Sunday, October 25, 2015

Going Riding on Sunday October 11

Kellie and I made plans to FINALLY ride in Tyrrell Park the Sunday before I left for a week in Ebenezer.  Barry and I went out Saturday afternoon and loaded my trailer with tack so I was ready to go Sunday morning.

I went out to the barn at 8:00 and Biscuit looked at his watch and his calender and said "oh no...this is Sunday...she is here at 8:00 is a riding day" even though the little snot hadn't been ridden really in 9 weeks.  He REFUSED to come into the little corral.  I went and got Jaime to come down and offer him alfalfa...he refused to come in.  I was hooking up my trailer to the RAV4 when Jaime came back in the Gator.  I asked to borrow the Gator and went down to the other side of the pasture, opened that Gate - went in with the Gator with Sister riding shotgun.  She actually hopped out and was just hanging around.  I went after Biscuit and basically team penned the little snot into the little corral...back and forth he went with me hot after him with the Gator.  He gave up pretty quick and went into the little corral - I hopped off and shut him in.  I went out the other gate, came down to the little corral and put his halter on.  He was calm as a cucumber.  I walked him down to the front of the barn and tied him to the trailer while I put the Gator up.

Off to the park.  I tacked him up with my new saddle and Kellie and I rode around the woods twice and down the right of way.  So very nice to be back in the saddle.  Biscuit behaved like an absolute doll - you would never have known he hadn't been rode in so long!!

I rode 5.5 miles.

The next morning I asked Jamie to lock up my boys so I could pick them up to go to Ebenezer for the week.

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