Monday, October 3, 2011

Trimming Feet and Swollen Sheath

I called Dr. Schneiter's office first thing this morning and made an appointment for Thursday to clean their sheaths, float teeth, get Rabies shots and get Biscuit's Coggin's pulled.  Then I went to the barn t and pulled up The Biscuit to do his hooves. I took pictures of his feet before and after. He was good about having them done. Lyne came out to take more pictures of Legato and Biscuit helped perk up her ears - I think it was more the alfalfa though. She wanted some of that!!! Lyne asked if the pictures were what I wanted and I said I wished I had got some of the horses together so she said she'd take some of them together.

Sarge's Sheath is swollen and hot to the touch

Lee-Ann and I went down to the pasture to get Sargent. We drove the Gater right up to him on the other side of the pasture by the water. OMG I could see that his sheath was SWOLLEN.  We got him up to the front and I brushed him and took him into the arena for Lyne to take picture of them.  Sarge didn't feel very good and wasn't running around like he did the other day.  Biscuit was charging around - channeling his distant Arabian ancestors. 

I put Sarge back on the washrack and Ms. Jean went up into his sheath to see if there was anything there and she found nothing.  I washed it with cool water to cut down on the inflammation.  I put him in the arena and called Barry and said when he got off of work to come out and run water on his sheath. 

I think he has a bean in his sheath.  I couldn't see any bites or kick marks or trauma.  I called Dr. Schneiter and changed the appointment to tomorrow morning.  I think I am a day late and a dollar short on this one. 

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