Sunday, September 14, 2014

Busy Week

On Monday I went to the barn and brought Biscuit up to rasp his feet.  I had planned to go riding with Cherie but after working with Biscuit's hooves and sweating a ton I changed my mind.  I did work with Biscuit in the arena and he did a great job.

Tuesday Mike came to the barn to do the horses hooves.   Biscuit and Sarge both have a little bit of thrush going on.  Got to put Lysol in water and soak their hooves. 

Wednesday I hauled the horses to the vet for their regular shots, rabies and Biscuit's Coggins.  Cassie said she heard gurgling when I was taking Sarge out of the trailer.  Long and short...he has a slight upper respiratory infection.  They put a bag over his nose to make him breath deeply.  Doc said could be related to allergies.  Sarge got medications and a shot in the bum. 

Biscuit's no see 'em's around his hooves turned out to be  a fungus.  He got his feet shaved from his fetlocks down.  Spray medication and the pink salve that I already had. 

Left the vet $381 poorer. 

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