Monday, October 26, 2015

Our Ebenezer Trip

Monday morning I got the last of my things together, stuff for Sister, called and added minutes to my Verizon phone.  I called Jaimie and asked him to lock up my horses.  Called the vet for more Dex
I got to the barn and loaded feed and hay into my Rav, went down to get my horses and hook up the trailer.  Away we went; stopped at the vet’s to get Dex.
It took me 2 hours to get to Ebenezer.  Sister was a good girl on the drive except she wants to get on the console.  That is dangerous so it is a no go.
Sarge coughed a little right after I unloaded him.  Not bad but I wasn’t happy with that.  Spoke to Geri – she and Diane were going to hit the trails – I will ride with them later.  Got the horses settled in and I put the ground meat in the crock pot to make dinner and then we ran to town to get spinach.  I had spinach but it was already going bad.  OMG spinach is so delicate.  Barry stayed in the car with Sister. 
We got back and I rested a little and then we saddled up to go for a little ride.  My new saddle is the freaking bomb.  Biscuit was acting like a goober – he always does when I ride with Barry – he is always having a hissy if Sarge gets ahead of him.  James called me and he and Bev are coming!  Woot!!!!!!
We went to the washed out culvert and Barry said Mr. Short and Raymond went through it.  It was about knee deep of a sharp drop off.  Barry dismounted and said he would go through but he didn’t think I would.  I said yes I would if it was solid. 
Barry went through with no trouble so I dismounted.  He tied Sarge up and helped me down the drop off.  He led Biscuit through and we walked down the road to a log and I mounted up.  My saddle doesn’t slip in the least.  I had it fairly loose too.  Woot.  Geri, Judy and Diane were coming down the road – they had been to Double Heart  and wanted to know the way back.  We told them and said they could also follow us so off we went and we cut back through the woods.  OMG Biscuit was being such a goober he nearly fell going over a log.  He got a little tangled up because he was rushing because Sarge was getting too far ahead of us.  One log he refused so I got off and he refused to go even by leading.  Barry got off and led him and then I mounted up on a slope.  That saddle is easy to get on and off! 
Sister was very good on the trail.  She stays with us.  Diane’s horse doesn’t like dogs and Sister lagged back from me to wait on Barry.  Diane called out to call Sister up because her horse took a swipe at her.  LOL  I called her to heel and she followed right behind Biscuit.  He was good with her.
We got back and hosed them off after taking their tack off.  There was a slight rub where his girth was – I may have it too loose.  Hosed him off and Sister enjoyed the spray – leaping and jumping through it.  I got out their feed and fed them while they were out.  Sister got close to Biscuit’s feed and he gave her the serious evil eye.  Cleaned their pens and put them up.
I made hot dogs with the crock pot chili – so good – Sister got some of the chili on her food.  The ladies stopped by to visit and asked if I had nippers – one of their horses threw a shoe.  I brought mine.  We visited and Sister played with the little Wiener Dog.  She is never cranky with other dogs…she just wants to play. 
I got the nippers and loaned them out.  We put Sister in the crate and watched part of Old Yeller.  Took Sister out for a walk and let her tee tee and put her back.  She isn’t fussing but she needs a slightly larger crate now.  It works ok but I told Barry she needs room to turn around.  I put a cushion in there for her. 

Looking forward to riding tomorrow.

Tuesday ride – rode out with the 3 ladies and Barry.  We went down the front trail to the culvert and crossed that.  Across to Letney road and went around Letney Road.  Sister was a good girl!  Went quiet a ways around and picked up T trail to come across the park.  Got to the 4 way and doubled back and headed for the split; Geri had to turn around and go back to camp – her horse came up lame…we kept going and took the right and then left to go to the waterfall…noticed that the saddle pad kept slipping – it is not long enough so I said I had to go back and get another pad.  We were going to rest and then hit the trail again.  We rode 7.5 miles this morning and got back around 1:00. 

I got back to the trailer and rested.  My knee was hurting.  Diane and Judy came over and I got up and saddled up and off we went to the 4 way and then to the right to go to the waterfall.  I marked the best I could and we got to the waterfall.  We came back and hit the diagonal trail  (love that one) and we saw a deer…crossed creeks.  Great fun.  Saw a bow hunter and then a small jeep/Mitsubishi truck coming down the dirt trail road.  Ugh…hunters need to go somewhere else. 

Second ride was 9.1 miles for me….woot…no coughing for Biscuit.  Geri pulled out and left…her horse was lame.  Diane and Judy are leaving in the morning.  Barry and I will be the only people here til Thursday.  More mapping for me.  J

Wednesday – I went over to say goodbye to Diane and Judy.  I showed them the trails we had gone on yesterday.  We visited awhile and they want to start coming every month – I said that I can certainly drive up here and meet them, especially if it is on a Monday-Wednesday type of deal. Diane  said I could stay in her trailer with her.  Woot.  That has always been the biggest drawback for me – no LQ.  Maybe one of these days I will have one.  Diane has health issues with balance too.  I can so relate to her problems…she rides by herself and I think I am going to start riding by myself again too.  Just in Tyrrell Park – I can always let Ricky know I am there.  Maybe Rita will want to go with me. 
Came back and started tacking up Biscuit.  I mounted up without Barry’s assistance.  Biscuit is being a good boy.  We went down the 2 trail off the road – the “guywire” trail.  It meshes with the first trail and the trail from the front  - and there is a little trail that veers to the left – I have never gone down that trail EVER.  It is little bitty.  Barry and I followed that – it is the trail that ends up going between the two humps from the front trail and if you keep going it is the trail I ride on all the time.  Why we have never taken it I don’t know.  Every time I come up the other side – we turn and go over the little hill to go to the 4 way.  We went straight and headed to the bottom land where we stopped and let Sister play in the water and we got off and rested our butts – and loosed the girths on the saddles.  Sister was running in  and out of the water – the water certainly revived her – she had a blast.  We mounted back up and took off and crossed Letney Road.  We got over to the water tanks/transformers and there had been a fire.  A bulldozer had been used to make a fire brake.  We rode over that and down to where you turn to go to the black hole.  We crossed the black hole and Sister just joined right in.  Over to the turn to go to the little Sandy Creek.  Crossed the two creeks before it and they were dry as a bone.  We got to the Sandy Creek and thank Goodness it still had running water.  We loosened the girths on the horses and we sat down and drank a bottle of water and ate crackers and tuna.  I shared mine with Sister.  Barry went to the other side of the creek and Sister stayed with me.  Barry called her and she jumped off of a 3 foot bank and sank completely under the water.  Barry just is amazed at my Sister.  I called her and she repeated the jump.  She ran and played with Barry – barking and growling at him, digging the sand frantically.  Hahahahah…..I took off my sock and shoes and got in the creek before all of that started happening.  Felt so good. 
We mounted up and headed back.  We went around the back of the beaver pond and stopped for a second.  I went back to the black hole and mapped that.  Sister went with me.  Barry filmed me coming across the hole.  We got back to Letney road and took a right  and went down to the culvert.  I managed to cross it by myself…he led Biscuit though.  We got between the two hump hills and went right down the new to us trail. 
We rode 9 miles today.  Hosed the horses off and gave them hay.  We ran to Dollar Store and picked up a few things.  Played with Sister.   

Thursday – Lynn and Tammy came to Ebenezer – visited with Lynn here.   I wasn’t able to ride with them as I didn’t want to ride any hilly area with Biscuit.  I tacked Biscuit up – I am as slow as Christmas.  I mounted up and Barry and I rode inside trails…back and forth.  Loads of fun.  We then rode to the outside and down the gate trail and back to the 4 way, down to the center and back up the other trail that leads to the gate.  We then headed down the road to the lake trail by the road and down to the lake.  I didn’t want to ride all of the hill part but this wasn’t too back…just down the trail and that wasn’t that long. 
I got Biscuit in the water and yep…he dropped in it.  What a hoot.  Barry took pictures of me on the bluff….been riding at Ebenezer for 6 years and have never been on that bluff.  We dismounted and played with Sister in the water.  We mounted back up and went down the beach a little and went up the area we used to go up.  Biscuit powered up it…ugh…that is why I was being so careful with him not to over do – and yet up he goes.  He never coughed once…neither did Sarge. 
We rode down the road back away from the park.  Down to the trail that goes to the 4 way and back to the park.  Sister was just a going  - that little chick is amazing.  

Friday – we didn’t ride on Friday – but I did meet Dawn from Magnolia and the 2 Kim’s from Cleveland.  I had rode with them evidently that day at the Preserve.  I called Garmin Friday morning and the young man talked me through adding my tracks/adventures to one single map.  He talked me through how to print it.  When I get home I will see what I come up with.  Still have quiet a bit of tracking to do.  I may be able to pull my files from EveryTrail.  I want to complete the trails over the coming year from new tracks. 
Kellie, Randy and Kent arrived.  We all visited and later went to visit Bev and James at Double Heart. 
Saturday – Got up and fixed breakfast.  Horses fed.  I started tacking up around 8:15 because it takes me forever.  I had to brush Biscuit.  Got him tacked up and met everyone else to start our ride.  Down the trail to the 4 way, up to lake trail – back over to the gate and down the road to the lake.  We rode the lake trail backwards.  Got down to the steep part and Biscuit LEAPED JUMPED Olympic Style – up a hill after jumping a little tiny bit of water.  Dang…he nearly unseated me.  I was a little pissed at him.  We went around the trails and we lost Kent…Jericho went down on a trail – we couldn’t even see Kent but neither was hurt and we kept riding.  Got to eagles nest hill and I insisted on going first.  Biscuit doesn’t act the fool if he is first.  We went down to the water – lots of white caps.  I made Biscuit walk back up Eagle’s Nest hill.  He would have gladly powered up but I held him to a walk.  We went to the 4 way and back to the park. 
We went to lunch at the Stump and to the Dollar General.  Came back and rested.  Sister came into the trailer with me and I made her lay on the mat in front of the door.  Good girl.

We tacked back up and went down the front tiny trail and over to Letney Road.   On the way back, Bev’s new little gelding bucked twice with her and off she came – she landed on a log.  Poor thing!  I was leading and we all stopped.  Sister started barking and ran down there.  I got off of Biscuit and called her.  She came to me and was still barking.  I popped her on the rear and told her to hush.  Thank God Bev wasn’t seriously injured.  I had to walk a ways to get the right log to mount up on. 
All in all, I have road 53 miles since Sunday  when Kellie and I rode at Tyrreell Park.  Sister has been on every one of those miles. 
She came in the trailer tonight as we watched Hildalgo.  She layed on the front mat and rested.

Sunday we decided to go for a ride with Dawn, her husband Tom and her friends, Gail, Mary and Tim.    We rode to the Beaver Pond.  Biscuit and I went through the Black Hole.  Dawn was on her green mare ponying her palomino mare - she did great.  We came back on the culvert road.  It iwas a 5.5 mile ride...all in all I rode 59 miles with Sister going every mile with me.

We started packing up to go home and a couple pulled in to site #12...loved their Exiss trailer with a slideout.  Just perfect for me.  One of these days!

Sister slept all the way home.  Good girl....I will add pictures tomorrow.

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