Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Piggy Piggy and New Trails

Kellie, K.d. and I went riding Saturday morning.  We planned on 9:00 but I realized it I didn't get there to feed Biscuit I might not catch him.  I went out there about 7:45 and got his feed and went to the pasture.  I didn't have any trouble catching him.  I closed the little fence and put his halter on while I hooked up the trailer.  I had to put the mats in place as they were hanging over the middle bar.  I loaded Biscuit up and fed him and took off.  We got to the park about 8:20 AM and I tacked up Biscuit.  He was skittish for some reason.  He was trying to get into the treat bucket and I fussed at him and lifted my left hand to brush his mane at the same time.  OMG he nearly had a melt down.  Poor fellow - had he had arms they would have been up around his face in a protective mode.  He cringed when I put the crop into my water holder.  He does that almost every time.  I have never hit that horse with my crop while on the ground.   I just use it to tap him while in the saddle.  He didn't stop being a little antsy until we started riding.

Since he was skittish I took him over into the grass while waiting for Kellie and K.d. and I was swinging the lead rope back and forth  -  left to right.  He was a little concerned but seemed ok with it.  Then I started twirling it over HIS head just above his ears - totally unconcerned with that.  I am sure he has been roped off of or at least desensitized to that.  Poor fellow - he is afraid of people hurting him. 

Kellie and K.d. arrived and tacked up.  I mounted up - didn't need any help which is wonderful.  We planned to ride to the Willow Bayou Bridge and set off around the road to Cattail Marsh.  We went through the gate and down the fence line.  It was hot out there - it hadn't been hot when I got to the park.  We decided to go into the woods and blaze a trail to the pipeline staging area.  Kellie went first and she thought she poked poor Elan in the eye.  He was blinking but seemed to be ok.  I got Biscuit to start going through.  He didn't like the way I went and backed up due to vines all on the ground.  LOL he had his butt up against a tree and his head was by a tree that he had to do some fancy moves to get turned around but we did fine.  It was just a little more than 10 or 12 feet but it was dense with little trees and vines.

Biscuit grabbing a snack

Trail Blazing

We stopped and visited and Elan was trying to get more treats.  He is just a hoot.  Biscuit can turn his head easily to get a treat and Aladin likes them too.  Spoiling them rotten is fun for me.

We headed down the 2nd right of way and a little pig ran out in front of us.  Didn't seem to phase the horses at all.

Little Flying Piggy
We rode around the back side of the trails and then started up towards the front on the Cattail side.  We came to the formerly overgrown Picnic Table Trail and lo and behold - Ricky V had bulldozed it.  We went down the trail and two more trails went off of it.  We had thought there was a trail to the left and there was.  It came out where the walking trail starts that has been so overgrown no one could get down it.  We were ecstatic.  Some rebar sticking out of the ground so that will either have to be removed or we will have to be extremely careful.  The trail that went to the right went down a ways and stopped.  Ricky said on the Face Book post he was going to make more trails.  OMG we were so excited about new trails.  Kellie and K.d took the horses into the center of the park to canter and Biscuit and I stayed on the trail.  When they came back we went up the little side trail to the main trail and ran into the Crystal Beach people.  So nice to see others enjoying the park.  We rode around one more time and called it a day.  We rode right at 6 miles.  I didn't turn my Garmin on when we first left so I think 2 tenths of mile would cover that.

Conference of great minds

Here is a view of what we rode...check out those new trails!!!

I did put Biscuit at a very slow jog on the last part of the ride.  He did a great job.  When we got back I dismounted just fine.  Elan, Aladin and Biscuit mobbed me like a bunch of guppies for treats. 

Gobbling Guppies
We had a wonderful time and can't wait to go again.  My back was actually hurting when I got on Biscuit Saturday.  I have drove so many miles back and forth to Houston my back was starting to hurt.  I didn't think I would be able to ride but within 20 minutes or so my back quit hurting.  My leg was way less numb when I got off of Biscuit.  Riding really helps me with my therapy.

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