Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring has Sprung in Tyrrell Park

 Kellie, KD and I went riding Sunday in Tyrrell Park.  I hauled out to the barn and got the Gator to go get Biscuit.  He was in the back of the pasture and walked all the way up to the front to greet me.  Wow wee...,.he is really shedding out to very gold this year.  I put his halter on and he trotted beside the Gator all the way to the barn.  I greeted Brutis getting out of the car and then when I got back in.  When I was leaving he was howling and barking at me - he is so dang cute!!!  I was petting him through the fence and baby talking with him.  Can't help but just love Brutis.  I am going to have to get some pictures of Brutis for the blog.

I hauled out to the park and started tacking up.  It takes me forever and Barry's saddle is way heavier than mine.  Sigh...but I got it done.  Kellie held Biscuit so I could get on and OMG my legs are so freaking weak.  It was hard to get my right leg over the cantle.  Sigh....I just want this to be over with!

We went around to the Cattail Marsh entrance and Kellie pushed the code.  There was a horse trailer there and 2 horses were standing there but we didn't see people....guess they were in the trailer.  We went out and down to the Bayou.  Saw quiet a few alligators.  We went down to the bridge and turned around.  KD cantered Aladin some and he looked great.  He was behaving like a little doll.  We came back up the bayou and all the way to the woods entrance which was full of water.  We turned around and went back the way we came and KD got off and held the stile open so we could go through.  Another trailer had arrived with horses but we still didn't see people nor horses at any time out in the park.

We went into the center of the loop and I put Biscuit in his little jog and he did a great job.  KD held Biscuit while I dismounted and again, the right leg was hard to get over the cantle.  I took Biscuit over and washed him off.  He wasn't real sweaty but he had some mud on his legs. 

KD is going to ride him for me while I am not able to ride.  That way he will not get snotty or too much of a handful when I go back to riding.  Next weekend will be my last ride for awhile.

I am going to miss riding with Kellie and Elan.  It will be two months at the least before I can ride again.  Maybe more...won't know till later. 

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