Monday, June 8, 2015

Sarge's Sheath Injury and going to Ebenezer

On Wednesday after we came back from Lotus Hill, Sarge's sheath swelled up the size of a softball and had opened up on the left side and was draining.  I called the vet and went and got a steroid shot and 4 antibiotic shots to the tune of $136.  Gave the steroid and 1st antibiotic shot.

By Friday when we left for Ebenezer it was improving.  We took Sarge along so I could give him his shot in the evening.

We went and had lunch with Kellie and Randy at the Stump, checked out the KOA camp on Friday.  It poured down raining so we didn't ride Friday.   Saturday Sarge's sheath was normal sized and we went on a ride to the waterfall - an easy ride more on flat land.  A man from Kountze and his granddaughter joined us.  Very nice people.  Sarge was raring to go on the ride - that fellow is tough as a boot.

We rode 8.4 miles to the waterfall with Randy leading - we went the long way!  Biscuit powered through some mud catching up with everyone - he cantered through the mud - he was a very good boy.

The gnats were pretty bad up there like at Kisatchie. sick of the rain and bugs.

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