Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sunday Ride

Barry wanted to go to the barn to check out if the wiring in the truck or the trailer was wrong.  I told him to lock Biscuit in the corral because he would take off when he started working with the trailer.  I got there a little after Barry did and Biscuit was outside of the corral.  Barry said he wouldn't come in with Sarge.  I got my treat bucket and got into the corral area and handed him a treat.  I then went on the other side and he let me come to him and pet him.  He didn't try to walk off.  I shook the treat bucket and he followed me into the corral!!!

Good Biscuit!!!

I was so proud of him.  Lots of hugs and kisses.  He was dirty as all get out but I loaded him up and hauled to Tyrrell.  I was brushing him and he was shedding out like crazy.  Got most of the mud off of him.  

Had to put my girth back on.  I had taken it off the last time I rode and washed it.  Took me a minute to remember how I had it attached with a 3 point rigging kind of tie.  Hahahahaha....I had to go around and look at the other side!!!  

I took my red windbreaker and tied it to the saddle.  I tied Kellie's on for her, too.  Just in case we needed them.  I need a new windbreaker.  Mine doesn't have a hood.  I forgot to wear my dang helmet. That is a rarity.  Kellie told me that Randy was going over to our house to help Barry with the trailer.  How sweet of him.

We went through Cattail Marsh.  There were some people with a dog near the road into Cattail and I heard hear say say something - Kellie said she told the dog "Sic Sic".  What a jackass.  Kellie told her that wasn't a very safe thing to do and the lady said she said she told the dog to Sit.  

Kellie got the code from some City Guy.  We went down the bayou and over the bridge with horses that were moving slower than molasses.  It was misting just a little.  We went over the little land bridge and rode to the left.  Nice ride!

Did some jogging coming up Willow but not a lot.  A nice lady opened the turnstile for us.  We rode back the stable - 7.7 miles today.

I went to sit on the step stool and freaking fell off of it like a clod!!!  I hauled Biscuit back to Plum Nearly and took him out by the barn so I could sweep out the trailer.  I took him back to his pasture and turned him loose.

Barry said the trailer wiring was not right but it is now.  He said it will need a brake job this summer.  I will have to save up for that.  

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