Thursday, April 17, 2014

Bare Foot Trimming

I went out to the barn to have the horses trimmed.  Biscuit's hoof has greatly improved.  The center sulcus is opening up and he is getting a callus area on his toe.  Woot!!!  I told Mike that I had rasped them the week after he did and then 2 weeks later so I had done it twice.  They are really growing now.
Biscuit was a toot a few times but mostly pretty good about getting his feet done.  I told Mike that I walked him across rocks and he didn't gimp up like he normally does.  I am hoping by fall his feet will be where I want them to be.  He will probably never has Sarge's feet but if I can improve his that will be fantastic.  I will probably always ride Biscuit in boots when he has to travel over rocks.  No reason to tear up his feet.  He still wants to pull his toe back in.  Going to work on that!!!

I put Biscuit up and took Sarge out and started grooming him.  OMG hair going EVERYWHERE.  I was using the Furminator and a curry comb.  His hair is like an old teddy bears.  Brush Brush Brush Brush clobs of hair all around on the ground.

While I was brushing Sarge, Lee Ann P got Classy in the ring and was lunging her and then was going to ride her.  Biscuit started tearing around the big arena, bucking, backfiring and skidding to a stop at the gate...snorting and blowing and whinnying.  Lee Ann suggested taking him out before he busted his butt.  I didn't have a problem haltering him and when I got him out he calmed down and ate clover.  I think he has a crush on Classy and was showing off!

Lee Ann was going to use the big arena for her lesson so I left Sarge and Biscuit tied up and she put them back up.  Here are pictures....

Center Sulcus greatly improved

Toe needs to come back more

Sarge having a pedicure

Biscuit is shedding out and shining
Tied up...I am treating Sarge's center Sulcus
Don't forget us here!!!

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