Friday, February 14, 2014

So excited!

We are going to Ebenezer tomorrow to ride for the weekend.  Thank God it is finally sun shining and nice weather.  So sick of the rain!

I went out to the barn today to give my boys a treat.  They are so sweet.  Hugs and kisses to both of them.  Biscuit looks like a pig.  His jaw was matted and filthy looking.  I will have to brush him so he looks decent to ride!  I do not like riding a dirty horse.

I went to Wal-Mart to get stuff for the trailer and groceries.  I bought 5 purple bath towels.  Duh...I have been thinking of ways to cover the windows when we shower.  I thought about little suction cups to hold up placemats.  Poor thing.  I am a little dense.  My windows have bars on them.  I was going to get hand towels and hang over the bars.  The hand towels were just too small and cost just a little less than full sized towels.  I opted for the full size towels!  They can be used to dry off and then hang them on the windows to dry - it is a win/win situation.  Because they are purple - they will not be confused with the house towels when I bring them in to wash them.  I bought a purple net puff thingy to wash with so that I didn't have to have washcloths.  That would just be more stuff to keep up with.  I forgot to get a little suction cup soap holder thingy though.  Oh well.  I will get that another time.  I did buy a extra long shower curtain that I will lay down in the back so that the shower water doesn't go under the mats.

I bought a little folding rack to set on the counter so that things could be a little handier.  A good sized cutting board to cover the sink with so I can use it to cook or whatever I need.  A little bitty drainboard, a thingy to stand up plates/pot lids, etc.  A few food containers and a bread holder went in the basket too.

Stacie G is frying fish for our dinner Saturday.  We are all pitching in - I am taking potato salad and coleslaw.  I made all of it awhile ago and it is in the fridge chillin'.

I stopped at Duvall's to see if Danny had a ladder for RV's but they didn't.  Dang.  I went home and took the groceries in.  By then I was whipped.  Grocery shopping KILLS my legs and wears me out.  When Barry came home he said to run to Setzer's to get a converter for the electrical cord so we could turn the fridge on and get it cold.  I said Duvall's should have that and is closer!  I took the clip off of the awning to see if they had one of those.  It is broken on one side.  So, off I go with the cord and clip.  Danny had the converter and was out of the clips but they did have some velcro thingies that do the same thing.  I got those and will use them til the clip comes in.  If these work though I may skip the clip.

Barry got all of our camping stuff out of the barn.  I went through it and took out stuff I wanted and some we won't need anymore because we have the trailer.  I put the wheel chucks in the trailer behind the saddle stand, I have buckets, rope lights.  We are going to keep all of the stuff we need now in the white tote in the trailer!  No more dragging crap back into the workshop.  Take out the stuff to clean, remove food and that is it.  Electric skillet will stay in the trailer.  I will need to get a new toaster/muffin thing though.  They didn't have one at Wal-Mart unfortunately or I would have bought it. When I get a new one I will just leave the one we use now in the trailer.

I pulled the port-a-potty out and sat down on it to make sure I would be able to get up off of it!  LOL  I can!  Woot!!!  Barry said "I am NOT emptying that thing!"  Whatever.

He did bring home two new chairs - one in orange and one in purple!  Yay!!!  Those will stay in the trailer too.  

He plugged in the trailer and fired up the fridge.  It came right on and the light was working inside.  :-)  I put the bath mat under the fridge where the potty lives.  I think we are almost ready.

We will have to load up feed for the horses and tack in the morning.  I did call this morning and got a refund on the sites because I bought a pass.  Woot!  They refunded $160 today.  The $80 pass was well worth it.  We will also probably camp there a few more times this year so well worth the money.

Barry went and washed his white truck.  OMG he is probably going to have nervous breakdown having a white truck.  This may not work out for him.   :-)

Coggins are in the file so we are good to go.  Sarge will need his Coggins pulled in early March so I will have to go do that after I come back from Austin.

Woo hoo!!!  Ebenezer - here we come!

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