Friday, May 30, 2014

Working with Biscuit

I went out to the barn hoping that Biscuit would come into the corral.  Thank goodness he did - he wanted some sunflower seeds.  I shut the gate behind him.  He backed up some when I went to halter him but that was about it.  I walked him up to the front and Jamie hopped out of the Gator and came and took Biscuit from me and put him on the washrack.  Jamie is such a lovely person inside and out.  So blessed to have such nice people looking over my horses day in and day out.

I went into the tack room and Brutis was laying in the corner and didn't even lift his head.  Hummmmm that worried me so I called out to him a few time til he got up.   Ok...He was I had to thump him on the sides and love him up.  I got the pink longe whip and LeAnn's longe line.  I snapped it on Biscuit's halter and headed for the arena.  I noticed Biscuit was walking kind of slow.  His back right seemed a little tight.  I know that Mike trimmed him pretty aggressively so I think his toes were perhaps a little sore.

I asked him to Walk On and pointed in the way I wanted him to go.  He went willingly.  I asked him to trot and he wasn't too interested in that - so I really think it was his toes...not being a toot.  I worked on a signal for him to come to me.  He came into me three times perfectly.  We just worked about 10 minutes or so.  He did a good job.

I put him back on the wash rack and go out my medicated shampoo and washed the fungus area only.  I rinsed him off and did wash out his sheath.  I did put shampoo on his mane and washed that but other than that it was just a rinse with water.  I let the shampoo sit on him for 15 minutes as directed.  I scraped him off and let him graze while he dried.  I called Cassie and asked her about his fungus not healing.  She thinks I am keeping it too wet.  I let it totally dry while letting him graze and then I put him up.

I did go back late this evening and he did come into the corral.  I put just a tiny amount on his withers and gave him carrots.  Sarge refused carrots because I had meds on my hands.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Trimmin' hooves

I didn't know that Mike was coming out to the barn today but I took money to give to LeAnn so that when he did I had the money!  LOL  I got to the barn and Woot!  Mike was there trimming hooves.

I took feed down to the pasture and thank goodness both of them came in.  Biscuit kinda of reluctantly but since I was dumping out feed, he decided not to pass it up.  I put their halters on and walked them up to the barn.  I tied them up in the arena.  I got a brush and cleaned them up.  Biscuit's little fungus patch is not healing over like I would like.  After brushing them and cleaning their hooves, I got the longe line and the pink buggy whip.

I took Biscuit into the other side of the arena and we started at a walk.  He wanted to go the way he wanted but I insisted on going the way I wanted.  Walked and Whoa'd a few times and then I started him trotting .  He Whoa'd for the most part when I asked and faced me each time.  He transistioned from trot to walk...walked around and around and Whoa!  Went into a trot round and round.  We worked for about 10 to 15 minutes and he did a pretty good job.  Didn't WHOA immediately several times but we are working on it.  He seemed much more relaxed today.  Last week after working several days he seemed a little jumpy and on edge.  We ended on a very good note and I stroked his face and shoulder and talked softly to him.

Good Biscuit!!!

It started raining and Biscuit and Sarge just had to stand in the arena while it rained and the other horses were trimmed.  LeAnn B and LeAnn P were there and I talked to them.

Mike did Biscuit's hooves first.  He said they looked good and I told him I had done the last week - wow they GREW like weeds since then.  I told him that I didn't put his hoof boots on a few weeks ago and Biscuit walked down Cattail Marsh road without gimping up.  I think that is improvement!  He said he saw some improvement and thinks in a few more trimmings he will be able to pull Biscuit's toes back where he thinks they should be.  I wish I had had my camera with me and phone was dead so I couldn't take pictures right then.  Biscuit had to pee during the trimming which is very unusual for him.  Must have been the rain!  Biscuit gave him a little bit of an issue doing his feet but Mike just held on to his hoof.  I was telling Mike about Biscuit's fungus on his back and he suggested selenium.  I have some of that and will give it to Biscuit starting tomorrow.

While he was trimming Biscuit, Sarge was squirming like a 4 year old.  He dropped which is odd for him and peed a little and I was able to grab him and remove a little bean from the end of his man bit.  He peed a little more a little later and then again when Mike was trimming his feet.   I guess he didn't go all the way and kept at it.  Hummm....going to keep an eye on that.

Mike trimmed Sarge and said he didn't see any thrush.  I told him I had treated his hoof and would continue to treat it.

Jamie had already fed and left buckets for my boys with their pellets.  I walked them both back down to their pasture.  When I got there I put medication on Biscuit's back and covered it with Desitin to keep it where I put it!

I fed my boys and took their halters off.   I was filthy dirty and wet by then.  Oh well...that is how it goes when you have horses!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Riding on Sunday

Sunday Kellie and I were going riding.  I had a time hooking up the trailer but got it done.  I couldn't get it to drop on the ball and stay.  Dang.... I got it all fricked up.  I had to call Barry and he was going to come help me but then I got it done and told him not to come.  I stopped at the barn and loaded up my tack and wet my cool vest.  I then headed to the park.

I got there before Kellie and Biscuit was a little jumpy again.  When Kellie got there she notices how jumpy he was.  He was fine once we got on the trail.  We went to the left side of the trail.  It is a little rough - hoping Ricky can smooth it out.  We had to duck under the tree that is still across the trails.  Someone was trying to tear off the branch thing that whacked me in the face; it is turning brown but still hanging on!!

Went all the way around.  We turned around at the trail head and headed back the other way.  When we crossed over the 2nd right of way I saw a horse shoe with the nails sticking straight up.  I warned Kellie about it and was Elan's front right shoe.  She got off and picked it up.

We started off again and got around to the tree.  I went under it and Kellie took Elan over the root ball.  It was solid enough now and he did a great job.  We went down the picnic table trail and around to the front.  Down the little trail back to the main trail and back to the trailers.   We went approximately 4 miles.

I still can't find my dang Garmin.  Ugh. I shopped for a new one but I hate to spend money on that right now!!

I washed Biscuit off and we loaded up.  It was a fun ride and I am ready to go again.

Working with the Biscuit

Starting last Tuesday I was working with Biscuit in the arena on walking on command, whoa and turn and go the other way.  Tuesday was ok.  He actually knows this...he can just be a toot.  We worked for about 30 minutes the first day.  I also trimmed his front hooves on Tuesday.  Sadda got nasty and ill tempered with Biscuit when I was leading him past his pen.  He nearly got Biscuit on the butt and Biscuit ran in front of my car.  LOL I was hollering at Sadda and LeAnn P came and fussed and him and Sadda went to the other side.  Poor fellow - he has been in the little pen due to the pipeline coming through - they have been teasing him to breed and he is not a happy camper!  I got Biscuit down to his pen and walked him all over - taking his halter off and putting it back on.

Day 2 I trimmed his back hooves and he was very well behaved.  We worked for 50 minutes in the arena going back and forth - whoa is ok.  Sometimes he stops immediately and sometimes he doesn't but when I snap the line he does.  I would rather it be verbal but we are working on it.  I turned my back on Sadda once and dang...he killed on of those little hens that he had just ran out of his pen.  I called LeAnn and she and Jamie and Edgar came to get the little red hen.  She will go in the gumbo pot poor thing.  I put my car at the end of Sadda's pen and walked Biscuit down there after our lesson so we could avoid upsetting Sadda.   LeAnn put him out in his pasture a little later.

Thursday he wouldn't let me catch him and Jamie didn't understand that I wanted him shut in the corral.  Biscuit walked off from me and I followed him and worked with whoa.  He stopped but wouldn't let me catch him.  Ok...didn't expect to.  I came back later that evening and caught him in the corral.  I took him out into the pasture and worked him in the pasture.  He did ok but kind of like "yeah, I know this...just hurry up".  LOL we got it done though.

Friday I worked with him and he did what I asked but sometimes making me really get after him to WHOA...and turn.

Saturday Barry and I went out there with Kayden and Kade got to walk Sarge up by himself.  He thought he was a big boy.  Barry rode Sarge while I worked with Biscuit in the arena.  Biscuit did ok.  Kade got to get on Sarge and be walked around.  I put my helmet on him for safety.

Kade had a great time and Sarge is such a sweetie.  So gentle and sweet.  Biscuit was a good boy today for the most part.  I asked Edgar to tell Jamie to shut my horses in the corral in the morning so I don't have a problem with catching him in the morning.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Sarge breaks out in hives at Ebenezer

Barry and I spent the weekend up at Ebenezer in The RoadRunner.  Friday he left before I did because I was going to help Margaret with her cake.  I met him out at the barn.  We got tack, feed, hay and then the horses.  I put their manger's up and put their feed in there.  We wanted to put Biscuit in first and lo and behold, for the feed, he hopped up in there.  Sarge hit his back right hoof getting in.  Off we went.

I stopped in Kirbyville and got some stuff Margaret needed and headed for her house.  We went out and looked at the new dairy calves, some cute little beef calves, her "ugly" pigs (they had extremely long snouts unlike most domestic hogs - they are wild hogs) and then out to see all of the horses.  I had never seen Jack - nice looking little fellow - and got to see Easy, Cub and her buckskin, Benjamin.  I just love Benjamin.  He is simply gorgeous.  We worked on cake til 6:35 PM and got it done.  I left with a quart jug of her homemade yogurt!!

Went to WalMart for some supplies and headed for Ebenezer.  We visited with Kellie and Randy until it was time to turn in.  OMG the A/C in my RoadRunner works like a beast.  We nearly froze to death!  Love that!!!!

Saturday we got up and tacked up and headed out.  We came through a spot that was covered with nasty biting flies.  Ugh.  We got to the Beaver Pond and I told them about the Trestle Ride and off we went.  James was riding Josie and ponying Fox.  Fox fell into a hidden hollow spot the day before and sunk up to his belly and hit his mouth hard enough it was bleeding.  James went to hop off right when Fox was trying to get out of the hole and James ended up stretching some muscles more than he would have liked, poor fellow!!

We rode around the Beaver Pond and over to the train trestle area.  OMG it was so pretty!!!  Love it there.  Kellie and Randy liked it.  Biscuit jumped over a little stream and I slammed into my pommel.  Ended up with an ugly bruise on my stomach - woo hoo.  We rode to where the 8 is tacked to the tree and turned around to come back.  We went back a different way and had a great time.  I washed the horses off and sprayed the with aerosol Deep Woods Off.

We went to The Stump for lunch with Kellie and Randy.  I took a nap later and the a/c went off!  The whole camp was without AC but it came back on later.

We didn't make an afternoon ride but kicked back and visted.

Sunday morning we got up and I tacked up early because I am ALWAYS the last one.  I move so slow now.  Anyway - Biscuit was tacked up and so was Sarge.  No problems.  We start off and get to the 4 way and Kellie and Randy decide going to the Train Trestle ride was too far so they cut off to the lake and Barry, Bev, James and I head for the pond.  We went through nasty bugs again.  We stopped and Barry noticed some bumps popping up on Sarge.  We sprayed with Deep Wood Off pump spray and kept going.  We got to the pond and more popped up.  Sarge seemed fine so we kept going.  We thought they were bug bites.  When we got over to the train trestle area he had become covered with them.  We rested and headed back with Barry pretty much walking 2/3 of the way leading Sarge.  He wasn't having problems breathing but OMG the hives looked horrible.  Pictures don't do it justice.

We got back and Kellie gave him 10cc of Banamine.  Barry gave him a bath with some of my body wash and we broke up came and headed home.  I called Doc and he said give him DEX or Benedryl.  We stopped in Kirbyville and I got Benedryl and we managed to get 5 down him.  We headed out and got to the barn right as LeAnn P was leaving.  I asked her if she had DEX and that I had a sick horse.   She turned around and we unloaded Sarge and he had greatly improved on the 100 miles home, but he still was covered in hives.  Ms. Jean gave him 10cc's of 2mg DEX.  We left both of them in the arena overnight so he wouldn't be in the sun.  Ms. Jean said she would check on him.  We rinsed him off again.  Ms. Jean and LeAnn thought it may have been bug bites as opposed to the aerosol but who knows?

Barry and I came back a few hours later to check on him and he had improved even more.

By Monday he had improved to the point that other than his sheath a little swollen he almost looked like nothing had happened.

What I learned:

1..Just because it is safe for humans doesn't mean it is safe for my horse.  I didn't know that OFF was not for horses.

2.  Don't go ANYWHERE with my horses out of town without a vet bag of Banamine (I have some), Bute, (have some), Benedryl (have some) and DEX (going to get some)

Sarge just before we left for the Sunday morning ride.  Not a mark on him.

Biscuit is ready to go Sunday morning.  Fox in the background
Barry walking Sarge 
Beverly and Josie

Biscuit and Fox having a conference
Barry, Bev and James - checking on Sarge

Sarge has major hives
Hives on the right side
Kellie giving Sarge a shot of Banamine to help with inflammation
My poor sweet baby 
Sarge's stomach

Swollen sheath area
Between his legs

Ms. Jean giving a shot of DEX - much improved during the ride home
3 hours after we brought him home

3 hours later - so much better
The next day - so much better
Sarge never had trouble breathing - thank God.  We were so grateful that it went away almost as fast as it came.  It was very upsetting and I hope to never have something like that happen again with my horses.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day Ride

Kellie and I set up a time to ride on Mother's Day.  I really wanted to ride - Saturday would have been Dana's 49th birthday and Sunday was my first Mother's Day without Momma. hard loses so close and then these two milestones next to each other...too much - too many.

Anywhooooo...I got up early to make sure I could catch Biscuit.  I got to the barn and Jamie gave me a hug for Mother's Day.  His mom is so far away in Mexico he wasn't able to see her.  Bless him.  He is so sweet.  He had already fed Biscuit so I hurried down there and Biscuit had left the corral.  I tried to entice him with treats and he said no.  I called Barry to come out and he couldn't catch him either.  Jamie went down there with go.

I called Kellie and she said "Call James.  He is riding with us."  So I did and bless James...he came to help.  Barry saddled up Sarge and together with James Biscuit was finally caught.  Well, he allowed Barry to put a rein over him and lead him to the barn.

But, before that was a rodeo.  OMG Sarge was in his element.  He was team penning again!!!  LOL he got to charge after Biscuit and round him up.  He got to side step up over to Biscuit and around they went again.  Biscuit can really outrun Sarge but he also sees Sarge as the dominant horse.  Barry dismounted a few times to catch Biscuit before he was successful.  James said he is disrespectful and roundpenning would help.  I have tried that with no success.  I am not a trainer.

Biscuit was soaking wet with sweat and so was Sarge.  James held Biscuit while Barry and I moved vehicles so I could hook up my trailer.  He was making Biscuit do circles behind the trailer.  We loaded him up and James and I headed for the park.

Biscuit was a little spooky tied to the trailer.  I am going to stop the BOSS (Black Sunflower Seeds).  They may or maynot be making him hot but since the melt down Monday and the spookiness Sunday - going to stop those.  Keep them for treats but not something for everyday.

We rode out Cattail and dang, I forgot Biscuit's boots but I am happy to say he didn't seem ouchy AT ALL!!!  Good Biscuit!  We saw alligators, softshell turtles and best of all a bald eagle!!!  We have seen the brown juvenile eagle but never one sporting the white tail and bald head!!!  Woo hooo!!!  Impressive!

We went around the bog and had a great time.  We came back through the woods and woo hooo!  Ricky's been working on the trails like a champ and they look great!  There had been someone riding an ATV in the woods when we got there and I called the 311 number to report it.  Dang...they scare the horses and there are signs up NO ATV's in park except on the paved road!

All in all, I had a great ride and was so glad I wasn't sitting home upset.  It was a gorgeous day - breezy and just nice to be out on my horse.  Thank God for horses.  Biscuit may be 5% bipolar but he is 100% special to me.

Biscuit has a major meltdown

Last Monday I was going riding with DeAnn and Lori out at the park.  I went and got Biscuit with no problems whatsoever.  I rasped his feet and groomed him, loaded him up and headed for the park.  DeAnn said she had a flat and would be a little late.

I got to the park and started tacking him up.  I was careful not go get anything under his saddle.  When I cinched it up it didn't seem to pull all the way up.  I ducked under his head to go to the other side and when I reached to tough the girth on the right WHAM...he lost his mind.

He went straight up in the air and forward and then all over the place.  I managed to get his lead rope pulled out and he was by then, sideways crouched down and trembling; looking like he was ready to shoot off like a rocket.  I was trying to calm him down and I was pretty upset myself.  I called Lee Ann Potter almost in tears.  I couldn't imagine what set him off - he has NEVER done anything like this.

I called DeAnn to say I wouldn't ride and she said she would check him out when she got there.  He was still shaking, spooking and having a mini meltdown.  She came and took off his saddle pad and checked it - nothing.  Took everything off and then put it all back on and walked him around.  She got on him and he was fine.  I decided to mount up - I didn't want to let it get bigger in my mind.  I mounted up and off we went.  I was going to show them new trails in Tyrrell.  We went though the woods and out onto the bayou.  Down the bayou to the bridge.  We then turned and went across the yellow brick road bridge and around back to Willow Bayou to Hildebrandt.  We got tangled in a trot line and had to cut out of that.  Biscuit stepped over it with no problem.  The little mare DeAnn was riding turned out to be Biscuit's half sister!  Lena was unimpressed though with Biscuit.  We rode down Willow Bayou until it was Hildebrandt Bayou and went back up towards the park.  We got to the area where it is VERY VERY narrow with a deep crevice on th side.  It was very overgrown so we decided to turn around as there was no clear pathway in a dangerous situation.

When we were going back up Willow on the back side I was going through very high vegetation and wanted to get Biscuit on one of the "pig trails" so I moved him towards one.  As we were going he stepped in a hole probably 8" deep or so.  Dang.  That was a jolt but he took it in stride like he always does.

We went back across the yellow brick road bridge.  When we had originally crossed it DeAnn had got off of Lena and she was ponying another little 2 year old filly.  That little filly was going sideways bless her heart but she did ok the second time.   We went to the left to stay off of the rocks and went past the huge crane with no issues.  We came back up Willow Bayou and went into the woods to the right.  We got to the tree that whacked me and Lori was going to try to cross at the roots.  I told her that Lee Ann B had tried that yesterday with no success.  Poor Bubba sank half way to his knees so she backed him out.  We went under the tree and I scraped my back a little as Biscuit was going a little faster than I wanted as he was following Bubba.  Everyone did just fine and we came through to the little trail to the picnic tables and went down that.  Ran into Ricky V. on the tractor working on the trails.  Woooo hoooo!!!!  I hollered thanks to him and kept going.  We got to the front and chose to go down the little trail to the main trail instead of going on the road.  We finished the ride with no problems at all.

I was so grateful to DeAnn for helping me with Biscuit and my own fears.  Glad I got on him and rode - and that was riding for miles.  Woot.  Working on all of my own issues.
Biscuit's half sister Lena.  She is 5 years old.  What a great little mare

Sunday, May 11, 2014

May 4th Ride

Kellie and I went riding last Sunday morning.  We were riding around the loop of the road and there was a happy birthday sign flapping.  Elan didn't like that too much so we walked over there and he still didn't like it but finally got used to it.

Kellie and I went out Cattail Marsh and went around the bog going to the left over the land bridge first.  Beautiful ride and smelled so good!!  Coming back up the other side of the bog we ran into The Lee Ann's and stopped and talked to them for a moment.  When we got back to the entrance of Cattail Marsh Biscuit wanted to cut across the park.  We went down the little tiny ditch and hit a canter.  We cantered twice.  Woot.  My right foot came out of my stirrup though.

When we got back to the trailers I said goodbye to Kellie and Biscuit and I hit the trail and rode the woods by myself.  Biscuit was a little cranky about it at first but got over it!