Saturday, April 20, 2013

Last Ride for A While

 I went out to get Biscuit and Sarge.  I left the trailer at the barn and Edgar went down with me.  Biscuit took off and ran around me round and round.  Coming in to touch my hand and then taking off.  Edgar finally took Sarge up front and I called Barry and Kellie that I couldn't catch him.  Barry was going to meet me in the park but he came out to the pasture and Biscuit walked right up to him.  hahahaha  Biscuit is just feeling his Wheaties!!  I will ask Lee Ann to cut back his feed.

Barry rode with me out to the park and we tacked up.  Barry placed his saddle on his back for me because it is getting too heavy for me to pick up.  He held him while I mounted up and we went out towards Cattail Marsh.  James said he had used Dr. Murphy and really liked him.

We went down through the bog and out onto the marsh, across the bridge and to the left over the little land bridge.  We had such a good time.   In the back there was a huge Gator trail going across from the wooded area to the water.  Ugh.  Didn't want to catch up with that old boy. 

Kellie and I were going to take a picture by the bayou and Biscuit and Elen squeezed our leg into one leg.  Hahahahah they are so funny.

I enjoyed my last ride - did quiet a bit of jogging.  Biscuit has such a nice jog.  A few time he shook his head like he used to and dang - that would throw me off balance.  We got back to the stable and Barry helped me off.  I took the saddle off and went to set it down in front of the tack closet so he could put it back in and dang...I just kept going with it.  James picked me up off of the ground bless his heart.  I was mortified.  I rinsed Biscuit off and said goodbye to James and Kent and KD.  Hugged up Randy and Kellie.  We were going to ride Sunday but Elan threw a shoe going through the mud.  Oh well.  I need to rest before the surgery.

We took Biscuit and Sarge back to their pasture and I hugged them up.  Going to miss my boys til I can see them again.

We rode 9.4 miles and had a blast!!!

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