Saturday, November 8, 2014

A week at Ebenezer

Barry and I planned a week up at Ebenezer starting on Monday October 13.  It was POURING down rain til 3:00 PM.  I had spent quiet a bit of time getting the trailer ready and stocked.  Barry left a little before I did.  I went to the barn to get the horses and it started sprinkling.  The horses were terrific and didn't give me a minutes trouble.

I loaded them up and slowly drove up to Ebenezer.  Unfortunately, my Steele tree form still wasn't ready so I will still be riding in Kellie's Circle Y.

It stopped raining near Parkdale Mall.  Barry already had the trailer set up when I got there.  The pens  were wet.  We set up the electric tape corral - we got it at Tractor Supply.  They were a little scared of it.  Sarge quickly realized it wasn't on.  Biscuit always respected it.

I fell down by tripping over a dang hose.  Ugh.  It was dark and I hit the ground.  I didn't realize it but I twisted my glasses when they fell off of my head.  Barry found them later that night after I had looked all over for them.

It was a little cool that first night so we were a little cold!!  We watched a movie and ate sandwiches.  We put the horses in one pen as it was the only one dry.

The next morning I went to town to get a few items and the horses ran out of the electric tape corral when Barry dropped on side.  Sarge escaped and Biscuit ran with him.  They ran all over the park and then into #10's pen!  LOL

We rode that afternoon but just about 4 miles.  Sarge started coughing so we went back. 

Wednesday Cherie and Tammie came up to ride with me.  We rode over to Double Heart and a couple from Jasper rode with us.  I rode 15 miles.  We looped around the pond and decided to go check out the Black Hole.  We hung to the right like the Lee Ann's said to do and woo hooo we went right through.  Biscuit was tall enough it was just below his chest.  :-)  have wanted to do that for 5 years. 

Thursday Kent came up and we rode to Double Heart side.  We went through the Black Hole and Sarge is a little short so Barry's boots got a little wet.  We rode to the right at number #8 and all the way around to Double Heart.  I rode ahead of Kent and Barry put Biscuit at a jog and worked on my posting!  woo hooo...I was doing pretty dang good!!! 
Met two nice ladies at Double Heart - Janet and Kay.  Kay is freaking 80 years old.  I want to be like her!!!  I cooked fajita's for Kent and us that night. 

Sarge kept trying to get out - what a little pill.

Friday Kent had to go to the ER for kidney stones so I took out a group of ladies.  what an adventure.  We went through the black hole - but before that one fellow's Paso Fino got away from him and took a while to catch her - another lady was stung by a hornet...later another horse went lame and when we got to Double Heart we asked Tammy to take her back.

Kellie and Randy got up there Friday and the next day Reagan was bit by a snake.

Kent and I took a group to the waterfall.  So much fun.  My friend Cherie came up again and we made new friends too.

I made Gumbo for our group for Saturday night and we all hard a great time.
Biscuit enjoyed the little corral - Sarge was in the pen most of the time as he kept pushing the tape.

On Saturday he popped out with spots that were weeping.  Ugh. 

Sunday we packed up and went home.  Best Vacation EVER.

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