Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Lost my dang phone but I could trot!!!

Barry actually went riding with me!  We delivered a wedding cake Saturday morning, changed clothes and headed for the barn.  I coaxed Biscuit into the little corral with treats and told Barry to shut the gate.  He was saying it wouldn't stop Biscuit - uhhhhh  yeah it will.  Biscuit decided to try and walk out but respected the gate of course.  He kinda looked like he would back up from me but let me put his halter on with minimum fuss.  I backed the RAV up to the trailer, telling Barry an after market back up camera would make a LOVELY Christmas gift.

We put his tack in the trailer and took off for the park.  We tacked up and I put Biscuit's boots on.  We went out through Cattail Marsh and went down the old road to Willow BaI spoike to Lee Ayou.  I did a little trotting down Willow Bayou but just 10 yards or so and then I would lose my balance.  We crossed the bridge and went past the little land bridge.  When we rounded the corner there were a number of bird houses and just then  little pigs went flying around - well, not really flying but they scooted into the woods and then more came out and around the curve and then into the woods.  There were about 12 of the bird houses.  I took pictures with my phone.  Kept touching my phone to make sure it was there.  
We went all the way to Hildabrandt Bayou and the grass was pretty tall.  We tried to go down the little trail but it was too over grown.  We went back to the wide trail and started for the other side.  Very nice ride!!!  Down the bayou and across the little cement bridge.  We headed up the side of the bog and it was a little warm.  The horses were sweating.  We crossed the big bridge and Barry was cantering up the bayou.  Kellie and I started trotting and OMG I wasn't losing my balance!  They got pretty far ahead of me cantering but I kept Biscuit at a trot and didn't lose my balance.  I was thrilled until I realized I lost my phone.  Kellie and I went back and forth looking for it.  Barry joined in and they were calling it.  The little purple wild daisy flowers were so thick I don't think we will find that puppy until winter when the plants are dead!

We could see the Lee Ann's and Alison in a distance going in another direction and we headed for the trailers.  Biscuit jogged quiet a bit.   I spoke to Lee Ann B and they had enjoyed their ride. 

I had to go get a new phone later.  Ugh.  I hated spending money on a dang phone.  I ordered a little pouch to put it in so I don't lose this one!

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