Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Sunday Spider Ride

Kellie and I hauled to Tyrrell Park Sunday for a silent ride.  I tacked Biscuit up and he got scrunchie and nervous when I went to put the crop into my water holder.  OMG  Sometimes I wonder about this horse.  I have never hurt him and he still gets scared.

I mounted up with no problems and we headed for the woods.   It was a slow ride due to swatting spiders.  Gaaa...I got a few on in my hair and face.  Another fell on Biscuit's neck and crawled over him.  I was trying to get it off of him without whapping him.  Once I was trying to get one off of my crop and I popped poor Biscuit.

I noted to Kellie that it is funny that I can swing that crop all over his head, over his ears, beside him, etc and he doesn't flinch but he sees the crop on the ground and has a cow.  Sigh...poor baby.

I washed him off and cleaned his hoof boots.  He was a happy camper to graze before we left.

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