Saturday, January 3, 2015

Alfalfa is on its way

I went to Lake Charles, LA with Barry today to buy wood for his shop.   On the way back we stopped at The Vinton Feed Store to buy alfalfa for my boys.  They are going to love it.  They just adore alfalfa and Vinton Feed Store always has the best alfalfa.  I have been buying it there for 6 years.  I also picked up a bale for Legato - Lee Ann P had asked me to get some next time I went and it has been awhile since I went.

It was very foggy going over there and coming  back.  Gaaaaa...couldn't see the tops of the
 bridges or the river!  We got back just fine though.

I went out to see my horses - just had little nubs of carrots...only about 2" pieces for each one.  LOL  not a good thing for my boys.  Barry will have to bring the alfalfa tomorrow.  I couldn't see the heave line on Sarge today.  Hoping his allergies is a thing of the past.

I hope to spend more time with them Saturday.

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