Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Sarge is swollen again

Went to the barn with doughnuts for my favorite barn guys.  .  Biscuit came in with Sarge but stood at the entrance to the small corral.  He turned and hauled his big butt out at a gallop - who knows what goes through  a horses mind?

I was taking Sarge up front when I noticed his sheath was swollen.  He was full of piss and vinegar!!!  He was cantering beside the Rav!

Got him on the wash rack and pulled out a big ol' chunk of gunk out of his sheath - the size of a prune and two smaller pieces.  I stopped to asked Lee Ann some questions and we yakked and then I went back to clean out Sarge.  I hosed him off - trimmed the dead ends on his mane and cleaned out his sheath the best I could.

They are going to be moved to a different pasture while they hot wire their pasture.  Lee Ann let me choose which one.  I took Sarge back and he was blowing and going.  He has started to cough again so I upped his Dex to 3cc.  Biscuit came to me with no problem...running into the little corral whinnying for Sarge.

Barry and I went back this afternoon and they were in their new pasture with their little corral moved. My ranch hand buddies did that!!!  Woot!!!

Seemed like Sarge's sheath wasn't so swollen so I will check it out each day.  Biscuit had no problem coming to me then.  What a toot!

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