Monday, February 10, 2014

New Truck

Barry bought a new Tundra.  We were discussing putting the hitch in for the gooseneck and he said he wanted to get a new truck.

He picked it up Friday, January 31st.  I took it to Trailer Hitch Depot Thursday to have the hitch put in it.  Lee Wilson was so kind as to pick me up because Morgan was sick.  Bless him!!!  They didn't have the converter for the electrical part so that went in on Saturday.  OMG Barry discovered Saturday that they dented his tailgate.  OMG he was not a happy camper.

When he brought the truck home Friday he hooked it up to the little trailer.  Last Saturday Kellie had brought her truck over and we moved the trailer to the driveway.  I did clean it out Friday.  Anywhoo, we hauled it to the barn....Biscuit walked off when he saw it was us...same people, different truck, different trailer - not good for the Biscuit.

LOL we put Sarge in the trailer and he hopped right in and promptly broke it in with a big poop.  Way to go Sargent San Peppy!!!  We hauled it down the road just a little bit - it needs to be broke in and right now it doesn't haul that well.  We checked and we need 500 miles before doing a haul so we decided to go to Galveston for dinner - that would give us 170 miles or so.  It only had 190 miles on it.
We got back to the barn and Biscuit was standing in the little corral.  I got out of the truck and climbed through the fence and closed the gate.  I haltered him and took him to the trailer.  He hopped up but his back left hoof slipped off the back.  He didn't panic - just picked his butt up into the trailer.  I shut the door and went around to the window.  LOL He is so cute.  We unloaded them.  I can't get up in there with him to unload - not enough room so I told him "back up".  Bless him - he just backed up and stepped down.  Sarge came out a little fast but he always does.

Good boys!!!

Barry says he thinks the wiring is not right in the trailer.  He said we would take it to the Depot to be checked out.  That bites.

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