Friday, December 18, 2015

Biscuit had a sore foot

About a month ago, Kellie and I hauled out to Tyrrell Park.  I thought Biscuit looked a little tender when I put him in the trailer.

I got him out to park and tacked him up...I thought he'd be ok but nope!  He was LAME  - I told Kellie I couldn't ride him like that - that would be mean!

I took him back and to the barn and soaked his hoof.  I couldn't see an abscess.  A few days later Craig Williams was at the barn and used the hoof testers on him.  It took a bit of pressure before Biscuit really reacted so not sure if it is an abscess or a stone bruise.  I was soaking his hoof everyday and putting Epson Salt Poutice LeeAnn P had.  I ordered some of my own.

In the mean time, I rode Lady Dollar for 2 weekends in a row.  OMG - she was a handful but sweet as she can be.  She was afraid of the water in the ditches - poor girl.  She hasn't been out to ride in 4 years and was pretty upset that first ride when we got to the bayou.  She kept trying to turn around and turning her head so she couldn't see the water.  I finally got off of her and led her thinking that would calm her down.  I remounted up by the road and we took her back.  No sense and upsetting her.

The following week I was so proud of her - still not liking water on the ground, spooked a few times but went down the bayou like a good girl.  Got a little nervous out in the back so I brought her back.  I would love to learn to ride her faster gaits!  What a good girl she is!

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