Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Biscuit busts his butt and slides

Shanna wanted to ride Biscuit so we met her and Archie at the barn after delivering my wedding cake.  Biscuit let us pet him and get close but when Barry brought up the halter he slowly backed up and walked off.  Barry followed him and Biscuit started trotting....then he was running in circles. is wet as it can be out there and he is galloping around and wooops!!!  His back end slides and down he goes on his butt then his side and he slides almost to the fence.   He pops up and keeps galloping around a few times.  He stops and finally lets Barry catch him.  He was an angel then.  Shanna was playing with him and then we walked him up front.

We saddled him up and Shanna rode him in the arena.  Devin, Lesly and Mazlynn came out too.  Maz rode Sarge and Biscuit and wasn't the least bit afraid.  I think she is going to be my riding buddy one day!

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