Thursday, April 17, 2014

Attack of the Tree

I wasn't able to ride with the group at Tyrrell Park due to delivering wedding cakes.  I was up almost all night Friday night making cakes.  Betty P went down to Crystal with me to deliver the sea shell cake and Jarrod went with me to deliver the bronze cake.

I left Jarrod at home and headed for the barn.  Biscuit and Sarge were standing in the arena!  That made The Biscuit easier to to catch.  I put him on the washrack and went down and hooked up my Brenderup.  I loaded up Biscuit and my tack and headed for the park.  I went through the park not the back gate.

I brushed Biscuit and tacked him up.  He spooked hard once for some reason but I calmed him down.  I brought my step stool and pointed his head into the little area between my car and the trailer and mounted up.  I walked to the woods trail head but it was full of water so we went along side of the road and entered the first trail cut in and went to the left.  Trail was half wet and half dry.

Biscuit went through dry spots, moved the side for some wetter/softer areas and crossed water/mud like a pro without getting pissy about it.  Woot!  We crossed the right of ways and OMG they were freaking DRY!  How exciting that was!  We kept going and towards the back a  tree was uprooted from the right hand side and laying over the trail.  I couldn't go around it and the root area looked like it could be too soft.  Who needs to hurt their trusty steed?  So I went to go under the tree.  Did just fine until a limb on the other side whapped me in the head, bonked me on the eye and clobbered my shoulder and upper arm.  But, I was still sitting in my saddle riding the Biscuit.  

We kept going and went all the way around.  Biscuit was just an angel.

We got to the trailer and Kellie, Randy, K.d and Jimmy had come back from their ride.

I washed Biscuit off because his legs were pretty dang muddy.  Took a bit of washing to get the mud off of him and his hoof boots.  Jimmy came over and showed me his Renegade Boots.  They are nice.  When Biscuit wears out these two pairs of Easy Boot Gloves I will get him some of those boots.

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