Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Washing out the trailer

Today was colder than a well diggers behind.  So sick of it raining.  So ready for non rainy weather!

I tried to get the mats out of the trailer.  Could only get the first one out.  I will have to get Barry to help me move those mats.  I washed out the back of the trailer as good as I could with 2 mats still in it.  Washed out the brush holder.  Left the doors open so it could started raining later.  I can't win for losing.

Oh well, it is washed and clean.  I think the doors or maybe the top vent leaks as it had water standing in the back by the doors.  I will have to check that out at a car wash or something when I am able to.

Weather is supposed to be nice this weekend while we are at Ebenezer.  We are having a fish fry.  Stacie will be cooking for us and I am taking potato salad and coleslaw plus a dessert.  Can't decide what to take for that - it is Valentine's weekend so I guess something with chocolate for all of the chocolate lovers up there.

My friend "Maggie Sophie" on Face Book (she is really named Heather) told me the other day she got a great deal on 4 purple hay bags and did I want two?  I said yes!  She got them in yesterday and we were talking on Face Book about Birthdays and I said mine was in two weeks and she said  Happy Birthday and not to send her a dime.  God bless her!!  My new trailer will have two new purple bags!!!  Can't wait to get them.  Hope they arrive by Thursday.  We are leaving on Friday morning.

Geez...I actually have quiet a bit to do.  I have to go grocery shopping and get beach towels while I am at it for the trailer.  Got to make sure I have what we need.  I need to plug in the fridge tomorrow.

I need a shower curtain.  I need to put foodstuffs in the trailer.  I need window coverings.  I want oversized placemats so tomorrow I am going to go to Anna's Linens and see what they have.  Got to remake the bed.  I washed the linens.  I have two sets of linens here in the house that we used for camping.  I need to make sure I have plenty of blankets in case it is really cold and the heater doesn't work.  LOL got to try all of this stuff out this first time so I want to be prepared no matter what!

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