Thursday, February 13, 2014

Calling Dr. Biscuit

I went to my first physical therapy today.  It was really an evaluation.  I told the very nice young PT Chris my entire tale of woe from beginning to end.  He had me push, pull his hands with my legs and feet.  He said my muscles were pretty good in my legs.  He thumped my knees with the mallet and said the left one's reaction was a little much - indicative of nerve damage.  I told him of my accident on trying that first horse and getting my butt busted.  I walked back and forth for him, did the closed eye thing - I will still pitch over when closing my eyes.

He said walking in the water was great and to keep that up.   He looked at my scar and pressed all around it.  ohhhhhhh that was a little bit sore.  He said I had some atrophy of the muscle.  He said it was a pretty traumatic surgery - dang sure was.

Told him all about riding and how it makes me feel physically better.  He agreed and said riding is actually the very best thing for me!  Yay!  He said some people do not realize what a full body workout riding is.  Couldn't agree more!

He is going to do work with me mostly on getting my balance back.  Looks like dancing steps to me and then another thing we are going  to do sounds like playing Twister.

He said to ride as much as possible - being careful of course.  I told him about mounting out on the bayou this weekend and how hard it was to pull myself up.  I told him my goal was to ride at a trot for as long as I wanted and not have my back get sore.  I told him I trot until my back hurts.  Biscuit generally is pretty smooth but occasionally he trots like a freaking MAC truck.  I told him as soon as I feel twinges I stop immediately.

Hoping to get better - so I think riding is on my agenda!!!  It needs to stop freaking raining.  It was raining like crazy last nigh.  So sick of it raining.

I stopped at the barn going to PT today and kissed up my boys.  2 treats for each of them and lots of kisses for me.

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