Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Rustic Sky Trip

The Lee-Ann's and I decided on a trip to McKinney Roughs and I made reservations back in October.  Unfortunatedly, the park was closed when it was time to go - and not going to be open for a few months so we chose to go to the new Rustic Sky (the former Lucky 4B).  Kellie decided to go with us.

We left on Thursday December 10.  Kellie and I went in her rig and rented a cabin.  The drive was much easier than last time we went.  Better road!

New owners have made many changes so it was much nicer.  We made a short trip down the high lines the first day riding about 5 miles.  I didn't have my Garmin with me on that ride.  It was overcast so we made sure to stay on the highline so we could get back before it got dark.  Elan and Biscuit were in the "fancy" stalls.  Kellie checked on him and he was soaking wet with sweat.  We think he was pacing and not happy with the mats on the stall.  Lee Ann salted him with the applesauce mix she uses and we moved them over to where Rogue and Legato were.  He seemed to be a little happier then.  They were further away from us but that was ok.

On Friday we rode with Lee Weatherford and Jim - such nice gentlemen!!!  We rode down the Dead Horse Trail and to the Bluffs.  We rode past the Tree of Souls and saw the former owner of the Lucky  4B's boots that they nailed to the tree.  Sam passed away about 5 months ago, bless her heart...she was only 45 years old.

The weather was a little warm during the day and Biscuit was sweating.  We went do go down a little ravine and all of a sudden, Biscuit jumped straight in the air like someone popped him out of a jack in the box.  OMG I slammed back down into my saddle but never felt like I was coming out of it.  Jim later said Biscuit jumped about waist high....I couldn't see anything that he spooked at and neither did Jim.  Jim's horse Tonto is really nice!!!!

On Saturday  Biscuit was tripping constantly and I thought he was going to face plant if he tripped again.  I got off on the Clock Trail and removed his hoof boots.  He seemed to go along much better after that.  He was catching his boots on things and then tripping.  Ugh.    Mr  Weber led us to the cemetery he had told Lee Ann Potter about the last time they had rode there.  OMG how cool was that?  I got off and looked at the graves and then later did genealogy on the Smiley family that I shared with everyone at the pot luck on Saturday night.  We had rode 11.2 miles that day.  I had to find a log to get back on.  Had a little problem as when I got off the trail it was full of holes.  Ugh.  Got just past the vest nailed to a tree and dropped my Garmin.  I had to get off and get that!!  It poured down raining on Saturday night and was cold.

Really like the new owners.  Super nice people.  We heard all about improvements they had planned and issues with getting insurances/licenses, etc.  Some rules are just crazy.  Mr. Weber made ribs and fried chicken that was simply amazing on Sunday night.

On Sunday we rode 8 miles.  It was a little sloppy in places.   Biscuit was tripping constantly and I thought he was going to face plant if he tripped again.  I got off on the Clock Trail and removed his hoof boots.   Biscuit hit a canter once that was so smooth - so wish I could get that boy to canter nicely!!

We drove home Monday morning.  We had a great time.

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