Monday, October 14, 2013

Life Changing Events

I haven't been posting much.  My mother has pancreatic cancer and spent 6 weeks in a hospital and a acute care facility in Houston.  My uncle was there in the hospitals with her at the same time.  Two weeks ago Barry's father died on September 30.  We had the visitation on Tuesday.  That was Mom's birthday.  Barry and I went to Houston that morning for a doctors appointment and to see Momma.  That night I saw Dana at the visitation, my baby sister.  The next day was the funeral and Mom and Uncle Ethan both came home from the hospital.  The next morning on Thursday my baby sister, Dana, passed away unexpected.  Oh, the heartache I can't even put into words. 

I had rode Biscuit the weekend before with Kellie on Saturday.  He got astraddle of a tree but didn't freak out.  He is such a good boy.  I rode him the morning of Dana's visitation.  It helped calm my soul and spirit.  Horses are good for that.  We didn't ride long...2.5 miles around the roads in Tyrrell because it was wet.  We have new trails in Tyrrell compliments of Ricky Venable and we are grateful.

I was trimming Biscuit's feet Tuesday and he was being a pill - long and short he kicked over the hoof stand and bent the bolt down that holds the cradle in place - either it hit me or his hoof and I have a lovely bruise - skinned toes on the right foot AND I fell backwards off the stool flat on my back.  ugh. 

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