Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Ava rides The Biscuit

Monday a week ago I was babysitting Miss Ava.  I took her to the barn and she sat on the Biscuit and so did Alison's little boy Reed.  She hugged up Reed and Brutis, she chased a few chickens and got on the Gator.  What a gal.  She loved riding Biscuit and hopefully, one day will be my riding buddy!!

I took Ava home later and then came back to do Biscuit's feet.  I rasped all of his hooves and treated his thrush.  It is getting so much better!  The back area has filled back in but the center sulcus is still deep.  Working on it.  I put the vinegar in the cleft of the sulcus and then the ointments covered with Desitin.  It is working.  I bought a spray bottle and I am going to fill it with live culture vinegar and spray his frogs with it when I clean his hooves so that I can hopefully keep the thrush at bay all the time.

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