Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Barefoot trimming

Dang - I forgot Mike the barefoot trimmer was going to be at the barn today.  I didn't get out there til late.  I went and got Biscuit some treats and bought Brutis and Ginger those huge dog bone treats they love so much.  When I got to the barn the trimmer was there.  Dang...what a dummy!!!  I would have loved to have watched him work.

I gave Brutis and Ginger their treats - Brutis getting an extra one - he was slobbering all over the place.  Bless his heart - he is such a sweetheart.  I was telling Lorraine at the feedstore about him when she asked what dogs were out there.  I told her he was a mastiff that Lee Ann P found nearly dead by the barn.  She said she thought that someone had lost their mastiff a few months back but couldn't remember.  I told her that Lee Ann had tried to find out if he was just lost to no avail but she wouldn't give him up now!  LOL I wouldn't want to see him go - I love Brutis!!  I get my doggie fix by hugging him up!

The barefoot trimmer was kind enough to check Biscuit's hooves out for me.  He didn't want to ride in my car as he said he was dirty.  LOL I told him who cares?  I get in the RAV with horse poop on my shoes so it wasn't like it was pristine!

We had told him about Biscuit being flat footed and tender.  He looked at them and said Biscuit's toe needs to come back about an inch or so.  I need to get the angles a little different.  I asked him to trim Biscuit 3 or 4 times while I work in between to get them right.  He told me how to angle it and I will start working on that.  I told him I was pretty cautious because I am NOT a farrier - just a barefoot wannabe.  He will know what to do and I am going to watch and learn.  He will be coming out on March 4 - it is on my calender so I don't forget.  It will be so worth the $$ to get Biscuit's feet where they are supposed to be.  Hopefully that will also get rid of the dang cracks in his hooves.  :-)

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