Saturday, December 6, 2014

Working on Biscuit coming to me

When I got the injection in my leg I was able to walk and needed to retrain myself to walk without limping.   So, I went out to the barn and Biscuit and Sarge came in and I shut the corral.  I gave them carrots and haltered Biscuit without a problem. 

I took him for a 45 minute smorgasbord walk down the ranch road.  It was exactly 1/2 mile.  He grazed and stuffed himself with fresh green grass.   It is getting thinner in the pasture but still nice outside by the road. 

I was going almost everyday and Biscuit would come to me as soon as I drove up.  No problems haltering - no shutting the corral either.  We walk down the road while he grazes - it is working.

He still is a little leery of me coming to him in the pasture.  He was sucking back and a little cautious but I would give him a carrot and pet him and he'd follow me to the corral.

He is getting a little more relaxed about me meeting him in the pasture.  He has been so difficult to catch but this is working.  We have been at it for 5 and a half weeks and he comes to me EVERY time - no matter what time I go out there.  We have made rides to so it isn't like we are just walking

He has been getting a little pushy on when he wants to stop to graze - since that has been the exercise.  Today we worked on walking til I stopped - patted his face and gave him the command to graze.  He pulled at the halter a little bit that is why I started that today.  By the end of the walk he was getting that he needed to walk without pulling, turn his face to me for a forehead rub and a command to graze.  He is so freaking smart. 

I hadn't been out there in two days due to cakes and having to go to Archie's visitation.  My darling cousin passed away.  He is who helped me buy Dashing Big Red.  It was up in Woodville so I couldn't go Thursday and then Friday I had cakes to make so I missed two days of seeing him.

Biscuit is being 100% Biscuit!!

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