Saturday, May 2, 2015

Sarge gives the farrier a run for his money

On the 21st Mike and Andrew came out to trim the horses.  Mike notched out Biscuit's hooves a little more aggressively but thinks he got to the top of it.  I hope so.  Biscuit's concavity is doing GREAT.  His hooves are getting better!  I still soak them in Lysol.

Sarge gave Andrew a fit.  Pulling his feet back and just in general being a major toot which is unusual for him.  After Andrew got through, Sarge stretched out but wouldn't urinate so I put him on the grass and he finally pee'd.  Guess he needed to go!  He was pawing and carrying on though.  Mike said he liked Sarge's body weight and said it was a 5 which he likes.  Biscuit was 5.5 which he said many people like that better.

I put the surcingle on Sarge and took him in the big arena and off he took like a rocket.  He cantered for 30 minutes and threw in a few fits.  LOL wow wee...Sarge was full of piss and vinegar!!!

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