Thursday, August 21, 2014

Biscuit needs a new Saddle

I went to the barn yesterday at feeding time so I could catch him!  I didn't have any trouble catching him then.  I walked him up to the front and worked him in the arena.  He did a great job.

I haven't worked with him much lately but need to keep it up.  He is smart as a whip and responded correctly.  We worked for about 15 minutes.  Keep it short and sweet.

Mike was out there doing hooves.  I had asked Lee Ann to look at Biscuit's saddle as I think it is too tight.  Dang, he has a dime sized piece of hair gone AGAIN.  I don't think this is the fungus.  I think it is the saddle.  So I went down to the trailer and got the saddles out and brought them up to the barn.  I saddled Biscuit up and LeAnn checked the fit.  She thought it was too tight, too.   I had Mike check it and he said he was snug.  Gaaaaa...I then put Barry's Billy Cook on Biscuit and it fits him.  Mike agreed that the BC fit him just fine.  I will have to ride in that saddle until I can get Biscuit a new saddle.

I talked to Kellie when I left and told her I was going to order Biscuit a Steele saddle so they can custom make Biscuit a tree. we go again.  I looked at the site for Steele saddles and I know I will like it...I just hate spending the money.

I spoke to Eric at Steele this morning and he wanted pictures of Biscuit's back with a level across his back and then we will go from there.

Today I went out to the barn a little after 3:00 PM.  Biscuit wasn't in the little corral but he came in!  Woo hoo!!!  Good Biscuit.  I took him up to the front and worked in the arena for maybe 10 minutes or so.  I had gone to therapy today and that makes my legs a little weak so 10 minutes was good.  I washed Biscuit off and he spooked when Alison came out of the barn.  LOL he is a funny guy at times.  I got the stick for measuring height and LeAnn P held Biscuit while I took pictures of his back.  Where the hair came off seems wasn't until I put the saddle on yesterday.  I may go out tomorrow and put an ice pack on it for just a while.  My poor Biscuit!!!

I gave Biscuit a handful of alfalfa and took him back down to his pasture.  I emailed the pictures to Eric and hope to hear from him tomorrow. 

On top of everything computer kicked the bucket awhile ago or went into a coma.  DANG...computers and saddles are killing me.

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