Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!!!

It is now 2015.  I bought Red almost 6 years ago so I have been on this journey of horse ownership for 6 years.  I truly love and treasure my horses.  They bring peace and joy to me - even if I am not riding!!

I didn't get to ride for the past 9 weeks due to the open sore my falling off of Biscuit in late October caused.  I go back to the doctor on January 7th and I hope that it will be healed - I am not counting on it but hoping!!

I added up my miles for 2014 - I know it is not accurate to the mile - I was without a Garmin for quiet a while and was going on known distances of each ride.  I had to go on to our How Far Did You Go thread to pull up my miles or the description of the ride so I could estimate it.  It was 365.5 miles.  More than I thought it would be but I did smake a number of day rides up at Ebenezer with my Hag on Nags friends, plus we rode 30 miles in Mississippi and then the week we spent at Ebenezer I rode 52 miles.

In the 4 years I have owned Biscuit, I have rode him 1,477 miles.  That gives me approximately 369 miles per year.  Biscuit has been a treasure to me...sometimes he had made me want to pull hair out but most of the time he is pretty dang adorable.

I am hoping that I get to ride on a regular basis this year.  We are going to Ebenezer in March  with our posse and then we are going back to Brushy Creek in Mississippi in May.  Cherie and I are planning days to ride as soon as I can.

Hoping this year if not the years of the past 2 that have been filled with sorrow, illness, loss and grief.  It is a new year - Jesus will be my co-pilot as always and I am praying for peace and joy.

Happy New Year and Happy Trails!!!

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