Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Kellie and I ride Tyrrell and my Brenderup has a rotten spot.

 Kellie and I rode Tyrrell Park a month ago.  It was a bit of a trial.  I got out to the barn and Biscuit can tell time and has a calendar.  He refused to come to me.  Ugh.  I took Sarge out and took him to the front hoping Biscuit would come in.  I finally got him to come into the corral but out he went when I went to close the gate.  So, I just sat there and waited.  He slowly moved closer and closer...in the mean time, I found a dang mushroom growing in my trailer.  I nearly had a stroke.  The floor at the front of my Brenderup was rotten - like mushy rotten.  UGHGHGHGHGHHGGGHGHHGHG.

Biscuit finally came in and I closed the gate.  What a pill.  I loaded him up and off we went to Tyrrell - an hour or so late.

We had such a good time!  It was nice to ride in Tyrrell - it had been awhile.  We saw quiet a few hogs that day.  But, because we got a later start it was freaking HOT.  We both kinda had a little melt down when we got back...she felt bad and I was seeing spots.  LOL we are old bats now.

We hosed the horses off and after I quit seeing spots we left!!!

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