Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Thurday at Lotus Hill

Thursday - we rode seperate today - I went with Billie and Barry went with Lloyd. 

Billie and I back tracked and found my saddle pad not too far from the driveway where we ended our ride yesterday.  She put it close up to the woods so no one would stop and get it. 

We had a lovely ride through the woods - crossing a few creeks - one with some big logs in it that you had to navigate around.    Biscuit was very well behaved for the most part - once her dog came running out of side trail when we were out in the open on the ride away and my horse bolted for about  4 strides and then I got him under control.  Oh thank God!!!

The forest service was going to do a control burn and we could hear the helicopers over head.

Not sure how far we ride - but it was probably about 8 miles.  My Garmin was adding every mile I have rode so until I get home and look at it on the computer I wont know how long each ride was. 

Barry arrived back about an hour after I did.  He had a good time he said.  They got to see the "bombs" drop that start the fires.

We rested and Billie and Lloyd took us to the store and on the way  a little tour - OMG the burn happened so fast!!!  It was already over...smoudering in places though.

I came back and I had noticed Sarge not putting weight on his back right foot.  I got in his pen and felt his foot which he let me know was sore.  I took him out to walk him to check for lameness and OMG he is lame as he can be.  That foot is swollen.  I hydro'd it and Barry soaked it in a little icy water with Absorbine Linament.  Barry said he wasn't going to ride him again.  Hoping my poor baby is ok.

We watched the fire flies that night.  So very beautiful and peaceful!

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