Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Saturday at Lotus Hill


We saddled up this morning - LOL - they were teasing me about making Biscuit a pack horse with all the stuff on him.  :-)  They had offered Barry to ride Lynn's light palomino Sonny.  We all took off and the ladies split off and went on a different ride.  I had the little envelope to pay to ride on the Sandy Trail.  We stopped at the Cane camp and spoke to some very nice folks and the hubby Paul tightened my saddle.  We went througha burned out area which actually was neat looking.  We crossed over into green area - we had to pull over to the side to let 2 four wheelers pass.  I put Biscuit out front for a while and put him at a job...he did a great job.  We crossed over a beautiful creek with a bridge with no sides.  Lots of jogging which was so nice!!  Biscuit was a trooper - he really was a good boy!!

We got out 3.5 miles and Billie got a phone call that a  little red horse was out on the road.  OMG  we turned around and headed back - it could have been my horse or Kelly's little bay mare.  I couldn't believe that Sarge could have jumped the panels with his heart foot.  We were hurrying and Billie decided to canter back - I can't canter that long (not hardly) because I will lose my balance.  So she took off and Kelly and I were jogging back.  Some fast walking and a little long trotting til my legs gave out. 

We went down a little trail paralleling the road almost to Lotus Hill.  There was Sarge in the pen by the was my horse that was out.  Thank God it turned out he was up at the front of her property - not on the road.  I rode down to where the pens were and his was flat on the ground.  Some hair was on the second from the top bar.  I don't know if he pushed it down or what...I don't think he jumped it because it was laid out flat...I think he pushed it down.

I got Biscuit untacked and washed off - he was having a fit because Sarge was up at the front.  Too bad.  I got him hay and left him to check Sarge out.  He was just fine.  No marks really but I think the hair was off of his legs.  No skinned up marks though.  Sigh...Sarge is a pill that is for sure. 

Kelly, Billie and I visited while waiting on the guy's to come back.  I shared a root beer with Billie - omg it was good.  I love root beers!!

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