Friday, June 13, 2014

Ebenezer to MT Ranch

Ride to the Double Heart at EveryTrail
EveryTrail - Find the best Hiking in Texas Had a ride at Ebenezer planned.  Two other Hags on Nags wanted to join it and the last moment Cherie couldn't go but Lynn and  Deborah were still up for a ride.

I got up before 6:00 and got out to the barn about 6:30.  Biscuit was in the stud pen so no problems catching him.  I fed him and then loaded him up.  I left the barn at 7:03 AM and headed out.  I stopped in Buna for a coke and pistachios.  :-)

I got to the park around 9:15.  I met Lynn and Deborah and we tacked up.  They were super nice ladies.  We headed down the front trail to the Beaver Pond.  We stopped there and rested a bit and then headed out.  No problems at all.  Biscuit was being a doll.  We passed about 6 people out behind the pond and we spoke with them.  We kept going and got on the tram.  Lots more water than had been there last week.  Not muddy but standing water.

The last time I rode there with Margaret it had been burned.  That was 7 weeks ago.  It was all green and had I not known it had been burned I wouldn't have been able to tell.

We crossed creeks and stopped at the little sandy creek for a short while letting the horses drink.  We kept going and the terrain changed as we got closer to MT.  Lynn had rode in the ACTHA ride from MT last week and when we got closer to that she recognized some of the trail markers.

One creek had a worn down deep path to cross and Biscuit gave me some flack getting into the groove of it.  He wanted to go down the sloping sides and that was way more steep and slippery.  Had to turn him several times to get him to do what I wanted.  I insisted he WALK over little creeks instead of jumping them.  He did a great job.

We got to MT Ranch and talked to Tammy.  I could see Red out in the field and she said he was doing well.  They sent off some of his hair to analyse and he had a thyroid problem and a few other issues they are using supplements for.  He is sweating fairly well at this time.

MT Ranch was 7.2 miles from Ebenezer.  Gorgeous ride.  We came to the place where we had to go up to the tram and Deborah's horse humped up it and dang, Biscuit did too.  Felt like he was bucking but I stayed on!!  Wooo hoooo.

We were in the saddle for 6 hours and just had a fantastic time.  It was hot but the cool vest kept me going just fine.

Total was 14.4 miles.

I was pretty dang tired when I got off.  I washed Biscuit off and we sat and visited a little before heading out.  I got home at 7:30 PM.

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