Thursday, April 10, 2014

Jacque B visits The Biscuit

Jacque B was here teaching us cake classes and came to see me Wednesday before leaving.  We visited here and she followed me to the barn to see Biscuit.  She gave him and Sarge handfuls of treats!  I think Biscuit liked her!!

After Jacque left I saddled Biscuit after grooming him.  We rode in the arena for 30 minutes.  He was not wanting to trot and after kicking and kicking and popping with a crop he finally started a little trotting.  OMG he needs to be ridden more.  When I got off my legs were like spaghetti from kicking him.  

Lee Ann suggested using the snaffle - he is getting missed signals she said.  I am going to use his Allegany bridle with the snaffle and ride in the arena more.  I am going to put my spurs on too.  I can't kick sideways with any strength and it really wears my legs out.  I talked to my physical therapist about it but it is just going to take a long time for my nerves to heal.  Ugh.  So wish they would heal and I could walk straight again.  I will just have to barely touch him with spurs but I do believe he will get the message!

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