Friday, September 28, 2012

Tack Attack

I have a ton of tack...two fuschia bridles (one with the price tags still on it) the breast strap to match and closed reins, another bridle with a banana bit on it for Red, a headstall with the Les Vogt bit, a cavason, braided reins that Ronnie made, a headstall that matched my first Allegany saddle and two sets of reins for it.  (Biscuit stepped on one and broke it) a couple of snaffle bits, a martingale, lounge line, bell boots, several girths.  Numerous saddle blankets.  We own 4 saddles, 2 western, 1 Aussie and one Endurance.  3 saddle stands, cantle bag, pommel bag, water bottle holders. saddle bags, helmet, crop, buggy whip and of course buckets, haybags, halters, lead ropes,  our main bridles that we use and Barry has my old buckskin edged bridle with a Les Vogt snaffle bit and reins. 

I have tons of ointments, cleansers etc.  I went to see the horses today and kissed them up and then went into the tack room.  I took a bunch of the tack and put it into a blue tote and put it under one of the saddle stands.  I can see stuff now!!!

I talked to Lee Ann P this afternoon.  She sent me an email about an endurance ride in November.  She and Ellissa are going to give it a go.  I have a wedding cake but that doesn't mean I can't give it a go.  I do want to go to the High Roller on December 29 or 30th.  If I can't go to the one in November I will go to that one.  I need to work on my cantering in the arena and get that down pat.  I want to ride in an endurance ride....even if it is just once!!! 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Brushy Creek and Bow Season

Kellie texted/emailed me Wednesday morning and said that it would be bow season at Brushy Creek so they wouldn't be going.  She switched to reservations at Ebenezer the next week.  Dang.  I could have swore I checked all of that out.  I can't go the following week as I have a cake.  It is a small cake but it is on the books.  I called Happy Horse and Hollis said they did have availibility and we could ride at McKinney Roughs.

I called the lady at Brushy Creek and she said they have never had a problem with it as they are always full in October as is the place down the road.  I decided to go as we ride at Ebenezer during bow season. 

I will be getting us Orange Vests to wear and I will see if I can get an orange cover for my helmet and Barry and Orange Hat - Hahahaha he probably has a UT hat that will work!  I am going to get orange material and make the boys an orange rump blanket that will be highly visable. 

I wish we could all go together but I understand not being comfortable with it.  Dang...Kellie and I had really been looking forward to it, too.

We will have to plan something else for another trip. 

Rasping Hooves, Cantering in the Arena

I went to the barn while they were working on the AC.  I wanted to rasp Biscuit's hooves.  They seem to grow unevenly!  One hoof grows quiet a bit and the other a little less.  One of his back hooves has really thick hoof walls and one has much thinner hoof walls. 

I rinsed him off as he was full of dirt from rolling when he was wet.  I rasped his hooves and he was pretty good.  I think his front hooves need to have the heels brought down and I will be working on that.  I wanted to clean his mane and tail and but I had left the OxyClean in the trailer so I just cleaned it with the purple shampoo.  I wet his mane and tail really good and then I put in the shampoo and lathered it up.  I pulled his forelock back through his halter so it woul be cleaned to without worrying about getting soap in his eyes.  I left the lather in his hair for about 15 minutes and then rinsed it out.  Here he is with a clean mane and tail

I then decided to try to braid his mane and stood on a stool.  He was kinda flummoxed by that but didn't seem to really bother him.  I need to maybe be on his back to get it braided the way I want it.

So while I was up there I took the opportunity to desensitize Biscuit on his ears.  He is a little funny about his head but is getting better.  I was touching him softly, combing his forelock and started touching his ears.  I was standing behind his head but talking softly to him and stroking his ears and rubbing the inside of them.  He seemed just fine with 99% of it.

Good Boy Biscuit!!!  I kept at that for quiet a bit and then got my tack out.  I also put up the fly sheet I had had on Biscuit earlier this year.  I had to climb up the stairs at the barn and put it in a bin up there.  Gaaaa....there are no hand rails on the ladder stairs so I backed down them like a ladder because I am a sissy.

I tacked him up and the Lee Ann's returned with Alison so we were all on the wash rack.  Lee Ann P brought Lateif in from the big arena and had an ice pack on a huge vein on her neck.  Something must have bit her right there and she had a reaction to it.  It was about 6" long and as thick as my little finger.  Poor girl!!!!  Lee Ann put her back in the big arena and had Crimson Dancer up to do her hooves.  Lee Ann B and Rogue were in the arena working on some things her daughter Erin worked with him on.  I mounted up and walked Biscuit round and round and did some jogging round and round. 

I told them about Biscuit and me trying to get a canter down so they helped me work on my canter.  OMG I nearly scared myself silly and was stiff as a board.  I got him into a canter and he feels like he is all over the place - I am ALL OVER THE PLACE but I did it.  Over and over - some good - some not - some him fighting me some him not.  Lee Ann P got in the arena and said to raise my hands, lock my elbows and we did several rounds around the arena working on my hands, elbows, legs, etc.

Biscuit is pretty good at leg yields - I gave him the wrong leg once and then I realized it was me not him.  He sometimes wants to go where he wants to go but he is a sweet boy.  Thank God for Lee Ann P, Lee Ann B and Alison.  They are wonderful to share their skills with me.

Tuesday I was so sore and stiff.  I was sore because I was stiff in the saddle.  I will need to learn to relax.  I took his tack off and he got a treat of a carrot.  I washed my girth as it was nasty and I sprayed my saddle pad til it wasn't dripping out salt any longer!!! 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Riding up at Ebenezer and Biscuit missed the Canter Memo

I made my first ride up at Ebenezer 3 years ago this weekend.  Wow wee did we ever have a blast - plus I met Kellie.  Woot!!!  What could be better than that?

Our AC is on the fritz....not just on the fritz - it is DEAD.  Bummer.  We still went to Ebenezer as the AC can't be fixed until Monday.  We picked up the horses Friday morning and headed for the park.  Had to stop at Verizon and get my prepaid phone straightened out and then stop at Wal-Mart for some groceries. We got to the park and unloaded and set up our camp.  Kellie and Randy were eating at The Stump.  James and Beverly arrived and Kent was already there.  Stacy and Dusty arrived later and so did Jimmy Zinn.  We visited Friday evening and had a great time. 

Saturday morning we tacked up.  Margaret joined us which was so nice!  A pretty good sized group assembled and some of us hung back.  Too many folks!!!  Off we finally went and Biscuit was raring to go but being a good boy.  We went up Eagles Nest and down to the beach.  Biscuit was pretty darn terrific going down the hills.  I had left my Garmin - I couldn't find the dang thing (found it beside the air mattress later on!) but Kent was tracking on EveryTrail.

We went down to the beach and walked in the water.  Biscuit was having a great time til he started pawing and out of the water he came! Margaret had made pumpkin muffins and shared them.  I shared mine with Elan...he got 2 bites for each of mine and he really likes Margaret's muffin skills.  Biscuit was getting muffin bites from Margaret - Cub had already let us know he didn't like them...but he did like the treats I gave him. 

We went up and down some pretty steep trails and Biscuit did a great job but he would have liked to have busted out at a stiff jog and kept it going.  It is steep in many parts of that area.  Lots of crooks and crannies in the trail so you have to be very careful.  Biscuit did a great job on the trails in that area being so very careful going down hill and OMG some of it was very very steep in sections. 

We got to the big beach and I put Biscuit in the water until he lifted up a leg to paw and then it was out of the water.  He drank his fill at both beaches so that is always a good thing.  Barry and Kellie cantered down the beach so I thought I'd join in.  Hahahah - Biscuit didn't get that Memo - he galloped.  And was all over the place to boot.  I got him stopped and walked around and then we tried it again - omg galloping - and NOT listening.  I was standing up in the stirrups (he'd basically pulled me up out of the saddle) and pulling for all I was worth.  Hahahaha so not stopping Mom!!! I was hollering "canter Biscuit - not a gallop you ass!!!" 

I wanted to drop kick him for a field goal and he was wanting to charge around - he gets juiced up when he hits a gallop and sort of hard to control.  He was all over the place and back was jarred somewhat.  One really good thing came out of that - I wasn't really scared.  It wasn't the speed it was the all-over-the-place moving around plus the not stopping/slowing down when those cues were given. 

Kellie and Randy said my hands were too high (that is true) and my reins were initally too loose.  When I put Biscuit in a jog, my hands are very low and set.  Going to start doing that to canter.  I am doing it wrong.  I will be practicing cantering and working on it til we get it right. 

On the way back I went ahead of Kellie and Randy and put him at a fast trot all the way back to the camp which is almost a mile.  I wish I had had my Garmin on so I could see how fast he was going - I am thinking 13 or 14 mph - his canters are generally 10 to 11 mph. 

We all went to the Stump for lunch - Margaret rode with us.  Margaret ordered fried pickles...OMG are they ever good!!!  Better than French Fries!

It was blazing hot and humid Saturday afternoon.  A group went out to ride but Kellie and Randy and I waited a little longer.  When I went to saddle up this is what I found on my saddle.  OMG scratches that weren't there when I took Biscuit's saddle off.  I am not sure if it was a dog or squirrel or what.  I am hoping with some conditioner it will disappear.  Grrrrrrr....not a happy camper about that. 

When we crossed the road I split off from Kellie and Randy to go down the road towards the beach access.  I didn't have too much fuss from Biscuit to leave them - some but not huge but he was like pushing a bulldozer down the road in reverse.  OMG going up the sides of the trail...slow as Christmas...would trot 2 steps and stop.  I made him go all the way to the end of the road.   He wasn't much better on the way back.  Barry called me and turns out they were not far behind me.  I turned Biscuit to see them and tried to get him to go back down the road and he was like "uhhhhh no mom...I don't see a horse I know!"  Sissy boy.  Now when Margaret and Barry got up to us suddenly he was ready to go.   We walked back to the camp and when we got close and Barry was trotting Sarge ahead of me Biscuit was just about to bust out with the butt going one way and his front end going another.  So sorry dude - not happening - on the road we went - rocks and all and suddenly Biscuit decided he didn't need to bust out anywhere.

Dragging a Biscuit

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Kenny came off the little Halflinger at the beach and hurt the back of his leg on the horn after the morning ride.  Poor guy.  I got him a bag of ice for his leg but he did have trouble getting on the Halflinger!  Hahahaha Kenny is TALL and that Halfinger is short but he still had to put him in a ditch to get on. 

Ugh...Injuries really bite - Last year Kenny, Kent and I were all crippled up with injuries from riding or knee issues. 

Kellie and Randy ate chicken and rice with us and then we went to Stacy and Dusty's for S'mores.  Hahahah  I have never had a S'more.  They were pretty good considering I am not a marshmallow fan!

Sunday morning we went on a ride and Biscuit had calmed down but was still forward.  He jumped out of a creek - butt came up off the seat but I just went with it.  He leaped down a little thing he could have stepped down!  Hahahaha  It was a fun ride though and he did a good job. 

Sunday Morning Ride

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I took this picture with the little Verizon phone.  The ride Sunday morning was so much fun and all together I rode a little more than 12 miles.  Not that much really but my back was jarred and wasn't a happy back!  We got back to the campground and I washed Biscuit off and we got packed up.  Ate lunch at Kellie's table and we left somewhere around 11:00 or so. 

I am going riding Monday afternoon with The Lee Ann's.  Hoping to work on that cantering.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Riding Solo down the Bayou with Biscuit

I loaded up and went for a ride today. I tacked up and mounted up around 2:00 PM. There were several city trucks and one was moving when I headed out. Biscuit looked at it a little funny and he moved SO SLOW but he went without too much fuss. To the right in the woods and he was walking S-O S-L-O-W I had to urge him forward. I could see that sand had been put down in a bad spot and that the bayou had been cut!!! I walked Biscuit out there and when we go on the bayou a big fish jumped up and splashed. I saw the fish and Biscuit was a little startled because I think he was nervous. We went down the way and he seems a little flummoxed by the cut grass and kept trying to move over to the tall grass. He kept looking around very nervously and moving slowly. I asked him to trot and he did for about 2 strides! I went out to the second ride away and turned him around. I had wanted to ride out to the bridge but he was nervous and this is exercises to make both of us confident.  We will try this again next week.

Cut grass next to Willow Bayou

To Cattail Marsh Trail
I turned him around and he was still moving slowly and looking around like he expected the earth to open up and eat him. I finally got him into a s-l-o-w jog near the opening of the woods. I missed the opening and he stopped and backed up when I missed it because it is kind of overgrown! We walked in to the trail and going to the right is where he throws it into reverse. He stopped and looked LONG and HARD at a log. He finally moved a few steps, then stopped and made the loudest groaning noise that I have ever heard - and then he did it again. He is such a funny guy. We walked down the trail and did a slow jog. I got to where the trail towards Cattail Marsh is and it had been cut!!! Yay! We could barely see it because it had grown up so much. There were a few nasty spiders but Biscuit is pretty good about side passing now. We went all the way down the trail and back. So glad it was cut - it adds to my ride and I like that. I put Biscuit in a jog on the main trail to almost the end and then walked him. He went past the trail head easily with no trouble. Good boy!!! I took his tack off and gave him more treats and loaded him up. When I got to the barn I talked to Lee Ann P and loaded their feed. I got two salt blocks for the boys and will replace them. I put them in a big baggie. Got home and got out pillows, sheets and blankets for this weekend's camping trip. I made chicken and rice to serve for dinner. Looking forward to our rides. Kellie and I are hoping to make a ride tomorrow. Woot!!! I am way behind on miles for the year but with all the rain we have had it is a miracle I got in this much riding!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Brilliant Biscuit

Kellie and I planned another ride for today.  I went out and got Biscuit - he walked to the other side of the pasture but he wasn't a problem to catch.  He loaded right up.  I put water in the huge "baggie" for my Kool Vest and headed for the park.  I could see a truck and trailer under the trees from the road.  Someone was riding or so I thought.

I got into the stables and the truck had caught on fire.  Oh My.  It was Stable Spirit that does the equine therapy.  It looked like the battery had caught on fire.    I certainly hope no one was hurt.  What a shame.  They do such wonderful work!

I parked over by the picnic table and when I opened the ramp I could see Biscuit had a cut on his back right hoof.  I treated it with Furazone.  Don't know what he did to it - it was fresh.  I tied him up to the back grommet of the trailer because of an ant bed.  I brushed him and tacked him up and Kellie arrived and got Elan tacked up.  I passed out treats to both of them. 

We mounted up and took off.  The ground was very soft and sticky but not much standing water and it had rained like cats and dogs over in Beaumont yesterday.  We road to the first ride away and Elan chose to go to the left!  Hahaha  we went down the ride away and came to the place where Biscuit refused when it was muddy.  It was still muddy and he refused but Elan went and he followed.  We went back to the right on the trail and saw a few hogs when we were near the back.  Biscuit was like a giraffe looking at them.  We went around to the other side and took the other ride away back to the other side and rode the rest of the trail.  At the trail head I asked Biscuit to keep going even as Kellie left the trail - and he did.  Good boy.  We went a few yards and turned around and went the other way with no problem.  Good boy!!!!  I walked him out to the trailer and told Kellie how good he had done.  Then...major test.  I asked him to return to the trail head and woo hoo!  He did without a fuss and went both ways without a problem .  Good Boy!!  Walked out of the woods and asked for a trot and transition to canter - LOL he took off pretty fast and was going faster with each step.  I asked him to slow down and he started tossing his head side to side like he used to and wasn't stopping.  LOL I was standing in the stirrups pulling him back and he stopped finally.  Hahahahaahaa  so he isn't really perfect but it was good for me.  I wasn't upset, scared, startled or anything other than had a good time.  I was surprised at the head tossing but he did listen.

We hosed them off and cleaned hooves.  We went and had a good look at that truck.  What a shame.  I got a call from Devin and he was in a ton of pain so I told Kellie I was going to take him to her ER.  We did go to the ER and they lanced cyst that had developed.  Poor Dev.  He was in agony.  Doesn't matter how old your baby is...a mom never likes to see their babies in pain.

I hurried to get Biscuit back to the barn so I could take Dev. 

We rode 2.8 miles today. 

Zig and Zag through the mud

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Riding wih Barry and Kellie

Barry went riding with me today.  We went out to the barn and down to the paddock.  Sarge took one look at us and turned around and took off.  Biscuit followed.  Took me 15 minutes to catch them.  Biscuit was charging around, tail flagging, snorting and blowing.  LOL  he was channeling his Arabian side.

Got them loaded up and headed out.  OMG 9 bazillion people at the park for a 5k run for Cancer!

I had to put my girth back onto the saddle.  Biscuit's front right heel bulb looked a little bruised so I will keep an eye on it. I forgot my step stool so I mounted on the picnic table.  We took off and went down the canal.  I cantered Biscuit and he picked up the canter quickly and easily and held the speed even though Sarge was way ahead of him. 

I could tell his heel was somewhat tender on the ride.  Back in the woods we went around slowly to make sure we didn't run into spiders.  I had a hard time seeing the webs.  When we got around to the little outlets to the park road Barry and Kellie went out.  I stayed in.  The crowds were gone.  It was getting hot.  I tried to get Biscuit to go without them and after a little fuss he went.  At the trail head they went out and I made Biscuit go back and forth and he did after a tiny bit of fuss. What a good boy.

We had a great time!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Big Bag of Treats and Conditioning a Saddle

I went to Tractor Supply to see if they had the leather conditioner I had bought on line so I could condition my Allegany Saddle again.   The saddle is getting broke in so I wanted to give it another go with the conditioning.  Soft saddles are a nice thing to ride in!  My knee likes an easy to turn stirrup.  

I couldn't find the conditioner I had bought before but Luxol had one that wasn't supposed to darken the leather so I picked that up.  I saw the Dobbin Treats on sale for $6 and I was going to grab one of those when I saw a huge #20 bag of Dobbin Treats for $14.99 instead of the $6 for about 3.5 lbs so I scooped up the bag.

I texted a pic of it to Kellie and she said to watch that it didn't get bugs in it.  I went out to the barn and got the old Dobbin's bucket and filled it up and filled up a fondant bucket I had out there.  That took up quiet a bit of them.  I took some to the boys and Sarge was thrilled to get a treat.  Biscuit stayed in the center of the pasture -hahahhaha I think he was for sure the trailer was somewhere and his butt was being hauled to ride!!  I went out there and checked his bobo which is healed and gave him some treats.  I have a huge bucket at home that I am going to put the rest of the treats in so it keeps bugs out.  I might freeze them.  

I came home and took my saddle out of the Brenderup after removing the hairy girth.  I got my stepping stool and a rag and got after it.  I sprayed the saddle in sections and rubbed the conditioner in.  I moved the stirrups and oiled the ties and the girth straps.  My saddle is clean as it can be and the straps and tie strings are soft!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Kellie said Faster - it is growling!!!

Must have been a dog that was growling at us!!!  I could hear the rubble but Kellie was closer when the growling started.  We hauled hinney and Biscuit did a great job of cantering me away from a cranky growling something!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Here Piggy Piggy Piggy

It was nice weather today so I wanted to ride again.  I stopped at the old Guzardo's (it is now MidCounty Feed) and got some fly spray and some new gloves to use when I do the horse's hooves.  They were purple...that is what caught my eye.  And they were only $2.99.  I paid about $14 for the last pair I had and I thought these might do the trick.

I picked up Biscuit and headed to Tyrrell Park.  I got him tacked up and mounted up.  He gave me a little bit of flack about going by himself but he realized that there were no other horses so he decided to just go!  We went to the right and Henry the Chicken was at the trail head clucking away.  We walked probably about 2/3 of the way making sure we didn't run into a spider web and then we jogged some.  We got to the trail head and he gave me a little flack but decided to go.  We turned around and went back to the left.  I hit a jog and held it towards the back.  I decided we were going to canter.  I clucked to him and kissed him up and he hit a canter.  We cantered for a short while and came upon lots of downed branch pieces so we slowed.  We passed the pieces and a muddy area and I asked for the canter again and he picked it up immediately.  Good boy!!!  I wasn't nervous or scared.  I just enjoyed it.  After that he kept wanting to speed up and I had to insist he walk.  We rounded the back and passed some of the mud and I asked for the canter.  He hit the canter and when we got to a rough spot he bobbled a little so we started walking.  We walked to the front and then hit a jog and jogged almost the entire length going around til we got back to the front and OMG we rounded the corner and there were pigs in the trail.  Two black ones and a white one.  Two were rolling in the dirt.  The one mounted the other to make bacon - like we need more pigs!!!  They went down the trail and I followed from a distance.  I could here one in the woods to my right and I stopped Biscuit.  A little bitty one come to the edge of the trail but still covered by alot of vegetation.  I could see it though and he looked at me like "That is not my momma!!!" and melted back into the woods.  Biscuit walked past the trail head like a good boy so I turned him around and we went out.  

I went 5.5 miles today and cantered 3 times. So proud of myself. I may one day be a good rider again. Biscuit was pretty much a doll all day. He had a little gall spot on his left side I hosed him off and loaded him up. I unloaded him at the wash rack and put Silvadine on his bobo. He has never had gall marks so I don't know what is up with that. I then rasped his feet. He was a bit of a pill about it. I think his front left toe had grown at a much faster rate than the right and that was causing him to trip yesterday. I think I got it under control but will ask Lee Ann P to look at them next time I see her. I now have 227 miles for the year. Hoping to catch up to next year.

Wooo Hoooo Great Ride complete with Growling

Kellie and I met at 9:30 AM at Tyrrell Park.  I tacked Biscuit up after grooming him.  He is shedding like crazy oddly enough.  Kellie had to change out her stirrups on her saddle to her Circle Y stirrups.  We mounted up and took off to the right side of the trail.  We went out on the bayou riding through vegetation that was sometimes taller than our heads!

We went down the bayou and crossed the bridge.  We dismounted and cleaned hooves.  Biscuit had some rocks that were heck to get out for some reason.  We continued on down past the pipe that shoots out the water and a little 2 foot black snake crossed in front of me.  Biscuit didn't appear to see it.  We went straight to the right side of the bog.  OMG it is grown up out there but absolutely gorgeous.  Green and lush everywhere you look.  We went all the way to the back and stood in knee deep green grass and let the horses graze for a while.

We started to the left through the little trail and it was overgrown but passable.  When we got to the main trail it was so overgrown it was hard to see what was trail and what was not!!  We went all the way across and it was simply breathtaking it was so pretty back there.

We started up the other side of the blog and hit a trot and trotted all the way to the front.  It was so much fun.  The weather was incredible.  Biscuit didn't even break a sweat.  Low humidity is my friend.  We crossed the little land bridge and headed for the big bridge.  We got up to the top and we could see a truck had wanted to cross but he backed up so we could cross the bridge.  We talked to the city worker and he said they had cut all the trail by the bayou 3 weeks ago. OMG it has grown up like crazy with the heat and the rain.

I dismounted to clean Biscuit's hooves because he tripped a few times.  Nothing in them but when I remounted I twisted my back.  OMG that didn't feel good.  hahahah  Kellie and I laughed about us being crippled up old ladies.

We could see two riders coming towards us and one of the horses was constantly jigging and being turned into circles.   It was Therese (the lady that lead back the Halflinger the day that other lady got ill out on the trail) and some of the girl riding a new horse of Kenny's that was off the track.

We went down a little further and Kellie said she wanted to canter so I said,  Let's go.  I kicked Biscuit into a canter and he went into it smoothly but kept wanting to slow down and drop it.  Hahhahaha this from the boy that always wanted to speed up.  I kept urging him into the canter but Elan felt the same so we stopped. We got to the area where the vegetation was so tall and I said "let's trot" and off we went.   How fun it was going through that but Biscuit bobbled a few times and startled at little things but we still were laughing and having a great time.

We slowed and were talking and I heard a sound like a low rumbling like a motor far away but it was close.  Kellie said go faster - it is growling!!!  We kicked up into a canter and took off!!!  Biscuit did an EXCELLENT job of cantering - not galloping!  I was so proud of him and of ME!!! YAY!!!

Kellie said it was something growling and that it got louder.  I said it sounded like a motor and she said no!!  "It was GROWLING!!!"  We don't know what it was but we decided we didn't want to know.

We entered the woods and he through it in reverse at that area by the trail head.  He never had a problem with this place in the past but he has in the last few times we have been there and walked out on to the bayou to just look around.

We went to the right and got past the bob cat track and I could hear people talking and something crashing around.  I called out hello hello but no one answered and Biscuit was on high alert but he finally relaxed.  We trotted though quiet a bit of the trail and the horses still had barely broke a sweat.

It is amazing the difference of humidity makes!  The horses were barely sweating and Saturday Biscuit was dripping wet with sweat.  It wasn't really hot Saturday - just humid.  Almost the same distance, same kind of riding.....way better on Sunday.  It was sheer bliss!

Morning Glories in an arch - so pretty

Barely broke a sweat after 8.5 miles!

Biscuit and Elan enjoying the lush green grass

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Cantering in Tyrrell Park

Kellie and I made a terrific ride today.  I met her at the park around 7:50 AM this morning.  When I pulled Biscuit out of the trail his back left coronary band had a little cut and was bleeding.  It wasn't that way when I put him in the trailer.  It was fresh.  Sigh.....

We tacked up and hit the trail to the right.  We went out on the bayou and the grass in parts were as tall as us!  Biscuit stopped and turned around.  LOL  He was through!!  Oh well - he got turned back around and set behind Elan.

We went all the way to the bridge and Kellie got off to clean his hooves.  I snapped this picture of Elan's new Steele saddle.  It isn't squeaking as much now.  Biscuit had thrown it in reverse just before we got there.  Geez...he needs to STOP that foolishness.  Kellie mounted up and we took off and I realized I didn't have my crop.  We back tracked and I had dropped it right after Biscuit did his reverse move.  I dismounted and picked it up and remounted on the embankment.

Biscuit was more than ready to head back.  We were trotting and he was collecting himself up perfectly.  I let him go into a canter and he transitioned so smoothly I was thrilled   We cantered for quiet a ways and he started getting "strong" on me and I slowed him down.  He did a great job but started wanting to get faster.  I was thrilled though because he really had made a massive amount of improvement.  We went all the way to the woods and when we were coming up the bayou a loud BOOM noise from where that rig is thundered!  OMG Biscuit spooked hard in place and I patted him and said "This is why you are the bomb.  You spook in place!"  We entered the woods and got to the main trail.  I asked him to go to the right and he had a hissy, backing up and refusing.  I don't know what it is about that corner that gives him a meltdown but I finally got him going after he backed his butt way up into the trees!  We went along the right side and hit a trot and had a great time.  We came across a little box turtle in a mud hole.

Kellie had to go attend to Lady Dollar's eye so she went out at the trail head.  Biscuit wanted to follow and he and I had a little tussle with him backing up into the brush and trees.  I just kept after him, turning him in tight circles, walking back and forth, him hitting REVERSE.  It went on for about 5 to 7 minutes and I finally got him to go forward.

We went to the left - hahahahaha he didn't want to go to the right which would have been forward from the way we came so we reversed out trip and went to the left.  We started out at a walk and then hit a trot.  We got around to the back and he spooked at what I thought was wood chunks but it was actually a garden snake slithering across the trail.  We went on at a jog and a trot through the trail til we got to the front...and another meltdown.  OMG he has a head like a freaking ROCK.  He wanted to go out - I said no.  He backed up, I turned him in circles.  He kept backing into the woods like a duffus.  This is the vegetation he knocked down doing that.

He backed up into the brush to the left of the trail head and kept backing up.  I just let him.  Then he picked up his front left hoof to paw - I kicked with the left foot and said AAAAAAHHHHHHHHKKKKK.  STOP THAT.  Hahahaha,  He stopped and then did it again and again he got a kick with the left foot and a AAAAHHHKKKKK STOP THAT.  I guess I was supposed to be scared of the pawing.  LOL  We went back and forth, turned a zillion circles and finally he moved forward.

We went all around and got to where we saw the snake and I be danged if it wasn't slithering across the trail again.  Must be a snake toll booth right there.  We were at a jog for most the trail til we got to the other side by the ride aways I pulled him to a walk.  We walked all the way back and I made him go back and forth over the trail head with him throwing hissy fits, backing up, turning circles.  I finally got him to go back and forth without hesitation.  It was a work out though.

I got him back to the trailer and took his tack off and hosed him off.  He was pretty darn good about being sprayed in the face.  He is getting to be such a good boy!!!  I loaded him up and we hauled out.

The weather wasn't too hot today thank God and it is supposed to be cool in the morning.  Kellie and I are going again and I can't wait!  I rode 8.9 miles today.   I forgot to turn on my Garmin til I was at the corner of Cattail Marsh.  Duh.  I now have 213.25 miles for the year.  That is pathetic but what can you do when it is pouring rain?

Friday, September 7, 2012

Riding in the arena again

Barry and I went out out to the barn and Lee Ann B and her daughter Erin were just leaving.  We talked to them and they are going riding in the morning as are Kellie and I.  Woot!!!  We went down to the pasture and brought up Biscuit and Sarge.  I brushed Biscuit all over and he was shedding like crazy and he was FULL of dirt.  I tacked him up while Barry tacked up Sarge.  Allisa was working with her little cream colored mare in the other side of the arena.

I mounted up and realized I didn't have on my helmet.  I dismounted and took Biscuit with me to the tack room and got my helmet.  I never ride without it anymore.  I mounted back up and Biscuit and I walked, jogged and walked and jogged.  Side passing both ways and turning on the forequarters.  He did a great job today even while Sarge was galloping around the arena with Barry and the cream mare was being lunged or ridden at a canter in the other side at times.  He behaved beautifully today.  

I hosed him off after I was through and washed his face because it was filthy.  He wasn't too happy about it but I just kept after it til I got his face clean.  I snapped these pictures going down the road behind them and after Barry turned the boys loose.  He'd brushed Sarge and washed him off so he was clean and shining like copper.

Looking forward to our ride in the morning.  Cool weather is on its way and we are so excited about that!!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Riding in the Arena

I went to ride today - FINALLY!!!!!  I spoke to Lee Ann P when I had arrived and she said Ebenezer was so NICE - there were trees down and lots of it - but the weather had been glorious and they stayed in the front of the park - they didn't cross Letney Road.  We are going in two weeks and I hope the weather is nice.

I went and got Biscuit and put him on the wash rack.  Sadda was on the rack too and he was snorting and blowing.  I told him to pipe down and went over and fussed at him when he kept snorting and blowing.  He settled down and decided to ignore Biscuit.

I tacked Biscuit up and mounted up in the arena.  He stepped away and I had to reset the mounting block.  I fussed at him and then he stood still.  We rode for 40 minutes, walking, jogging, trotting.  He yielded to leg pressure across the diagonal of the arena perfectly.  He side passed on both sides with not too much fuss.  The backing up was a little snotty at times but he did it.  He kept trying to get off rein but for the most part he was pretty good.  We worked on turning on the haunches/forehand and I am not real sure at this moment which one he is doing correctly!  I will have to get Lee Ann to coach me on that.  It has been awhile since I worked on that - but whichever one he is doing he is doing a good job of it!  LOL

I rinsed him off and cleaned behind his fetlocks.  I don't know if it was just dirt or little scabs.  Seemed more like dirt.  I rinsed out his sheath - he had some big chunks in it.  They will have their sheaths cleaned after we come back from Mississippi next month when I have their teeth floated.  He got a handful of alfalfa for being a good boy.

I put Biscuit up and went home.  Later Barry and I took carrots out to the boys.  I was brushing Sarge's tail because he has it all snarly from rubbing his butt.  I took the brush and was brushing Biscuit's forelock and he lifted up his face and acted like he was going to nip my arm...I saw teeth open- oh HELL NO.  He got a sharp BOP on his nose with the brush.  He was kind of surprised but didn't freak out.  Neither did I but I don't play with teeth.  I will box his ears if he ever bites.  He has never bit me but a few times I have seen the teeth come into play.  Uh....NO.  He followed me around for awhile til we left.  Barry had lunged Sarge and gave him a carrot.  Sarge and Biscuit love carrots.
Barry and Sarge

This was taken two days ago - I love the look on his face!

Biscuit Man

Yesterday I got a call from a city employee who is the supervisor over Tyrrell Park.  He thanked me for calling to compliment the parks and asked what they could do to help make the park better.  I said get rid of some of the hogs!!  He was surprised that they were at the trail head!!!  I also said we really appreciated all they did and that the park was available to us and we loved riding there.  I asked is more trails could be added - small narrow paths not huge wide trails.  Hopefully that will come to pass - it was so nice to talk to him and I know that Kellie and I are glad to have that park to ride in!!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Whitening the Biscuit's Mane and Tail

I went out to the barn and got Biscuit.  He was wet with sweat!  I got him up to the front and tied him up and he was upset that the hose was hanging from the ceiling.  A little change in plumbing was not to his liking.  I rinsed his sweat off and he had crusty stuff behind his front right hoof and I rinsed it off - I thought at first it was scabs but it didn't appear to be that after I washed it off.

I got out the rasp and worked on his front and back left hooves to smooth out the  edges.  Then I washed his mane and tail with purple shampoo and OxyClean.  His mane and tail were dingy and that formula really works.  I added some Cowboy Magic to clear out the tangles.  His mane and tail looked fabulous!

Allisa (new girl) was working with Charlie in the arena, Edgar was mowing grass close by and I was hosing up by his ears and he was pretty darn good about it.  Not too long ago, that could have caused a scared frightened guy and now he was a little upset over the water but nothing bad!  I was so proud of him!  

I took him out by the side of the wash rack and let him eat grass.   I then took him back down to his paddock and filmed some of it with my phone!

My mane is white and so is my tail!!!
Looks like Biscuit was aggravating Sarge and has a badge to show for it