Sunday, October 5, 2014

Brushy Creek Trip - Getting ready

I took my Brenderup to Duval's and bless their hearts - they put screws in the window mechanism so that it wouldn't pop open.  Not sure what the metal is but they had a hard time screwing into it.  Archie said most like stainless steel - but only one is unstained!  Three are corroded looking but one is not.  Anyway - they did one and I hauled down the road to make sure it wouldn't open.  I hauled the trailer home for lunch and then back to the shop and they did the other side.

I got all of their feed set into the 5 gallon bucket I have.  I shopped and got feed for us - I made a brisket like Momma always made to serve everyone.

Got our clothes packed and we were ready to go...we put the horses in the arena so we didn't have to worry about catching them.

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