Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Boys to the Vet

I went to the barn to pick up the horses to take them to the vet for shots and Biscuit's Coggins.  Dang, I stepped in the mud...well, my foot slid into it and got mud everywhere.  UGH.  I put their halters on them and then hooked up the trailer.  They loaded easy as pie as always.  Hauled to Doc's and unloaded Biscuit.  Cassie came out to the trailer and pulled the blood for the Coggins and then gave him shots on each side of his neck.

She commented on how pretty he was now and how skinny he had been when I bought him.  I went to load him back up and he was a little confused as to why I just walked him out and then wanted him back in!  Cassie encouraged him and up he went.  Sarge came out and got his shots and Cassie commented on how well behaved they both were.  I am sure she sees many horses that aren't well behaved!

They had their West Nile and Influenza shots and the Coggins was $128.  I will have to haul them back next week for their rabies shots.  Cassie said there were no reports of rabies anywhere near here but I am pretty sure I saw a post about a rabid bat in the Beaumont Enterprise a few months ago.  $36 isn't worth the risk of rabies.  So they will go back next week.

I hauled to The Cracker Barrel to wait on a customer - the boys got handfuls of treats which certainly doesn't hurt their feelings.  I hauled them back to the barn and parked the trailer where the road turns to go down to the pastures.  I unloaded them and put them both on the wash rack.  I got out my rasp and circular knife after washing off their legs and feet.  Biscuit's feet just needed a little rasping and I used the knife to cut out some thrush looking matter in his frogs.  He was a good boy about getting his feet done.  Didn't take too long.  Hoping to get the cracks out of his feet soon.

I then started on Sarge's feet.  He just had the farrier do them but he doesn't do a barefoot trim.  His bars were long and I think his feet were still a little long.  He had a flair on his back right which he tends to have.  I rasped his feet and used the knife a little on the frogs.  He was pretty good about it.  Sarge has a crack on one of his hooves that runs up almost to the coronet band - it is just a little surface crack but I will keep a watch out on it.

I cleaned off the wash rack, brushed out a mat in Sarge's tail and then loaded them back in the trailer to ride down to the pasture.  They were both good as gold today. 

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