Sunday, August 7, 2011

Biscuit's Hooves are improving!!!

Barry and I went out to the stables to see the horses and take them some alfalfa.  I picked up Biscuit's front right hoof and was thrilled to see how it looked. 

This was taken last Monday a week ago on August 1st.  Lots of black thrush that I have been fighting against.  Deep groove on the center sulcus.  It is looking better!!!!

This is his left front hoof today.  It is looking better but still has a deep cleft center sulcus. 

This is his front left hoof last week.  Little pockets of thrush I have been fighting and I used the circular knife to cut them out.  It looks like it is working!  Still got a ways to go on this hoof but we are working to de-contract it and get rid of the thrush for good.  This is something I have been fighting with since I got Biscuit!!! 

Sarge's feet were done 6 weeks ago tomorrow and they are LONG and overgrown!!!  I showed them to Barry a few days ago and again today.  I told him that I could easily do Sarge's feet - and to look at Biscuit's feet.  He finally said yes, I could do Sarge's feet.  Oh well, Thanks Barry!!!  It is hard work but it will save me $35 each time and I will be able to keep up with them.  So tomorrow or Tuesday I will be doing Sarge's feet. 

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