Thursday, August 21, 2014

Working with Biscuit and Sarge goes for a ride

Biscuit again, doesn't want to come in.  Kinda started when I was putting meds on their feet for summer sore looking issues.  I know that stuff burns.  Poor guys.

Anywhoo...I got them to come in LATE Thursday evening and I took Biscuit up to the arena.  He hadn't wanted to let me put his halter on and was moving away from me in the little corral.  Barry suggested using the lead rope and slipping around his neck.  I said "No.  This is what I do in the little arena and he is going to let me do this."  After 2 tries he stood for me to put the halter on.  Up to the arena and round and round...whoa...stop...stay...Join up.

Friday afternoon he came in ONLY because Sarge did.  I took him up to the front and worked him in the arena.

Sometimes this horse makes me crazy.

Saturday while I was working on wedding cake Barry took Sarge up to Fred, Texas.  He wanted to look at the land we might move up to.  Sarge stepped in a soft spot and sunk

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