the best birthday present a girl could give herself!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Soaking Red's Foot and hugging him up

I got out to the barn today and couldn't find Red!  He wasn't in his stall, he wasn't in the arena...hummm...I asked Edgar, where is Red?  He looked puzzled and said "someone came and picked him up awhile ago".

LOL  I told Edgar he was full of baloney!  He said he was in Sadda's stall and turn out.  He was in the stall and I didn't see him.  He asked about turning Red out because he was real jumpy when Jaimie was going in the stall.  I told him that yes, he was supposed to be turning him out!

I went into Red's stall and he was still eating so I went and got hot water, put the Epson Salt in it, got the diaper and stuff, made the tape bandage.  I got Red out of the stall and worked at cutting his tape boot off.  Doc may make a neater boot than me but he doesn't make a better boot than I do!  Red's diaper bandage was full of water and was NASTY.  I put his foot in the water and he just stood there like a good boy.  I brushed him and he still smells like a piece of moldy cheese that a horse rolled over.  Yukk!!!!

I poked around on Red's foot but nothing is happening.  I put his bandage and tape boot on.  He got his Bute and antibiotics.  I put him back in the paddock and got him alfalfa.  I took alfalfa down to Sarge - got it all in the front of my Rav.  I took his blanket off - poor guy.  He sniffed my hair and put his face on mine.  LOL  He is so sweet. 

Foals are just too cute for words

There was a tiny little foal at the barn last night.  I had seen the mare there last week in the stall next to the office.  She had a band around her neck with a number.  She foaled yesterday around noon.  Beautiful little blazed faced colt.  Doc said he would be sold for approximately 100 to 125k as a yearling.  Dr. Shrontz owns him or at least his estate does.  He passed recently.  The foal was born to a surrogate mare and was by Smooth As A Cat and looks like his sire.  What a pretty baby!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Treating an abscess - Red smells like yukky cheese

I got out to the barn and took Red out of his stall and over to the wash rack.  His duct tape boot was tow up from the flow up.   His blanket had a big blob of bird poo on it...ugh.  I took his blanket off and he was sweating a little under it.  UGH...he smelled like old cheese - old nasty blue cheese.

I cleaned his hoof and put two new diapers on his foot to take him to the vet.  He didn't want to get into the trailer so I got my buggy whip and tapped his hinney from under my arm like Ray did.  He got up into the trailer easily.

We hauled him out to Doc's.  He came out of the trailer like a good boy and stood so quietly.  Kellie and Randy showed up to check on their horses and we chatted and laughed with them.  Red was good for quiet a while but he got a little antsy - really nothing...just bobbing his head some.  LOL  He is so good.

When Doc got to us he looked at Red's hoof without the diaper wrap and had me trot him up and down in the runway of the barn.  Barry said he never got to see me run...Randy said "She runs for Red...and for Doc".  LOL  They are too funny.  They were giving me and Kellie the raz over our sleeping habits such as shaking our feet going to sleep - Kellie said it was an inherited family trait - I guess she is right!

Doc picked up Red's hoof put the hoof testers on it.  He flinched some but not as bad as he did the other day.  He dug into it with a farrier's knife til he hit blood but no pus.  He said it wasn't ready yet and put Red's hoof down.  I picked it up a few minutes later and there was blood on the floor - poor guy.  He had diarrhea and OMG it smelled horrible.  Like a person with a bad stomach.  I cleaned it up and told Doc when he came out.  He had said to be on the watch for diarrhea because of the meds but Red hadn't had diarrhea in the trailer...very soft and wet but not runny.  Doc said it was just nerves.  Poor baby.

Doc made his little boot...way smaller than mine and we had a big laugh over that.  Barry said it was a good thing he had a case of tape because my "boots" were huge!  Melanie made the one I saw - Doc's was way smaller so it will be smaller tomorrow!

Doc said it might take 2 or 3 weeks for it to come out so we shall see.  It was $35 tonight.  I think it may come out now faster since there is a hole in Red's foot.   I hauled Red back to the barn and gave him his Bute and his antibiotics.  Back into his stall with his alfalfa.  Hopefully he will smell better tomorrow!

Red is going to the Vet at 6:00 PM

I called Melanie at Doc Schneiter's today and she said to bring him in at 6:15 or 6:30 so I will put Red in the trailer at 5:40 or so.  I have got to go clean the trailer today.  It is messy.

I am hoping if we can dig out his abscess he will feel better and be able to go riding Sunday.   We found a piece of property on Toledo Bend in Many, Louisiana that we are going to look at.  It is 1 acre with a 2 bedroom and mobile home.  It has a big porch on the back (I think it is the back) and two hook ups for RV's. might be a nice place to go!

I missed Red!

I stopped in Vinton and bought Red and Sarge a bale of alfalfa hay, some Hoof Freeze, and liquid joint supplement.  I went out to the barn as soon as I got back in town and gave him his antibiotic and Bute.  I didn't change the boot as it was late and I didn't want him to catch a chill.

I think he thinks the antibiotic and Bute don't taste that good.  It is the first time I have ever offered that boy Alfalfa that he refused it.  Wow.  I am sure he ate it later.

Running around the Arena

I went out Monday to doctor Red's hoof before I left for Louisiana.  I talked to Ms. Jean about leaving him in a stall for the time being.  I want him to heal without problems.  I got Red and soaked his foot, put the  icthammol on, put the diaper bandage on and made the duct tape boot.  He got the Bute and the antibiotics like a good boy. 

I took him out to the arena and turned him loose.  He dropped to roll around which he loves to do.  He hopped up and took off like a shot, jumping, leaping, bucking and stumbling on his bad foot across the arena.  He turned and did the same and then just walked around.  LOL  He is such a pill. 

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Friday, February 12, 2010

Working with Red's Abscess

Margaret went to the barn with me at 3:30.  Red was standing in the arena with his head over the fence like he was waiting for me.  God love him...he got lots of sugars from me.  We took him into the main barn and put his foot in a bucket of warm water.  Margaret gave him his antibiotics while I made his hoof boot.  The abscess is right under where his shoe was but it still hasn't come out.  I dried his hoof and we put the black icky stuff on it and then the duct tape boot. 

I walked him back to the stall.  He stumbled a few times on the funky boot but he did ok.  I gave him his grain and a flake of alfalfa and Tifton.  Edgar had put bahaia in there but I don't think Red will eat it.  He didn't eat it this morning. 

Boot is still on!

I went to the barn this morning to give Red his antibiotic and his Bute.  He had ate all of the Tifton and Alfalfa hay, but the bahaia was just scattered around.  He didn't eat that - that stuff is just iceburg lettuce without dressing. 

I dissolved his antibiotic and squirted it in his mouth.  I am going to take warm water this afternoon.  I imagine the water was at near freezing as it is 38 degrees but the water was inside so maybe not that cold!  I gave him the Bute and he likes that. 

I walked him to the arena and the left side had quiet a bit of mud from water getting in.  Some was standing water.  The right side had some too but he should be comfortable there.  He dropped and rolled when he got in there and he got up easily but didn't seem to be using his left leg to get up.  I got him some Tifton and put in with him.  Took Tifton down to Sarge too. 

I will be going back this afternoon to soak his leg.

Currently At 9:59AM
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Winds: N
at 15mph
Humidity: 86%
Dew Point: 34° F
Pressure: 30.07 in
Visibility: 10 Miles

Thursday, February 11, 2010

How to take care of an abscessed hoof

I went to The Dollar Store to get Epson Salt, diapers (24 lb size) and duct tape.  I brought scissors with me out to the barn.  I got Red out of the arena and took him into the main barn.  The water was HOT.  I ran a bucket of hot water and mixed in Epson Salt and put Red's hoof in it.  He let me know he thought it was too hot so I let it cool off a little while I made a mat out of duct tape.

Dr. Schneiter said to lay tape side by side overlapping just a little, with sticky side up.   Make it about 15" wide.  Next, lay the tape going the opposite direction, covering the entire surface.  Again, start another layer going in the other direction (same as the first).  I then "framed" the entire surface to make it even on the edges. 

When the water had cooled slightly, I put Red's foot in it.  He wanted to pull it out but I said "NOOOO....leave your foot in the water" and God bless him he did.  He is such a good boy and is such a pleasure to be around.  He kept his foot in for quiet a while.  It was raining, cold as it could be, and blowing hard.  It was COLD in the barn. 

Poor darling was shivering - even though he had his blanket on.  He was so good though.  I took his foot out and dried it with towels, put the black nasty stuff in the hole and on his bulb as instructed by Dr. Schneiter and then put the diaper on.  I sat his foot down on the towel and then got the tape mat and molded it around his hoof, wrapping tape around it but not tight.  I gave Red a snack of grain in his bucket.  I asked Edgar if he could stay in the main barn but it was full.  I told him he was shivering.

I took Red out and poor guy, he stumbled several times on his boot.  I put him in the arena and good grief, it was blowing HARD and was really COLD.  Bless his heart, Edgar came up and said he was going to check on a stall in the stallion barn and he came back and said I could put Red in there in the second stall.  I took Red over there and let him eat.  Edgar took out the old hay that smelled moldy and put Red a big stack of bahaia hay and I added a good size chunk of Tifton and a big flake of alfalfa. 

I went and got Red's antibiotics, a bottle of water and his syringe.  I added water to the half way mark and then dumped in the 10 tablets and shook to dissolve the tablets.  I tried to get Red to hold still and his head was going up so I stepped on his leadrope and shot the medication a little at a time into Red's mouth.  He was good about it.   I hugged him up and left. 

The barn area was flooded and ankle deep in some places.  Rain was coming down and it was 42 degrees when I got in the Rav.  As soon as I drove away from the barn it dropped to 40, then 39 and 38.   It is now:

Currently At 8:11PM
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Winds: ENE
at 18mph
Humidity: 95%
Dew Point: 36° F
Pressure: 29.93 in
Visibility: 6 Miles 
Ugh...way too cold.  Margaret said it was sleeting a little up there in Jasper.   I am cold and I am in the house!  I am so glad Edgar found a place for my boy.  I am not so worried about him now.  
Margaret will be coming down in the morning and we are going to doctor Red together.  She has some kind of salve to go on his foot that is really good at drawing out the abscess.  I have never had a horse with an abscess so I am learning.  
I now have quiet a First Aide Kit.
It has:
Vet Wrap
2 tubes of Bute
Epson Salt
Duct Tape
Iodine solution 
Thrush treatment from Dr. Sherwood

I believe I need a few other things.  Maybe cotton balls, more gauze and vet wraps, etc.  I do have several potions for feet issues like Koppertox.  I need an eye ointment for Sarge.  He has had eye issues before and the ointment clears it right up.

A Trip to the Vet

I got up at 5:55 AM this morning to a slow drizzling rain.  I couldn't find my keys and I almost had a stroke.  I found them (thank God) and got the trailer hooked up after a little fight with it.  It was still too high to set down on the ball.  I told Barry I want it set down on a paver so I don't have this trouble again.  I can't stand to fight with the trailer because I am not good at that!

I went out to the barn and turned around right at Red's paddock!  I was so proud of myself.  I couldn't have done that when I first got it and I didn't get stuck in the mud either!  Red was moving stiffly, Sarge was smelling my hood on my hair as he always does!  Red got into the trailer easily...he'd walk over hot coals for alfalfa. 

Got out to the vet's and he had me trot him down the center aisle.  Red was g-i-m-p-y!  Doc used those hoof testers on him and that caused heavy duty flinching.  Doc said "easy is an abscess".  He showed me how to doctor it with black stuff, baby diaper, duct tape.  He gave him a hit of Bute in the jugular, dissolved antibiotic tablets and gave orally to him.  I will soak his foot in hot water and Epsom Salts every day and give him 2 turns of the Bute.  Hopefully I can ride him on the 20th up at Ebenezer.  Doc said if it comes out I should be able to.  He said he will probably be worse in two days and to bring him back and he will dig it out.  Poor ole Red! 

He was so patient and sweet...Dr. Schneiter told him "don't get too exited".  LOL  I said, "he is just this way all the time...sweet as he can be".  I brought home the black stuff, antibiotics, and more Bute.  I put Red in the little arena with his food and some hay.  I have to run to the Dollar Store to get the stuff Red needs.  I am so grateful he is ok..and it is not something sinister!

Red is a Gimpy Boy

On Monday afternoon Red seemed a little better.  I walked him up to the front and Lee Anne P.  took his digital pulse and she didn't see anything.  He was walking somewhat better but not great.  Of course he is on Bute so I am not going to give him anymore to see if it is more than muscle aches and pains.

Tuesday I went out there before going to Louisiana.  He is a little better but still gimpy Gimpy GIMPY.  Barry gave him alfalfa and checked on him Tuesday evening.  Still Gimpy. 

Wednesday I checked on him before going to work.  Gimpy and not wanting to walk much.  You can tell he is hurting.  I called Dr. Schneiter and told him what was going on and he said bring him in the morning between 7:30 and 7:45 AM.  I gave Red and Sarge alfalfa and hugged him up.  I feel so bad for my boy.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Red gets bute today

I called Dr. Sherwood's office today and got Bute for Red - kinda like horse aspirin.  I went out to the barn and gave it to him.  He is still very gimpy and not moving around.  He kind pulls up his leg for me to pick up - like "this is where it hurts".  Sigh.  Poor guy, it is always something.  Pulling shoes, anhydrosis, sore toes, now this.  I want to sit down and boo hoo. 

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Red is gimpy and I was knocked on my butt today

I went out to the barn to ride - I was excited that I was going to ride in the back by myself for the first time.  I got out to the barn and was actually talking to Margaret when I drove out to the back.  I could see Sarge down on the ground with all fours under him.  Red was laying FLAT on the ground.  I nearly had a stroke.  He didn't get up when I drove up.  I got out and hollered at him and he still didn't get up.  I was in the fence by then and running...I hung up on Margaret after yelling Red was down.  I was yelling RED's name like a crazy woman and finally he raised his head and got up.  OMG I thought he was colicking again.  He got up slowly and stiffly.  Sarge had came towards me and I petted his face and spoke to him.  I went to Red and Sarge followed.  He gave Red the heave ho and Red moved and I was telling him to be still so I could check him out.  I went around Red and Sarge was giving him the heave ho and "herding" him.  Red jumped awkwardly out of his way and came right at me.  I put out my hand and Red bashed into me and I stumbled to the left and I lost my balance and down I went ... busting my big butt.  OMG I don't know who looked more shocked, me or Red.  I started toward the front telling Red to follow.  I was going to get his halter.  He was not really following.  He stopped to urinate and a few seconds later he pooped a little.  I ran Sarge off and fussed at him.  I got Red's halter and walked out to Red and he was very reluctant to follow me.  I called Margaret and she said he was probably just stiff from his ride and to ride him to get the soreness out. 

He was slow moving all the way to the barn.  I brushed him and he ate alfalfa.  He was reluctant to walk on the concrete but didn't see to be in pain.  I brushed and brushed.  He even dropped and I cleaned him as he was pretty darn crusty.  I cleaned his hooves and checked his feet and legs out.  I saddled him and led him into the arena but couldn't get on him.  I would have felt bad!    I decided to give him a hot scrubby bath and asked Barry to bring me towels.  I couldn't get the water right so I just washed his legs with liniment and rubbed and scrubbed his legs.  I dried his legs with a towel.  I put his blanket on him to keep him warm and dry tomorrow. 

I went back to the barn this afternoon and filmed him and let Margaret see the video.  She send me a message later and said she thought he pulled something and he needs some bute.  I will drive to the vet tomorrow to get some bute and give to him before I go to work in Liberty.  Hopefully, he is just sore from walking on rocks?  Maybe he pulled something?  Did his saddle cause him issues.  AAAUUUGGHGHGHGH.   I don't know.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Riding at the 10 Mile Hunt Club

I called Kelly and Randy to go riding and Robin called and wanted to go too!  I called Raymond and asked him to go so he said he probably would meet us out there.  I went to bed all excited about it.  Barry and I got up with morning and went to the barn to get the boys.  I went down to the pasture to bring them up and Barry loaded the trailer.  I was grooming Red and he seemed a little skittish this morning or excitable.  I was going to lunge him but Barry said "groom Sarge and I will lounge Red."  He had Red running around in a circle and Red was full of piss and vinegar this morning.  We got loaded up and off we went.  We had to make a detour in Vidor and the mileage was 31.  Accounting for the detour it is probably 29 miles from the barn to the hunt club.

When we got there, Robin had already arrived and Raymond and Mr. Short where there.  Kelly and Randy pulled in about 10 minutes later.  I tacked Red up and I really like my Aussie!  I actually started out without anyone else because Red often doesn't want to go out by himself but he set out this morning very forward.  I didn't go far but Barry wasn't too thrilled I set out without him.

We went down to the first fork and turned right.  We went down a little while and I be was a LAKE!  In we was almost up to their knees and it was not just a little short way.  It was quiet awhile and I think the horses were walking on rocks.  We finally walked out onto a little spot of rocks!  Randy's horse had come up with a split hoof and he was WAY behind us.  He and Kelly had to turn around and go back as he couldn't walk on the rocks. 

We continued through the water and it was sometimes almost up to their bellies.  The hunt club had put up Tbars with yellow tape to help people know where the road was because there were creeks that had overflowed their banks and the water was running.  The horses did a great job of not freaking out and they just kept on walking.  I think it was kinda a hard go though because of the rocks.  Red would sometimes slow down and watch where he was going.  We went down a road where they had an oil platform set up and the horses didn't even give it a look.  Red seemed very thirsty and he kept stopping for a drink when we went through alot of water.

He was walking with his head down and I think he didn't like the tight breast strap but he did a great job today but he did seem tired.  LOL  Poor guy, he is hauling around a chunkybunky and he hasn't had much riding this winter.

Raymond was riding Comet - his gated horse.  He doesn't know what breed but thinks it is a Rocky Mountain Horse and I would think it is.  He is that unusual mocha color with amber eyes.  He started gaiting and he was MOVING!  Wow.  It was pretty to watch.  I did take some FLIP video's but didn't get any of Red.  Barry isn't much on taking pictures. 

We had a good time and want to go again.  We talked to Robin about riding next Sunday and we set that up.  I have a wedding Sunday and she has baseball.  Raymond may go with us, too.

We ate at Novrotski's and then went back to the barn.  I groomed Red, put hoof hardener on his hooves and trimmed Sarge's bridle path and his muzzle.  Lee Anne wants to go riding with us Sunday so I am looking forward to that.  Mike was there working with one of the little Arabians.  He is amazing.  I wish I could do that with horses.  I don't know squat!  I cleaned the horse poop out of the trailer.  My trailer needs to be cleaned.  I am going to pull the hay and grain out of it tomorrow and hopefully power wash it.  It is gross!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Joining the Hunt Club with an Equestrian Membership!

I spoke to a representative of the hunt club today and gave him my information and we are in like Flynn!! OMG that is wonderful...we now have a place to go riding that is safe for us and the horses.

Robin, from up the country called me tonight and she wants to ride it before she joins so she will ride with us tomorrow.  I called my buddy Raymond R. and he might join us.  Mr. Short said that he never seen anyone who loves trail riding like Raymond and I am glad.  Raymond is a doll!  Hopefully, Kellie and Randy are going to join us so it might be me, Barry, Robin, Raymond, Kellie and Randy.  Woo Hooo  It is on like Donkey Kong!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Riding Club Membership

I spoke to Ray this morning and he said his hunt club is going to accept Equestrian Memberships.  Woo Hoo.  We can join for $200 for a family and ride all we want, when we want except during hunting season which is reasonable.  He said he is planning on having organized trail rides once a month with a cook out.  Now that sounds like a blast!!!!!! 

Kelly and I are doing a family membership and hopefully, I can go pay for it tomorrow or even this evening if necessary.  I have a cake due and a consult tomorrow so tomorrow will be busy. 

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Alfalfa on its way

I went to Louisiana today to make sales calls and I stopped in Vinton to get Red and Sarge a bale of alfalfa.  I will take it out to the barn tomorrow when I go to take Sarge to the vet for his Coggins test.  I hitched the Brenderup to the Rav4 this afternoon when I got in from DeRitter.  I backed it into the driveway, not perfectly but I am getting there.  I am thrilled that I can back it up by myself now!

I talked to Margaret and Toy is missing.  Hummmmm that makes me sad.  She is my sweetheart and I hope she shows up tonight safe and sound.  Isn't she darling?