Saturday, December 6, 2014

catch up post

I haven't posted in a while.  I was trying to catch up but just haven't.

Cherie came to ride with me 5 weeks ago Tuesday.  I was having trouble with m y blood pressure meds.  We met at Abbie's and had lunch and then went to Tyrrell Park.  When we got there I started feeling bad.  I was seeing spots.  Upset stomach.  I sat for more than an hour til I felt better. 

Cherie saddled Biscuit and held him while I mounted.  I felt better.  She was lunging BG and Biscuit startled and flinched hard.  Next thing I new I was fall over backwards and hit the ground.  Ugh.  I had a huge hematoma on my right calf.  I know I didn't pass out because I can remember thinking "I hope my feet come out of my stirrups". 
Scrapped my left elbow and hit on my back left ribs.  My head fell back after I hit the ground and bonked on the ground.  I had my helmet on. I had Barry come take me home and then he dropped Biscuit off. 

I went to the doctor the next day over the blood pressure.  I had a tetanus shot and asked about getting injections in my knee.  I went for an exray.  I  saw Dr. Hays the next day and started the first of 3 injections that WORKED.  

I did ride with Cherie the next week for 11 miles.  Kellie and I have rode twice - once behind the golf course and once all around the back.  So much fun but my leg was sore. 

I only had a tiny scrap on my leg that got cellutis - Dr. Hays gave me antibiotics.  Had to go to a wound care specialist.   He said no riding.  Gaaaa.  Hoping it gets better soon.

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