Thursday, September 5, 2013

Friday Ride in the Park August 16th

Kellie was off last Friday so we planned a ride.  I hauled out to get Biscuit and loaded him up along with my tack.  Got out to the park and saddled him up.

Kellie and I started off going to the left.  Most of the heavy equipment had been removed - there was some left and they were removing all of the mats too. We went around to other side and I was whapping spiders out of their webs.

We got around to the side closest to the public road and I hit at one above me and OMG it was huge and fell on my right leg.  I screamed like a crazy person and was flailing at it - I SQUISHED it on my leg.  Kellie was clapping and laughing like she was demented.  Hahahahahahahahaha I was belly laughing at myself.  We turned and went the other way because we were right by the equipment.  We rode back to the front, down the little trail, around the trails again, up the 2nd right of way to where the equipment is.  All in all we rode a little more than 7 miles.  When I went to dismount, I was able to dismount like a normal person.  I swung my leg over the cantle and put my right foot on the ground.  I had to use my hand to take my left foot out of the stirrup but at least I am getting better!!!

Spider Attack and Huge Machines

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