Saturday, March 30, 2013

Galloping Biscuit

Kellie and I planned a ride at Tyrrell Park.  I went to get Biscuit at 9:30.  OMG he kept running from me.  Jogging/trotting/cantering/galloping around me until he was a huge sweatball.  I kept walking around trying to get him to let me catch him.  He wasn't having any of it.  Tail was flagging - lots of  snorting.  Sarge was totally ignoring Biscuit's pleas for him to join in.  Sarge just kept on grazing.

I went back to the trail and got treats.  He cantered up to me to get treats and then haul hinney when I tried to put his halter on him.  I was getting so tired.  I can do that anymore.  I went back to the RAV, raised the ramp and went up to the barn and asked Edgar to help.  He is such a doll.  We got out there with feed - now Sarge was interested in that!! and we basically kept flanking him until he finally let me catch him.  What was up with that crap?  It took me an hour and 15 minutes to catch him.  He trotted all the way to the barn after all of this.  I rinsed him off because he was NASTY.  I loaded up Barry's Billy Cook saddle and took off.

I got him tacked up which was a little hard.  The Billy Cook is heavier than the Allegany.  Kellie held Biscuit while I got on.  I had raised my stirrups.   We took off through the woods.  All dried up on the right side.  We went over the pallets and out onto the bayou.  We saw lots of alligators sunning themselves.  We went all the way to the back.  Biscuit was being an angel.  We got out to the point at Hildebrandt Bayou and Biscuit shook his head like a crazy man.  His reins flipped OVER his head.  Kellie helped me get them back over his head.  We could hear a boat coming and my left rein came off of the bit!!!  OMG  it has S clamp thingies to hold it on.  Kellie hooked it back up.

We started back on the trail and passed The Nursery - it was FULL of little bitty alligators - the 8" variety.  We didn't hang around to see Momma!!  We didn't see any hogs...a few tracks but no hogs. 

We came back up the other side of the bog and did some trotting.  I didn't have trouble sitting in that seat and trotting.  We crossed the bridge and did a little trotting coming up the bayou.  Into the woods and to the right....some muddy/standing water places.  We did some trotting.  Got to the right of ways and there is a huge pipe sitting up there but there was a break in it so we crossed the mats and had to actually ride on them a ways.  I heard something like water sloshing in your gut and thought it was Biscuit.  It was the matts!!  We crossed over to the trails and headed around trotting quiet a bit.  No losing my BALANCE!!!  WOOT!!!!

Kellie held Biscuit so I could dismount.  It is hard to bring this leg around.  I took his tack off and hosed him off.  He was filthy.  I went to get in my RAV after closing the gate behind me and OMG I twisted WRONG and was lit up like nobodies business.  I nearly fell and I was half in and half out of the car.  The shock was painful and hit my left side and down the center to my bladder/bowels.  Ugh....Made me feel horrible.  Hopefully that will all be gone soon!!!!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Trimming Sarge's hooves

Tuesday afternoon Barry went out to the barn with me.  We brought up the horses and I was brushing Sarge and Barry trimmed his beard!  I go out my tools to do Sarge's hooves.  They were overdue.  He is better when Barry is there but he is hard for me to do because he won't pick up his hooves and pulls them away from me at times.  What a toot.  He is such a sweet horse though. 

Talked to Lee Ann and Phil.  Barry got to meet Brutis - the darling of the barn.  I got to hug him up. 

Riding in a Snaffle

Monday I went and got a new plug for my trailer.  The plug cracked.  Went to the barn and pulled up Biscuit.  I used Barry's tack.  Yes, I sat better and further back in the Billy Cook.  Biscuit doesn't stop well with a snaffle!  OMG he would walk halfway across the arena.  We worked on stopped and leg yielding.  He leg yields wonderfully but doesn't side pass that well!

It was hard getting off of Biscuit - I hadn't taken up the stirrups and they were too long for my leg to clear the cantle.  I may have to look into getting a new saddle.  Mine is pitching me too forward and my balance isn't good anymore.  Hopefully I will get better but until I do I will have to ride in the Billy Cook saddle but OMG it is heavy compared to my saddle.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

All tacked up and no way to go

I went out to the barn today to ride Biscuit.  I had the tack in my car.  I brought him up to the wash rack and brushed him down.  He was dirty in places and he is shedding.  I tacked him up and gave him treats.  I was ready to take him into the arena and looked for the mounting block. was no where to be found.  I looked in the tack room for Lee Ann B's mounting block but it wasn't there.  Sigh....I looked around for something else to mount on - I thought about the bench by Sadda's old pen but decided against it.  It isn't worth it to possibly fall. 

I decided to just do Biscuit's hooves.  They needed to be done especially his back left hoof has a bad crack in it.  So I started working on his hooves.  The Lee Ann's came around the corner and Lee Ann P was bringing Lee Ann B's mounting block but I said I had already taken his tack off and was just going to do his feet.  We all visited on the back wash rack and Lee Ann B brought up Rogue.  I later finished Biscuit's feet.  Ugh...he wasn't being as cooperative  as I would have liked.  I finally got his feet done and I fed him back there as they had already fed down the road. 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Weekend at Ebenezer

I got up Friday morning to go to Ebenezer.  Barry will join me on Saturday.  He got the camping stuff out of the barn and loaded in my Rav.  I hooked up the trailer, gassed up and headed for the barn.  I got out of the Rav and took the tail gate down, went to open the groom's door and wow...found my phone I had lost a week and a day ago.  It still works!  Hated that phone so not sorry I got another one!  I walked out in the pasture using my cane.  Sarge was looking at me a little funny so I laid it down.  He was ok then and I put his halter on him.  I walked to the other side of the pasture with Sarge and Biscuit would have none of it.  He kept running from me anytime I got close to him.  I finally walked Sarge to the trailer and loaded him up.

I walked all the way out there again and it still took forever to catch him.  Almost had the rope around his neck and he took off.  He was scared of the cane.  I had laid it down but he was kind of like "you look like my girl, walk like my girl...well kinda like she does but she doesn't have a big stick!"  I pulled some grass and fed him some grass and he reluctantly let me catch him.  I picked up my cane and let him look at it and smell it and I touched him with it.  Poor fellow...he is always scared someone is going to get him.

I pulled up to the barn and loaded tack and feed.  Jamie got me a bale of hay in my hay bag and put it in the trailer for me.  Such a sweet guy.  I put Biscuit's hay bag on top of the bale bag so they could eat hay on the drive.  Bad move...they were jumping around in the trailer all the way to Jasper.

When I got to Ebenezer Kellie and Randy helped me with the horses and they took the center bar out of the trailer and the mats, hauled water for my horses and gave them hay.  What would I do without such wonderful cousins?  I washed out the trailer and moved it back off the pad so it would drain.

Kellie and I wanted to ride so we tacked up and surprises of all surprises...Randy and Kent went with us.  We rode down the road to the little trail that goes through a gate, down the right side of the trail on a little off shoot I had never been on and met up with the trail to the Eagles Nest Hill.  We went left to the 4 corners and back to the front.  Kellie and I went down the Beavers Pond trail just to the first water crossing.  We rode almost 3 miles.

Friday Short Ride at Ebeneizer

 When we got back I fed both horses.  Bev and James joined us at my table and while we were all visiting I put up my mattress and got my bed set up.  We later went to Kent's table and ate dinner.  Kent made his famous beans and rice.  OMG they were FABULOUS.  Kellie shared some brownies she had made.  They were delicious!  We sat around the fire which was a pretty dang perfect fire and visited.

I went later and took a shower and headed for bed.  I was a little cold from the air in the mattress but slept pretty dang good.  When I woke up Barry had just arrived.  Dusty and Stacy arrived to ride with us and so did Robin and Eli.  My goodness he has grown!!

We rode to the waterfall and Biscuit was a total goober...he kept wanting to go faster and Monday I couldn't PUSH him down a trail.  Go figure!!  I kept having to pull him up and wow, he actually bucked up kicked at Jericho - the horse Kent bought from Melody.  He was being a total toot.  He was like that the entire ride.  We got to some steep places looking for the trail near the waterfall.  We had to cross a little stream and of course he jumps it with two galloping leaps - kept my balance on those!  The entire ride I was having to slow him down, make him stay on his rein, etc.  When we got to the waterfall I was near Stacy's black mare and it real showcased how much pollen was flying in the air against her black hair!  It looked like the woods were smoldering there was so much pollen flying around.  The horses had it in their noses!  I got to put Biscuit in a good jog on the way back and made him jog collected up.  He was acting like he had when I first got him...not wanting to stay on rein, not wanting to keep the same speed, throwing his head around.  Wow I was sore in my shoulders and arms when we got back to the camp. 

Biscuit was a horse's patootie ride

When we got back we went and ate at the Stump.  Took over an hour to get our food - waitress must have forgot our order.  They remade mine because it was cold and the onion rings were burned.    We went back to the camp and I later laid down for a nap because I was tired.  Barry, Kellie and I went up to Tammy Ellis' place to see Dashing Big Red.  He looks good but is low man on the old totem pole there too.  He has a sore on his right side near the girth line that looks like a summer sore.  Tammy arrived from an ACTHA ride a little later along with Sharon, Robin's mom.  So good to see her and she had won first place!!!  Anywhoo... Tammy said they thought it was a tick or perhaps a wasp had stung him.  It was good to see him.

I ate a bowl of really good cereal for dinner - I will get some more of that stuff!!!  We all went to Kent's to sit around the fire and cut up.  We had a great time.

I slept til 8:30 Sunday morning - well, not really sleeping but resting.  Got up and tacked up Biscuit and we went on a 4 mile ride this morning.  Biscuit was such a good boy today - not like yesterday thank God.  I enjoyed my ride.  It was just Bev, James, Randy, Kellie, Barry and me.

Sunday Morning Stroll

Riding with the girls up at Ebenezer

 Last Monday I met The Lee Ann's and Alison up at the barn at 8:00 to go up to Ebenezer to ride.  I was a little rickety but ok.  We got up there around 11:00 AM and tacked up.  We went down the first trail that goes to the beaver pond.  Biscuit was moving so slow you would think he had a dump truck tied to his tail.  I crossed the first creek and the Lee Anns came across but Avery wasn't sure about it.  I tried to get Biscuit to cross the water again and kept backing up.  Ugh.  Avery is a pretty brave soul but he hadn't been out in 9 months and neither had Alison.  We went back across the creek and up the trail and down a different one til we came to water again.  We turned around as that trail can be steep.

We went back towards Ebenezer and crossed to the second trail and went to the Eagles Nest and around the back to the houses, back around and down to the water point and wooo hoooo was it like an ice box blast there!  We went back up the hill, down the side of it and skirted the other side of the water nearer the road.  That is a much easier ride than down in the ravines.

We got back to the trailer and I couldn't feel my left foot at all.  I couldn't tell if it was out of the stirrup.  Ugh.  Alison held Biscuit and Lee Ann P said yes it was out of the stirrup and I was able to dismount.   I took Biscuit's tack off.  I went to brush him and dang - I rolled my ankle AGAIN.  I stumbled forward and down on my right hand and I had to yell for Lee Ann P. to come help me get upright.  Lee Ann B. got me the mounting block to sit down on.  Dang, I freaking saw stars when I rolled it.  Later it was swelled up pretty dang big and was bruised on the underside.

Ugh.....We loaded up a little later and headed for The Stump to eat hamburgers and onion rings.  We got home and cleaned out the trailer.  With 4 people it doesn't take too long.  I had a great time even though Biscuit was moving slower than molasses in January!  It is always fun to go with The Lee Anns and Alison.  Hope to get to go again soon with them. 

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Vet Time for Sarge and Biscuit

I made an appointment to take the boys for their teeth to be floated, sheaths cleaned, shots and Coggins for Sarge.  I made an appointment yesterday and went to the barn to get them at 7:30.  I put their feed in their buckets and went down to get them.  They know it is breakfast time.  Biscuit did walk off a little ways but Jamie was coming with the feed wagon and I was able to walk up and put his halter on.  I flung his lead rope over his shoulder and got Sarge.  Jamie held Sarge while I put Biscuit in.  Biscuit was eager to get in as he knows his feed is in the trailer.  Sarge heard him eating and almost ran and leaped in the trailer.

We hauled out to Doc Schneiters.  He was working with a gelding and so I had to wait which is ok.  When it was our turn I got both boys out and we put Biscuit in the stock and I tied Sarge up.  A new young vet and vet tech were going to work with Biscuit.  He tranquilized Biscuit and tried to get the speculum in his mouth.  He kept trying and kept trying to tighten the strap on his head.  Biscuit wasn't being cooperative but the poor young vet wasn't very quick or adept at putting this on.  Doc finally rescued Biscuit and put it on quickly.  So we started....I kept close by and told them he had been roughly treated and Biscuit was being a pill...fighting them all the way.  I held his head for part of it and he calmed a little bit but they finally tranquilized him again.  Poor baby.  Doc kept a close watch and stepped in to do some of it and checked the work. 

Finally it was over and I took him out....he was pretty dang drunk.  We took him over to the end of the barn and tied him up and put Sarge in the stock.  They started on Biscuit's sheath so I was watching them and talking to Casey and Terri Looney and looking at her new 2 year old filly.

I went to check on Sarge and OMG they had him in a twitch and he was fighting them.  Doc to the rescue and he took the twitch off and did part of Sarge's teeth and talked to young vet about techniques.  Doc was very diplomatic about it.  He seems to be a good teacher. 

They washed Sarge's sheath and he had more crud than Biscuit but no huge beans like last year.  It was finally over and I went and paid - wow wee $385 for shots, floating, sheaths and a Coggins.  I put Biscuit in first.  He was moving very slowly and stopped in the middle of the barn.  We finally made it to the trailer and he got in just fine.  I went and got Sarge - his back hooves were scraping on the cement as I led him to the trailer.  He got in with no problem and we hauled home SLOWLY so I didn't upset my boys. 

We got to the barn and Lee Ann asked Biscuit if he had got a lampshade at that party!  He was still pretty drunk.  I put them in the arena so they could rest while the drugs wore off.

They are now vetted up for the next 6 months on some things and a year on others!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tyrrell Park - Woods are Drying Up!!!

I met Kellie at Tyrrell Park Sunday to ride.  I got there a little early to groom Biscuit.  He is shedding out nicely and hair is flying everywhere.  I put his hoof boots on him so that when we went through Cattail Marsh he wasn't gimping up and fussing over the rocks.

I had a little trouble mounting up - my leg didn't want to clear the cantle :-(    Once we were on we started off.  We went around to the road and decided to try the trail.  Some mud/water but then cleared away to dry trails.  We kept going around and encountered mud/water in low places and kept going til we got to a bend that just was water everywhere.  We knew we would run into the drilling crew anyway so we turned and went back to the little trail that comes out near Cattail Marsh.  We went into Cattail and birdwatchers had some huge camera equipment.  We went down to the bridge and turned around.  We did a little bit of trotting but I kept losing my balance.  I can jog without pitching forward but Elan doesn't like to jog!!!  He is such a cutie.

We went down Willow Bayou towards the woods.  We saw the same old alligator we always see - first time this year though - sunning himself on the bank.  We went into the woods and to the left.  Muddy and water there but soon gave away to dry trails.  We crossed the wood mats laid down by the drilling crews and kept going.  Up at the stable area is still under water.  Biscuit stopped and STARED a piece of log that to him must have looked like an alligator.  We walked through the mud and water and came out to the trailers. 

We washed the boys' legs off as they were full of mud.  I passed out handfuls of treats to the horses and then Kellie and I stopped and had lunch.  It was a very nice ride and can't wait to ride again.  

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Riding at The Preserve

 Kellie and I made plans to ride at The Preserve in Cleveland on Saturday.  This place is on the Trinity River and was selling small sites that are designed for RV/Equestrian folks.  The sites were premium with small stable, storage building, fire pits and paved driveways.  But are also really expensive.  Kellie rode there last year with an introductory ride and she has continued to ask for just day passes.  At first they were reluctant to do so but have made some changes.  We were participating in a guided trail ride to introduce the new yearly pass.  They have cabins to rent, bathrooms, RV hookups, pool, pavilion, etc.

I went out and got Biscuit pulled up and fed him early Saturday morning.  While he ate I brushed him.  He was shedding like crazy.  I put his hoof boots on him at the barn.  Kellie was picking me up due to her yard being too wet for me to pull in my trailer.  I got all my gear and was ready to go when Kellie arrived.  I walked Biscuit around and Kellie put him in the trailer and we were off and running to The Preserve.

We got there and found our place to park.  Kellie was going to lead Biscuit out not back him out.  Poor guy- that scared him for some reason and his legs were shaking.  He is such a character.  He got out of the trailer and seemed so glad that he was on solid ground!  I brushed Biscuit again and hair was going everywhere.  I hung up his hay bag and he was munching on that.  We saddled up and mounted up.

We rode over to the pavilion area and had to wait for the other riders who were still pulling up. Biscuit and Elan were happy munching on clover.  We later went and joined Rey at the trail head...still waiting on  a few stragglers.  We finally were off and rode immediately down across the sands of the beach to the Trinity River.  Very deep sand so I was walking Biscuit.    We finally left the beach and headed up to a trail.  Up a little incline and we had to wait there for people to catch up.  Went down a trail and then WAITED AND WAITED.  Kellie and I went up a trail a little ways and back and forth.  Finally Rey came from the opposite of where he was before.  He was checking to make sure the trail was passable.

We went down a road and then off onto a literally non existent trail and wound around trees and over downed trees.  Lots of nasty thorns on mock orange bushes.  Ugh.  Biscuit didn't want to do down into a hairpin turn.  It was down into a ditch and then hairpin back onto the trail.  He was a little pill about it and was backing up!  I made him go through though.

We were going up a mushy soft trail - Rey, Kellie, me...and the rest behind us.  This guy came loping up and passed us.  Horses were ok with that but that is bad trail manners.  We passed sloughs and little ponds.  Saw quiet a few deer leaping and running across the roads.  We went across a huge meadow.  Going up a road Kellie and I in the front doing quiet a bit of trotting.  We were at the end of the ride with trailers in site about 200 yards away when I hear galloping.  Biscuit's butt feels like it is bunched up under him and he throws his head around and kinda jumps up like he does when he wants to take off.  I reined him in right when that guy that cantered past us earlier is galloping by.  I hollered at him "What is wrong with you?" as the horse behind me goes bananas.  Kellie said the horse was right up behind Biscuit and that might be what caused his butt to feel like it was all bunched up.

The lady on the horse behind me came off of her horse with a whomp! on the ground.  Poor thing!  Her horse gallops off after the guy who is galloping up the road.  Duh!  Kellie gets off and hands me her reins as CupCake Cowboy (complete with bedroll, canteen - not a water bottle - scabbard and chaps)  is now trying to gallop around chasing the mare like he is going to rope her.  Biscuit and Elan are all over each other because they realize this is not a normal occurrence.   Elan's head was in my lap for a while (such a brave boy!!) and then they are intertwining their necks to reassure each other they are ok.  :-) Elan looks at me and half of his face is covered in blonde hair!  Kellie is helping the lady on the ground who is moaning poor thing.

CupCake Cowboy is now galloping straight for us chasing the mare.  Yoo Haaaaa...I had a good grip on Biscuit's reins and Elan's.  People are hollering at him to stop chasing her.  Mare comes to a stop about 10 feet from me and the boys.  CupCake Cowboy gets off and goes over to the lady.  I see Kellie stand up and help the lady up and then went to talking to Rey.  Rey said something about riding safely and those who don't won't be asked back.

Kellie mounted up and said that guy was the lady's son and that she had come off her horse last week.  OMG  I would have knocked him out.  Dang...I didn't have my Contour Camera on either.  I missed the deer and this mad horse scramble.  There were a few dogs on the trail ride and a few times Biscuit gave one of them the "look" and kinda charged it.  He doesn't like dogs running in and out around him.  He is just fine with dogs that follow along but running in and out is not something he likes.

We watered our horses and walked down to the end of the road to see if the last trailer pad could hold Kellie's big trailer.  We went back to our site and I went to dismount and couldn't raise my leg up over the cantle and Biscuit also moved.  Dang.  I asked Kellie to hold him for me and the second time I was able to dismount.  I led Biscuit to his hay bag and he started digging for the alfalfa.  I walked around Elan and lost my balance and thank goodness Elan's tail was handy!

We visited with our neighbor - an older gentleman with a huge Tennessee Walker and the man had on some snazzy yellow boots.  We ate our lunch - Elan got all of my crackers when I dropped them on the ground.

Kellie and I visited with Rey later.  We are considering buying a yearly pass that $400 for 4 people 4 horses. It is a very nice place to ride but not hills.  Just flat.  We had a nice day.  Looking forward to going back again.