Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Meeting Biscuit's Sire

I called Mr. Lavergne today and asked if I might visit with him and bring Biscuit.  I told him about wanting to register Biscuit.  I gave him the information that I had as to who bred their mare, Mr. A. Root, the mare's name was Josie, and that the result was a palomino stud colt.  He said he'd be more than happy to speak with me and yes, I could bring The Biscuit.

I called Kellie to see if she wanted to take a road trip with me and she said yes.  I went out to the barn and LeAnn hauled me down to the pasture to get Biscuit in the Gator so she could see his hooves I trimmed yesterday.  She liked how they were trimmed.   They are getting better.  Not perfect but better!  I brushed Biscuit, cleaned out the poop from Sunday that Barry left in the trailer (GAG- it was growing MOLD) and loaded up The Biscuit.  I hauled out and picked up Kellie and she, bless her heart, had a Diet Coke for me.  We hauled out to Mr. Lavergne's in Winnie and unloaded the Biscuit.  He took Biscuit and got a good look at him and said, yes, he was one of "their" babies...head and hindquarter's were a Skipper Di baby.

We tied Biscuit up and went into the office where he'd dug out the information.  I told him Kenny thought the mare was young but he said this was the only mare he bred for Mr. Root, who oddly enough, had contacted him 4 days prior to see if he had a palomino yearling (I think that is right) but he didn't have what he was looking for.  So, Biscuit is actually10 years old.  He was bred on May 11, 2000 and foaled on April 22, 2001.  His dam is Jose Reflection #2709118 and his sire is Skipper Di #3343519.  Jose Reflections sire is Ole Man Brandy and her dam is Jose Twist. 

So, my boy is registrable.  LeAnn P and I thought Limp Biscuit would be a good name...Limp for me, Biscuit for him!!!  LOL  I was thinking about Skippin' The Biscuit.  I have to come up with 6 names for him to see which one is a go.  I will call AQHA and discuss this with them again tomorrow.  I do have to get Mr. Root to sign the transfer papers and registration papers.

We looked at Skipper Di and he is a big ole pretty boy!  Has the same look on his face and in his eye that Biscuit does.  He is a much darker gold than Biscuit though.  Biscuit is lighter.  We looked at several of his palomino's and they were all pretty horses.  Biscuit looks just as nice now.  I took a picture of Mr. Lavergne with Biscuit.

I thanked Mr. Lavergne for his kindness in helping me.  He was a very nice person and I really appreciated his help.  Kellie and hauled Biscuit back to Plum Nearly and talked to LeAnn about Nugget, Kellie's new horse.  He had been bred there at the Ranch.  LeAnn called the Arabian association and found out he was 23 years old...foaled, like Biscuit, on April 22, but in 1988!!!  His name is Bask Juan Nugget and LeAnn said she and Mike have both rode him and that he is super well trained. 

Kellie and I then went to Susan's and I got to hug up Sababba.  I loved Susan's new house and I wish I had it!!!  We visited with Sue for quiet awhile but then had to go.

Barry and went out to see the horses later and give them alfalfa.

My Pretty Pony

I went out to the barn to see the horses.  Biscuit was laying down on the opposite side of the fence and wasn't inclined to get up just yet.  LOL  He finally got up and I took him back to the barn.  Reagan was there trimming the horses and Sadda was on the washrack getting trimmed.  Reagan makes trimming look SO easy.  I hopped in the Gator with them and went down the pasture road to trim some horses so I could watch.  I convinced Reagan he needed a hat insert and cool vest like we have.  He tried them out and he thought they were great.  I gave him the number to Hobby Hill to get him a set. 

We trimmed Cydabu or however  you spell her name....she is such a sweetheart.  I would love to get her for Barry to run endurance with.  I think he'd like to do that! 

Biscuit's trimmed hooves....I am getting BETTER!!!
I put Biscuit in the arena while we went down the road and when I came back and he was soaking wet with sweat.  I hosed him off so he'd cool down.  I went and got my farrier tools and picked up his back feet and went to work.  I set his hoof in the sling and he was so good!  He tried once to pull it away but a little tugging it back in place is all it took.  I went around with my nippers and it was done!  I am not near as fast as Reagan but I got it done!  I did the other side and only once did he try to put it down and just a little encouragement and he was a good boy. 

I rasped them and used my knife on his frogs.  I tried to get a good mustang roll but I am still working on that!  I think I need to put a bigger roll on it but it is coming along nicely.  I think his heels could be a little lower but not all at once. 

I called AQHA about registering Biscuit.  Kenny said the horse I originally thought was his dam can't be...she is too old.  I got that name from Mr. Lavergne who owns his sire, Skipper Di.  AQHA said I could do a DNA on his dam and then perhaps I would be able to register Biscuit.  If I were able to register him I would have to come up with a registered name...Skippin' The Biscuit sounds kinda cute.  I would like to be able to register him so that if I ever sell him he would be able to be shown.  I know it doesn't matter if they are registered - they can still end up abused, neglected, etc. but I just feel like that piece of paper is part of his identity.  His foaling date if I can get that would be helpful.

Biscuit is a terrific horse and I like him more and more!!!

Biscuit on June 28, 2011

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Total riding is now 206.9 MILES after today's ride!!!!

The LeAnne's and I went riding at Tyrrell Monday morning.  I met them out there at 7:00 and we loaded up the horses.  LOL  I ponied Biscuit up there driving the RAV.  He did a great job following along.  Saved my knee that is for sure.

We got to the park and pulled into the stables and parked under a tree.  We tacked up and I could see where the Blevins Buckle was cutting into my girth. doesn't have a Blevins cover and that is why it is cutting into stuff.  We wrapped it with duct tape.  I called Staci and she said they have never had a problem with it but I am going to get me a Blevin's cover.  The stirrups do turn out nicely thank God but still, I think it can cause a problem and the last thing I need is to come off with a saddle!!  I am going to get me some Blevin's Buckle Covers.

We rode out through the woods and out onto Willow Bayou.  We were going down by the ride away that goes off to the left and we could hear a helicopter and all of a sudden THERE it was right in front of us coming up the bayou VERY VERY low spraying stuff.  Thank God our horses didn't spook.  I'd just got off of Biscuit to tighten the girth and got back on very clumsily.  My legs are kinda stiff here lately.  Anywhoo, we trotted down the way for a while until my legs got tired.  We went across the big bridge and came upon a turtle - but poor guy was dead.  Head and legs out like he was walking and deader than a doornail.  I wanted a shot of him with my camera but when Biscuit got a whiff of that he didn't want to get too close!
We went on around the bayou and came across this nest of spiders...OMG I counted 30 of those rascals.  Gaaa!!! 

We went down towards the back and were almost there when all of a sudden Biscuit bucks up high and crow hops about 3 times to the right.  I was grabbing up the reins and brought him under control quickly.  LOL  Lee Ann B said he stepped on a piece of wood that tiddlywinked up into his stomach and scared the snot out of him.  LOL that was funny...well, since I didn't come off it was funny!  We went through the back woods which is a wonderful ride.  On the other side I was jogging behind Lee Anne trying to keep Biscuit collected and jogging.  I want him to get to where he can jog slowly and comfortably.

LeAnn said to hold the reins in position where I wanted them to be, sit back on my pockets, press down with my core, hold up chin when I was bouncing and go.  She said to slow him down to lean back.  LOL  we did and we went along like that.  Biscuit wasn't too happy and kept trying to evade it but we kept at that pace and I would slow him down if needed.  He is a terrific little guy and I really like him.  We went through the woods again and I worked on moving him over with leg pressure.  He is getting more and more responsive.  He is not great at it but better!  We rode for around 3 hours (2 hours and 47 minutes) so we made good time.  It was 8.4 miles. 

I uploaded the Garmin Miles and I now have a total of 206.9 miles for this year!!!  Wow Weee!!!!!!  If I keep up this pace it will be around 400 miles for the year.  I would like to push that to 500!

Horse Drowns at Ebenezer

Kellie emailed me Sunday night and told me a lady came to the camp around noon or so crying and went into the bathroom.  She was covered in mud.  Randy talked to her.  Her horse had drowned over on Hidden Beach which I think is around where we go to the beach.  She had him in water and he dropped off into deeper water.  I don't know if he had on a tie down or what.   OMG  I would have had a fit.  I found this article in the Jasper paper on line...

Horse drowns in Lake Sam Rayburn

By Mike Lout
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The members of the Jasper County Emergency Corps faced a situation they had not faced before on Sunday when they received word that a horse had drowned in nearby Lake Sam Rayburn.

Corps member Slim Martindale said the incident occurred shortly after noon as a resident of DeRidder, in nearby Beauregard Parish was riding a horse along the shore in what is known as the Hidden Beaches area located between O’Neal’s Lodge and the Westwood Subdivision on the southwest part of the reservoir.

According to Martindale, water levels in the area ranged from 3 to 4 feet in some areas but also as much as 20 feet deep in other areas.

The rider was apparently riding the horse in an area of shallow water when he accidentally entered a very deep area.

The efforts of the rider and even fishermen in the area, who came to the aid of the horse, failed and the horse drowned.

Workers from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers assisted by bringing a boat specially rigged with a winch and crane used to maintain buoys to the area and lifted the carcass of the horse from the water.

The carcass was taken to the boat ramp at the Westwood Subdivision, where it was loaded onto a trailer and taken away.


Short Camping Trip to Ebenezer

I finished a beautiful wedding cake and was going up to Ebenezer for a short trip.  I was able to get a reservation because there had been wild fires up there and the park had shut down prompting people to cancel the reservations.  The park opened back up and I was able to pick up a spot.  Barry decided at the last moment to go with me.  We threw the stuff in the truck and headed out.

We met Kellie, Randy, Kent, Melody, Robin and Jimmy up there.  They had been there since Friday.  We didn't get there til nearly 6:00 PM and we were invited to go eat at Ann and Chris's up on the lake.  Ann works with Kellie and another couple, Donna and her hubby were there.  She works with Kellie, too.  We had a blast.  We laughed and cut up and had great food.  What could be better?

We rode out the next morning for short ride - I had to be home by 1:00 PM because I had Taylor's bridal shower to go to and I had the cake on the bar at home.  Kent had been working with Cool in his little portable round pen and shaking the whip with the plastic bag on it at him and Biscuit became somewhat alarmed.  Poor guy had diarrhea in huge cow paddy.  I got my saddle on and adjusted the stirrups to fit.  I really liked the endurance stirrups.  They were very comfortable.  The padding is nice.

We rode down the trail til we came out on the road that we generally cross to go to the lake.  We split from the group so we could get back to the trailer in time for me to get home.  We went through a deep little cut that was very narrow on the side of the road where it crested.  Biscuit was hitting the sides and stumbling because of his Easy Boot Gloves catching on the dirt walls but other than that he did a great job.  We rode for 3.1 miles.  We hosed them off and talked with Jimmy.  It was a short short short trip but I enjoyed the company and being out there.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Saddle Arrived!

I waited all day for it to come and finally had to run some errand when Barry got home.  I returned and it was in the garage.  The rigging is closer up to the tree and the fenders are shortened and on longer strap thingies so I can take them up more.  I will be able to put a longer girth on it now.

The stirrups were not replaced as requested but I know that since the instructions go to New York and are relayed to Eli in Ohio there is room for error.  When the shipping from The Children of the Corn was an issue last week Staci said she wanted to make that up to me.  I later told her I needed a quote on a bridle to match.

When the saddle came in I sent a text to Staci telling her the saddle arrived, the stirrups were not changed and that I would like a quote on a bridle with concho's to match my saddle.  She said she would take care of the stirrups and that the bridles are normally $85 but she would discount it to me for $45 plus she would pay the shipping.  Woot!  Can't wait to see it.

Here is a picture of the saddle now:

Here is the rigging before:
The rigging is significantly higher.  I will hopefully be able to check it out this weekend on Biscuit. 

My Saddle is on the UPS truck out for delivery

I can't wait to get it.  Who knows what time it will be delivered today though.  Geez...UPS is the pits.  Eli Miller, the saddle maker, finished it last week and said he took it to the General Store there in Ohio where he lives.  General Store has a UPS drop off point.  Geez...did it go out? No.  I was expecting to get it on Monday so on Thursday of last week I talked to Staci about a tracking number so I could track its movements. 

She said she called and the boy who answered the phone said it was STILL there - it had never been picked up.  He didn't know anything and the two girls that work there handle that but they weren't there.  OMG what a mess.  Staci called the next day and spoke to "Jolene" who said this wasn't her fault, it was BS, Amish people were Blah Blah Blah Blah (won't even put that in writing on my blog!).  She was supposed to call Staci back with a tracking number and left her a message of yelling back at her dad about Staci's name.  Gaaaaa.  Anyway, it was supposed to arrive Tuesday. 

I spoke to Traci on Monday to get the tracking number so I'd know what time it was arriving or approximately what time Tuesday.  Staci calls for the number and then tells me it won't arrive til Thursday.  It didn't ship out until Friday.  You would think since The Children of the Corn messed up they would have over nighted it!  LOL  that is what Staci said they were like talking to.  That cracked me up.  I saw that can only imagine what Jolene is like in person!!  Geez, that is why I don't like UPS.  Staci set up a FEDX account and I am sure it will work better for her and her company. 

So, I am sitting here waiting for UPS to bring my saddle.  I can't wait to see what Eli did to change the rigging and see the new fenders!!!  I hope he remembered to replace my stirrups with stamped ones. 

I will be riding in my Alleghany this weekend and Monday!  Woot!!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Trimming and Worming The Biscuit

I went out to the barn and pulled up Biscuit.  The LeAnn's and I worked on feet.  LeAnn P had used the nippers and loved them.  They do make things easier.  She worked on AmiraSongs feet and we used the nippers to cut down her clubby foot and to cut down the frog.  She was working on the bottom of the foot and hit a little blood.  Awww..poor girl...her foot looks so bad.

I didn't know that LeAnn had considered putting her down because of her poor clubbed foot as she literally was a three legged horse.  She started the bare foot trimming and AmiraSong is doing better and can walk easier.  LeAnn soaked her foot and used a diaper and tape to make her a bandage. 

I worked on Biscuit's feet and pulled the heel down more.  He feet are rock hard because of the thrush medicine I am using.  LeAnn helped me with the frog and sole.  I don't have much strength in my hands!  She also helped me make a bigger Mustang Roll on his hoof with the hole in it.  I think that I will be able to get rid of that in about 3 months or so.  I am working on it.

LeAnn and I gave him his Panacur Pac wormer - LOL he spit some out and we managed to get it back into his mouth.  He was pretty good about it.  I walked him down to his pasture and when we passed the ran down shed he leaned in and acted like he was going to nip me.  Wow wee..I blew up on him and backed him up fast hollering at him as he went.  I don't do bites.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Riding in my new Activewear Vest

Short Saturday Trip

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I went on a short ride this weekend.  It was the Rockin' R Riders out at Tyrrell Park.  I could only ride a short ride as I had to deliver a wedding cake at 1:00 PM.  I was looking forward to trying out my cool vest that I had received in on Saturday.  I had activated my vest the night before with water and put it on and put the cap insert in.  I followed Barry in the Rav so I could leave early and he could stay and ride.  The vest helped!  I could tell a big difference and it was HOT yesterday.  I tacked Biscuit up in the Billy Cook sans the breast strap.  I used the mounting block because my knees aren't real flexible right now and I am babying them so they will get better.  Biscuit stood like a good boy.  Kellie, Susan, Esther, Lee Ann B, James, Beverly, Kenny, Pam, Robin, Sharon, Terry and Casey and a some other folks were riding. 

We rode through the woods and around to the gravel rode.  LOL  along the way I got a face full of spider web and I thought it was just web.  NO.  A big banana spider was on me.   AAAACCCKK.  I brushed him off - I thought.  A little later here he comes up my shoulder - AAAAACCKKKKK!!!  I asked Bev if I got him off and she went behind me and couldn't see it.  Off we go again and a little while later he is coming up me again.  OMG   I was brushing it off and James got off of his horse to make sure it was gone and I feel something running up my back and thank God it was just James pulling my chain.  He was laughing and he got a big kick out of that.  LOL  and I had just been telling them that we had heaped praise on him the previous week for clearing the path in the back!!  Revenge is on the way...hummm....I will have to think of something.

We rode around and down the gravel road and out to the big bridge.  I put Biscuit in a lope and omg was it discombobulated.  I don't know if he was cross firing or what he was going at a slant towards the water and felt like riding a 4 wheeler down a rutted road!  I stopped him and tried again but got the same lumpy ride.  We stopped and visited and let people catch up and Kellie and I had to turn back so I could deliver my cake and she was getting a headache.

The vests helped and so did the cap insert.  Kellie didn't have the cap insert as she had a cowboy hat on.  It would have helped her I think and next time she will give it a whirl.

Barry stayed while we went back.  We went down the gravel road and into the woods.  We came out of the woods and walked around the road in the park to the stables.  I washed Biscuit off and put him in the round pen.  I had to get the cake delivered.  I rode 4.2 miles.

Later that day Barry and I went to visit Kellie and Randy and her was nice to see Ansley and Chris and of course, my other cousins on that side.  Frankie's son David and his wife and Chase was there, too.  He is so excited that he has a horse now!  He and Nugget are going to make a good team.

From there we went to Tyrrell Park Stables for the fish fry with the RR Riders.  Kent and Melody were there for the afternoon ride and so we visited with them and James and Beverly, Pam and her hubby, Kenny and Tracey and others.  It was so nice!  The sun went down and cooled off with a nice breeze and no mosquitoes!!!  The fish was fabulous - Red fish and trout with french fries, cole slaw, potato salad, macaroni salad, macaroni and cheese and I brought cup cakes and there were other desserts too.  The food and company were top notch.  It was a very nice day with horses, friends, cakes.  What could be nicer for me?

Barry and I never really rode together except for a small stretch where I was "cantering" Biscuit.  He was using his new saddle pad I bought him for Father's Day several weeks ago.  He did look nice with it on Sarge.  Sarge and him charged through the woods - not on the trails though.  LOL Sarge had cobwebs in his tail!!!
Kellie and I in our vests - Lee Ann is to the right in her vest. 

I liked this shot of Elan!!!

Biscuit was backing up - hummm....maybe into James for that spider thing?

Kellie, Beverly and Kenny

The bogs of the natural water filtration area.  It was gorgeous

Beverly and Nickie

Ester, Kellie, Pam, Lee Ann and Susan

Monday, June 13, 2011

My Alleghany is coming home!!!

Staci called me today from Alleghany with an update on my saddle.  She had communicated with Eli Miller, the saddle maker.  He replaced the fenders and the rigging - pulling up the rigging so it was not as long.  He is shipping it tomorrow so I should get it Monday.  Staci said she would send me a tracking number when she receives it. 

Trimming hooves

When I went out to the barn today and visited with The LeAnns and Mr. Gus and Ms. Jean.  LeAnn was giving the foal and her momma a bath.  That little filly is just precious...and she is a pretty good sized little girl too.  Nice big butt and broad back.  She is going to be very nice.  She was getting a bath and being a good girl about it.  She is handled on a regular basis so she will grow up to be a wonderful horse for someone. 

I then went and brought up Biscuit.  He and Sarge were under their shed to keep cool.  I walked Biscuit slowly up front.  My knee is not happy walking that far so I go slow so not to aggravate it.  I put him on the wash rack and brushed him and put Silvadene on his chest.  It was puckered up but not totally hairless.  Poor guy.  I wanted to look at his hooves but he was wanting to refuse to pick up his front left.  I insisted.  I trimmed his front hooves again....lowered the heel just a tad.  I got Lee Ann B's advice on that.  I am still unsure of doing feet so I like to have a second opinion!  I rasped his front feet and worked on his mustang roll.  I put thrush medicine in his frogs and walked him back down to the pasture.  I wish he was up closer - at least til my knee stops hating me.  I am going to put thrush meds in those frogs every other day until it is gone.  It came back so fast and chewed up his frog.  Gaaaa....that is nasty business. 

Purple Bling & Hobby Hill

I love purple...just in case anyone has not noticed!  My cousin Kellie bought this hat for is purple and is FULL of bling.  Can't wait to wear it.  And I will wear it with my new Hobby Hill Activewear Vest to keep cool in our Texas heat.  I ordered mine from

I got mine in purple.  Lee Ann B was wearing one yesterday and it was keeping her nice and cool.  Kellie and I have talked about getting one but we haven't until today.  I called Lee Ann and asked her where she got it and the brand.  I looked at SmartPac but they didn't have them so I looked up Hobby Hill and there they were.  Lee Ann's is a taupe color.  I went out to the barn and Lee Ann had it with her.  I tried it on and even though she had washed it either last night or earlier that day it was still cool and I could tell the difference.  LeAnn P tried it on and it fit her too.  I called Kellie and left her a message to see if she wanted one.

I talked to her later and she wanted one - in Blue, LeAnn wanted hers in a neutral color and I wanted PURPLE.  I called and talked to the nice lady there and they are going to be shipped out tomorrow.  I am looking forward to getting our vests and having cooler rides.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Riding Tyrrell with The LeAnnes

Riding Tyrrell with The LeAnnes

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Lee Ann B is back!  She visited her family in Canada for 2 weeks.  She, LeAnn P. and I went riding at Tyrrell today.  Kellie was supposed to go with us but she was feeling under the weather.  I got out to the barn and Biscuit was soaking wet already.  He was in the arena where I had put him yesterday.  I put Barry's saddle in the trailer and my bridle, etc.  I hosed Biscuit off and we loaded up and off we went.

We were coming down Tyrrell Park Road in the park just in front of the golf course and LeAnn stopped the truck.  She thought we had a blow out on the trailer.  Smoke was billowing up and the smell of burned rubber was everywhere.  There was no blowout.  She said a brake had locked up so she got back in the truck and Lee Ann B and I were on either side of the trailer and when she rolled the front wheel on the right side where I was at was the one that was locked up.  Something clunked inside and I thought the wheel was wobbling but it wasn't.  LeAnn unplugged the brakes and backed it up and it released the freeze!  We were rolling again.  We pulled over to the stables but the front gate was locked so we pulled over by the bathroom/pavilion and parked there.

We tacked up and good grief...I left the Crooked Stirrups at the barn!  Duh!  Thank God the Billy Cook's come with pre turned stirrups.  I had to take the girth up on the right hand side as it was too loose on Biscuit.  Sarge has a good sized girth even though he is not a big horse.  I put the breast strap on and mounted up.  I thought it was too loose and got off and tightened the girth.  I moved the stirrups up one hole.  We went down the side of the road and were joined by a little dog that looked like a terrier mixed with a Blue Heeler.

Through Biscuit's Ears

Little Tag Along Dog
We went into the woods and rode around.  The ground was hard as a brick and had huge cracks.  The little dog trotted along with us and Biscuit never tried to charge him.  LOL  I guess he just disliked Bella!

Dead Snake!!!
Willow Bayou.  We crossed the bridge and went out past the land bridge and I saw a dead snake.  We went down the paths and rounded the canals and saw the prettiest water hyacinths.  They were knocking down vegetation on the other side of the little slew.

Water Hyacinths in Purple - What could be prettier?

Knocking down vegetation
Biscuit and Denise riding in Barry's Billy Cook Saddle and Lee Ann and Rogue

Biscuit and Denise with Lee Ann and Rogue
Around the first curve - an alligator den

LeAnn playing spider polo

Watching out for Spiders!!!

Lee Ann B and Rogue coming down the back trail

LeAnn P, Legato and the Tag Along Doggie on the back trail

Tag Along Doggie at Biscuit's Feet

Lee Ann B and Rogue

Legato and LeAnn
We got to the back and James H. had mowed back there and it looked terrific.  We enjoyed the ride through the back but we did encounter some nasty spiders!  LeAnn was playing spider polo for us.  We had a great ride today and trotted coming back up Willow Bayou for quiet a ways.  It was a blast.  We rode through the woods and the dog finally ran into the woods and tree'd two little racoons!  They were so cute I wish I would have had my camera out!

Pipe painted green - the man bought the paint and supplies from me at SW!!!

My Poor Biscuit's chest with a rub on it
We got back and LeeAnn held a bucket for Biscuit to drink - LOL  I had offered him water in the bucket on the ground and he wasn't interested until LeeAnn held it for him!  I think he is in love with LeeAnn!!!  Poor guy, when I took the breast strap off of him it had rubbed a spot raw on his chest.  OMG I felt so bad.  I put Silvadean on it.

I uploaded the Garmin and we rode 8.6 miles today.  It was a blast and I am ready to go again.

Putting New Gator on the Easy Boot Glove

I got in the Easy Boot Gator replacement yesterday.  I sat down and put the new one on.  I had some trouble with the back screw because my Phillips was too small for the back set.  Barry got me another Phillips and I was able to proceed.  Voila!  Repaired Easy Boot Glove.  I also got in the front straps but didn't have the hole punch I needed to attach it.  I am going to ask Lee Ann B. about it.  I know she put hers on.

Trimming Biscuit's Hooves

Sarge eating his dinner
Thursday I went out to the barn in the morning - had to go back home - and then came back out to the barn after my cake order had been picked up.  I worked on Biscuit's feet.  I was able to nip them around - they had really grown long! 

After putting thrush meds on his frogs

Right Hoof

Mustang rolls

Mustang Rolls

Hoof Trimmings
Thrush is back...and it is nasty.  It has invaded his frogs and I cut some of it away.  He was pretty good about having his feet done.  He is just becoming such a sweetheart.  I only had to get onto him once about taking his feet back!  I worked on his mustang rolls on his chips in the front and back hoof.    They are getting better but still need work.

Million Dollar Biscuit

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sarge goes to the vet again today

I hauled Sarge to the vet today.  I called and told Cassie what I needed and went out to get Sarge.  He walked off from the front - I know his thought bubble said "humm...Denise with my halter and trailer.  She doesn't ride me...must be going to the vet and that is not good for me!"  I finally caught him and I took him out of the paddock and dropped the rope to tie the gate and off he went down the road.  He stepped on his lead rope twice.  I caught him and put his butt in the trailer. 
Sarge in the Brenderup

Sarge's Fecal Test Underway - poo in a tube

Cassie working with the sample

Cody was there helping Dr. Schneiter and he came out and got the fecal sample Sarge has so graciously deposited.  Cassie got the test set up and later - yes...he still has Strongels.  We tube wormed him again and Doc gave me a Vitamin E and Selenium supplement and a thyroid supplement.
I talked to Bruce, Jr. and he said Power Packs are the way to go.  I am going to research Power Packs and get them for both of the boys.  I want Sarge better now. 

I got the receipt from Valleyvet for the Easy Boot Gloves and sent it to Easy Boot and they are going to replace the gator on my Boot. 

Torn Gator

Where is my strap?!!!

Biscuit's new straps will be purple!!!