Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Biscuit is too smart for his own good

Last week I went to the barn with the idea that I was going to go on my first solo ride.  I had hauled the trailer home last weekend.  I have been leaving it right by Biscuit's pasture hoping it will STOP being an issue for him.  I had washed it and hauled it home so I hauled it back and left it up at the barn.  I walked down to the pasture and Biscuit thought bubble said "ok...the only time you walk down here WITHOUT the Rav is when you would take me riding."  He wouldn't come close to me.  I walked up and got treats.  He eventually came into the enclosure and I closed it but he wouldn't let me put a halter on him.  Ugh.  So frustrating.  I took Sarge instead up to the washrack and put Cowboy Magic in his tail where he had scrubbed mats into it.  I was able to clear it with just my fingers and it was a nasty tangle.  I brushed his mane and tail and did his front feet.

Ginger had a little squeak toy and he was quiet alarmed by it.  Hahahahah.  He was literally hiding behind my shoulder.  Lee Ann showed it to him and he was looking at it with the stink eye.  She threw it back to Ginger and she had it squeaking to beat the band.  Sarge wasn't too thrilled but he behaved himself.  His coat looks wonderful.  He is losing a little top line but he is still gorgeous.

I took him back to the pasture and Biscuit let me catch him and put a halter on him.  Go figure.  That horse is way way way too smart. 

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