Wednesday, May 27, 2015

May 13 onward to Lotus Hill

Our trip to Brushy Creek didn't happen...I was pretty disappointed.  Lee Ann P had told Barry about Lotus Hill in Louisiana so he decided that we could go from Wednesday through Sunday.

On Monday I ran to Vinton and picked up 3 bales of alfalfa for my boys.  Christy went with me and we had breakfast at Cracker Barrel in Sulphur and I bought Jamie doughnuts at a shop.  He loves doughnuts and he and Edgar take such good care of my horses!

We packed the travel trailer Tuesday night.  Wednesday morning I went to Verizon for phone minutes, stopped at 5 Star Feed for a bale of coastal hay and picked Barry up a 2 water bottle holder for his saddle.

I got to the barn and Biscuit walked off from me after coming into the paddock.  Ugh...I got the feed out and here he came.  I closed the gate and gave them each a few handfuls of feed.  I took the horses one at a time down to the trailer.  I loaded them up and was able to lift the ramp...I nearly got a hernia but it was up and shut.

Barry had already left and was waiting for me in Buna.  Lee Ann B had gave me a map and directions and we went through Kirbyville and over to Newton and up to Burkville.  I had to slam on my breaks in Lumberton.  Ugh...I felt bad for my horses but we were safe.  Got rained on a little going through Lumberton and Silsbee.

I met up with Barry and he had got me a Subway and as soon as I ate it we were on our way.  Barry called and said I was driving too slow.  Oh well...I am hauling my horses and I don't drive fast!

I kept at it steady.  Gassed up in Leesville and it was 29 miles from there.  Lee Ann's directions were great - I turned in with no problems.

Billie came out to meet me and she is just a doll!!!  She showed us where to park the trailer - that took a little back and forth but we got it done.  I unloaded my horses and put them in the two pens.

After getting everything set up we tacked up and with Lloyd and Billie's instructions headed out for a ride.  It was muddy at the back gate and Biscuit is always a little charged up riding through mud plus riding with Sarge.  We rode through the woods - OMG the gnats were un-freaking-believable.  Sarge and Biscuit were shaking their heads until Biscuit had witches knots in his mane.  Got to the right of way and turned left.  OMG what a view!!!!  I will have to get the pictures and post them  Amazing.  Down we went riding the right of way and then up the same amount of trail.  We got to the road and turned left.  OMG the bugs were horrible.  We got back to the Lotus Hill Campground and oh my stars...I was missing my black felt pad!!  Barry thought I was a little crazy and didn't put it on Biscuit but I certainly did.

Hosed off the horses and fed them.  Then we kicked back and relaxed and enjoyed our camper!!!

Biscuit acted like his butt was on fire.  He ALWAYS acts that way when I ride with Barry and Sarge.  We cantered a short way - did lots of jogging.  We went down and then back up a pipe line - omg - that was fun.  Biscit was soaking wet with sweat and the bugs were freaking unbelieveable.  Biscuit kept tossing his head.

We rode about 6 miles...I didn't have the Garmin but we were going at a steady pace of lots of jogging and trotting.  When we got back I took his tack off and noticed I was short a saddle pad!  The black wool-felt on was GONE and I knew I had put it on him.  LOL never lost a sadle pad before. 

I fed my horses and gave them electrolites I had made.  Biscuit drang nearly his entire bucket that holds I believe 10 gallons.    It was a beautiful ride that we both enjoyed.

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